Mayweather vs McGregor: Odds, Expert Opinions, and Celebrities’ Uptake

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The stage for the biggest crossover boxing match between the ‘Notorious’ McGregor and Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather is on its course. After months of speculations, the fight is ON. August 26th will decide the fate of the two fighters, one who has never been in a boxing match, and the other who has never lost a boxing match. It seems fair and rather safe to bet on the latter, considering he has never lost a boxing match (to a boxer), let alone a UFC fighter. But does that makes matter more simple, or complicated? Click Here to know how you can watch Mayweather vs McGregor PPV fight.


What are the Odds?

As months turn into weeks, and weeks into days, pretty much everyone seems to carry an opinion on how will it all unfold. To really understand the dynamics of the two fighters, we must brace ourselves to the opinion of someone who has seen-it-all.

Randy Couture, the slickest of them all bets his chances on Mayweather, and thinks McGregor has 1:10 chance of beating Mayweather. That might call for a bit overstatement as we’ve all seen how McGregor has raised his game from nothing. Even when he was a plumber he never stopped dreaming and that’s what kept him going, even to this day.

If McGregor hasn’t been in to a boxing ring, the same can also be said for Mayweather who hasn’t faced a fighter having MMA skill, says Jimi Manuwa. McGregor will be offering much more than just boxing skill set, he can better put his wrestling ability such as ‘clinch’ to a better use.

Experts Opinion

Many experts and fans rests their argument in favor of McGregor with an exception that he tries to bully Mayweather. But we all know the fact that the most important thing which has kept Mayweather undefeated throughout his career is his defense.

Mayweather’s defenses are hard to penetrate, as Randy Couture easily recalls, but it isn’t impenetrable claims the Notorious himself. You back him at the corner, throw hard punches, probably the left ones, and you’ll see Mayweather crack like everyone else in the game.

True that, but Mayweather isn’t everyone else, if he was, he wouldn’t be the undefeated world champion. If that isn’t the case, anti-Mayweather would consider him being old and slow. Remember what Mr. Bean’s Master used to say, ‘With age comes wisdom’.

Celebrities’ Uptake on the Fight


“I probably won’t watch Mayweather’s boring fight against McGregor” – Manny Pacquiao


“I hate to break it to everyone but boxing is something that every Mixed Martial Artists is familiar” – Brendan Schaub (Former MMA Fighter and Showtime Anslyst)


“If McGregor wants to win, he needs to get into Mayweather’s head. Forcing Mayweather to make silly mistakes” – Andre Berto (The last man who fought Mayweather)


“McGregor is a hard puncher. If he waits enough to land a perfect punch, he’ll get drilled by Mayweather” – Abel Sanchez (Renowned Boxing Trainer)

There it is, you have heard it from the experts. Let the fight begins where both boxers have equal chances to win. We desperately await August 26th.

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