Marcelo’s Controversial Own Goal – Brazil Still Triumphs

FIFA opening ceremony was a blast. With stunning performances from celebrities like J-Lo and Pitbull, Brazil kicked-off FIFA World Cup 2014 with a blast. Another WOW factor was the first match of FIFA 2014 World Cup – Brazil vs. Croatia.



The crowd and chanting favored Brazil not just because it was the host of FIFA 2014 World Cup but five times World Cup winner. This makes Brazil one of the dangerous teams to cope against in the arena.

On the other hand, this exerts immense pressure on the team as well as the players. A five times World Cup winner earns quite a reputation but maintaining that reputation is the real gig here especially when the country itself is the host of the event.

Imagine the host being knocked out of the tournament in the first rounds of combat. I would be quite an embarrassment but not as much as Marcelo witnessed last night. It was Brazilian defender who seized the moment for the crowd at the 11th minute of the game – except – the ball found the wrong net.

In the first half of the game, Marcelo Vieira, Brazilian defender scored an own goal giving Croatia a lead by 1 – 0.

This was a shocking moment for the fans and an embarrassing one for Marcelo Vieira.

This put an enormous pressure on the team in the first half of the game. This called for a hero. Guess who came to the rescue here – Neymar.

Yes! Neymar scored first goal against Croatia via a penalty shoot and leveled the game. This was a relief for Brazil especially for Marcelo.

But that was just the beginning. There was still a long way to go as the game couldn’t be concluded with the scores leveled. The second goal was cashed by Oscar that put the pressure back on Croatia.


With all hope lost, Croatia was still struggling to level the game when all their dreams were shattered by Neymar again with his second goal of the game. For Croatia, this was the end. There weren’t going to recover from this damage. Thus, Brazil triumphed by turning all odds in their favor.

With Brazil emerging victorious, the crowd cheered for their heroes – Neymar and Oscar whereas Marcelo’s name flooded many TLs on social media.


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