Messi’s Epic Performance Led Argentina to the Round of 16

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A Race to Round of 16

After a tremendous victory over Nigeria, Argentina is all set to compete in the Round of 16. Speaking of the victory, what a match it was. Already on the lead in Group F, Argentina was looking forward for a Win or Draw whereas it was a crucial match for Nigeria. Nigeria had to win for a chance to compete in Round of 16.

Messi – The Showstopper

Argentina somehow managed to top Group F; however, the fans were quite disappointed with Messi’s performance. As far as my personal opinion is concerned, Messi performed quite well in the previous matches. It’s just the hype associated with some of the celebrity players such as Messi, Ronaldo, Rooney and Neymar that derives fans to want MORE. Anyways, Messi promised a fantastic show and after watching the match, I must say, it was EPIC. Both teams Argentina and Nigeria performed outstandingly. For a moment, it seemed like none of the teams cared about the defense. All they wanted was a GOOOAAAL.

A real man always keeps his promises, so did Messi. He was the fire starter last night. The first goal of the match was scored by Messi.Messi



Musa’s Retaliation

If Musa’s retaliation could be described in words, he would have said this when the scoreboard was leveled. You came here to WIN? Guess what! We aren’t going down that easy. Musa What a brilliant goal that was from Musa – simply beyond words. Many had thought that Messi’s goal would have devastated the will of Nigeria. Instead, they took the pressure positively; in fact, turned it against Argentina by leveling the scoreboard. Take a look at this outstanding goal by Musa.


Messi’s Free Kick

Messi’s left foot did the job again. No one is more dangerous than Messi when offered a free kick. A slight gap in the defense is all he needs to put soccer ball in the net. The third goal of the match was struck by Messi. This however was a complete shocker for Nigerian goal keeper. Have a look.



Musa’s Comeback

Musa was literally on fire last night. Perhaps he came in the ground with an agenda: LEVEL THE SCOREBOARD. Fourth goal of the match was scored by Musa again. The Atrocious Equalizer shocked the crowd with his second goal of the match.


The Endgame

Despite fierce competition between these two teams, the match had to conclude. Thus, Rojo stepped up for the end game. The fifth and final goal of the match was scored by Marcos Rojo. Argentina emerged victorious and qualified for the Round of 16. Strangely, Nigeria made their way to the Round of 16 also on the basis of points earned.

Last night’s game was epic. Messi fulfilled his promise and became the showstopper whereas Musa proved to be the game changer. If the final whistle hadn’t been blown off, the scores would definitely have leveled again.

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