Mandarin Oriental Hacked; Thousands of Credit Cards Nos. Stolen

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The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, known for its luxurious resorts and residences around the world, fell victim to a security breach that has put it under a lot of pressure. According to a report published by The International Business Times, thousands have people are affected following the cyberattack on Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

The cyberattack has made the attackers access all the credit card details of the guests at Mandarin Oriental. The attack came into the limelight when people started complaining about fraudulent activities that were being performed using their credit card numbers.

A blog by Krebs On Security reported that the banking industry claims many of the people had been to Mandarin Oriental before they were subjected to fraudulent activities. Mandarin Oriental has also taken up the matter very seriously and has been investigating the matter ever since the security breach made the headlines.

A spokesperson of Mandarin Oriental acknowledged the issue and said, “We can confirm that there has been a potential cyberattack on Mandarin Oriental. We are looking into the matter very closely to get the issue resolved as soon as possible”.

He further said that Mandarin Oriental was already in talks with a credit card security agency to make sure all the data of its clients is safe from the hackers and cyber attackers. As per our understandings, almost all the 24 branches of Mandarin Oriental were victimized.

However, we can confirm with certainty that all the branches of US have been affected. It would not be surprising to see the data theft of more American users than others. Reports suggest that Mandarin Oriental was initially targeted in December 2014. Even though the detailed reports are yet to be made public, it is expected that it might be one of the biggest online heists in the history of the hotels.

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