Liquid VPN Review Reveals New VPN’s Unique Strategy


Liquid VPN is owned by Dave Cox of S.M.R Hosting L.L.C. SMR Hosting offers a variety of services including Web Hosting, SEO, SMM, Domain registration, etc. VPN hosting is part of SMR Hosting’s rapidly expanding portfolio of services. However, a visit to the official SMR Hosting website shows that Liquid VPN is operating is a somewhat isolated subsidiary.


Unique Selling Proposition

When you download the VPN client from Liquid VPN, you will be downloading Liquid Viscosity VPN client. The Liquid Viscosity VPN client is a modified version of Sparklabs’ Viscosity OpenVPN client, configured to function for Liquid VPN’s subscribers.

Sparklabs’ Viscosity OpenVPN client is a top notch VPN client with multiple features that place the VPN’s command and control squarely in your hands. Some might argue that using a third party’s VPN client is not only dangerous for the VPN users’ data privacy but may also create complications in case software related problems crop up.

I agree, these dangers exist. However, I feel that Liquid VPN has taken a brave step that may become a norm in the VPN industry in the future. How?

Cell phone users don’t like the idea of changing chargers every time they switch their phones or get a new phone, do they? Similarly, VPN users (like myself) don’t like the idea of changing clients every time they want to switch to another VPN provider. The solution is to bring in a reliable third party client with kick-ass compatibility that can accommodate all VPN service providers through user-friendly configurable settings. This will allow VPN service providers to focus on their servers VPN services without having to worry too much about creating fancy pants clients for users.


Liquid VPN Plans And Pricing

Liquid VPN has three pricing plans: Sidekick, Road Warrior, Family Plan. Each of the pricing plans is available in 1, 3, 6 and 12 month denominations, except for the Family Plan.

LiquidVPN Pricing

The Family Plan is the platinum plan priced at $18.00 and $151.00 for 1 and 12 month subscriptions respectively.

Subscribing to the Family Plan will give you access permission for 5 concurrent sessions packaged in the form of 2 PC and 2 Mac licenses. This means you can access 2 Macs, 2 PCs online and 1 iPhone all at the same time, on one account. I take it smart-phone configuration is meant to be manual since the VPN client that Liquid VPN provides is only compatible with Mac and Windows.

The subscription will give you access to Liquid VPN’s rapidly expanding server base currently standing at 40+ servers in 6 countries. This gives you the cover of 800 IP addresses to secure your internet sessions. But remember that these numbers represent the server and country statistics at the time when this review was published. The number of servers and countries may have expanded so be sure to check out the website.

The subscription is covered by an OSSEC advanced firewall at the server end (utilizing OSSEC intrusion prevention/rootkit prevention) and a 7 day money back guarantee of service quality.

The Road Warrior plan is the gold plan priced at $10.00, $28.00, $50.00 and $84.00 for 1, 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions respectively.

Subscribing to the Road Warrior Plan will give you access permission for 3 concurrent sessions packaged in the form of 1 PC and 1 Mac license. The subscription comes with access to the same server count as the Family Plan, as well as the Firewall, and money back guarantee.

The SideKick plan is the silver plan priced at $6.00, $15.00, $32.00 and $54.00 for 1, 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions respectively.

Subscribing to the SideKick Plan will give you access permission for 2 concurrent sessions packaged in the form of 1 PC and 1 Mac license – much like the Road Warrior plan. The subscription comes with access to the same server count as the Family Plan and the 7 day money back guarantee, but does not include as well the OSSEC Firewall.


The Liquid Viscosity VPN Client

To start with, you will not be able to find the Liquid Viscosity VPN client easily. Liquid VPN does not have 100% ownership of the Liquid Viscosity VPN client because it has used Sparklabs’ VPN client. As a result, you only get access to the Liquid Viscosity VPN client download link once you have subscribed to the service. The download link will be visible in the form of files listed under ‘Attachments’ on your Liquid VPN account Home Page.

Once you download the file, you will see that it is actually a setup file. Unzipping the file will reveal two executables placed in the folder. One of these is the setup file while the other is a license file that you will need to use when you are running the setup.

At some point during (or after) this installation process, the setup may (or may not) ask you to provide the ‘License’ file. If this happens, it will happen because you unzipped the downloaded setup files in a folder that the setup wizard could not find. Selecting the license file (from the directory where you unzipped the downloaded installation file) will allow the setup to continue without any further obstacles.

Running the setup will start the Liquid VPN client setup wizard.

LiquidVPN Client

Clicking ‘Next’ two times will start the actual installation process. Essentially, the Liquid VPN client setup wizard will extract the files to your computer.

LiquidVPN setup Client

Once the files have been installed, the necessary Drivers will be installed. No clicking will be required at any point in this part of the process.

LiquidVPN Installation

After installing files and Drivers, the Liquid VPN client setup wizard will ask your permission to install the Network adapters for the Sparklabs’ Viscosity OpenVPN client.

LiquidVPN Windows Security

One ‘Next’ later your installation will be complete.

The Liquid VPN setup process is super fast and easy to pull off; but that is not the highlight here. Hold your breath when you run the Liquid VPN client for the first time. Liquid VPN offers a very unique client application. I don’t usually enjoy reviewing client applications because they are all usually very slightly different. But Liquid VPN is different, because there is no formal client! Yes, you read me right. There is no fancy pants show of statistics and no parade of brightly lit buttons here.

Once you are done installing the VPN client, all you get is a small little icon showing up in the Notification Area in the Task Bar. That is how Liquid VPN’s customized version of Sparklabs’ Viscosity OpenVPN client has been designed to work.

Settingup Liquid VPN

I feel that it is somewhat unsafe that the entire VPN client opens out (along with the preferences) without requiring the user to log in, but I guess one can learn to live with it. All the same, put a screen-saver lock or something on your systems when you use Liquid VPN for increased security.

Clicking on ‘Preferences’ in the Liquid Viscosity VPN client’s pop-up menu (accessible via the Task Bar button) will open out the preferences menu. The Liquid Viscosity VPN client is highly customizable, to the point where you can use another VPN service on it if you have the knowledge, skills and abilities.

LiquidVPN Prefrences

When you open the pop-up menu-ish Liquid Viscosity VPN client, you will see that the top three options are server cluster regions. Clicking on a any one of them will open out the list of servers available in them. Once you have selected the server you wish to connect to, clicking on it will start the actual log-on process by asking you for your account credentials.

LiquidVPN Login Area

Liquid VPN Servers

Liquid VPN has around 32 servers in around 5 countries. This gives Liquid VPN the ability to provide users with around 400 IPs. Liquid VPN is clearly far behind the race if you compare it to the other VPN service providers who boast about having tens of thousands of IPs, but the rapidly expanding VPN service provider has laid down a strong foundation and can be expected to expand to top-tier VPN standards within this year.

A Liquid VPN review cannot be complete without mentioning that Liquid VPN hands out actual IPs to users who want it. In addition, Liquid VPN also uses IP modulation – which is an added plus point.

Liquid VPN will soon be integrating Suricata into their service infrastructure for users. Users can opt-in to use the Open Source Next Generation Intrusion Detection and Prevention Engine for IPS protection and advanced IP modulation.




Speed Test

These were the speed test statistics I recorded when I tested Liquid VPN. They may not sound very favorable, but the fact that Liquid VPN was functioning at only 70% capacity that day stands in Liquid VPN’s favor. I also recommend that you attribute the high Ping in both tests to my lousy internet connection.

Before connecting to Liquid VPN, I recorded the following upload and download speed.

Liquid VPN Speed Test1

After connecting to one of Liquid VPN’s European servers, I recorded the following upload and download speeds.

Liquid VPN Speed Test

The download speed does not seem to have suffered a lot but the upload speed fell considerably, and I am not very comfortable with that. However, I plan on updating these statistics once I am informed that Liquid VPN is back on full throttle so don’t get too disappointed. Also, you need to consider a number of factors when you judge speed tests, which is why I always encourage my friends to run independent speed tests on their machines before making any final decisions. You may be surprised by the results you get.


Customer Support

The three-pillared Customer Support system constitutes email, trouble ticket and Live Chat.

Live Chat is available from 8 to 16 hours every day. Sometimes Liquid VPN owner Dave Cox himself takes the Live Chat steering wheel. When Live Chat is not available, you can use email or open a trouble ticket for your queries.

Piece of advice: If the response doesn’t come in within an hour (which it usually does), don’t expect it to come before 4 to 6 hours.

Liquid VPN will soon be integrating Suricata into their service infrastructure for users. Users can opt-in to use the Open Source Next Generation Intrusion Detection and Prevention Engine for IPS protection and advanced IP modulation.


Payment Methods

Liquid VPN accepts PayPal, Bitcoin and cash/check. Credit Cards are also entertained through PayPal. You have to choose the option to pay via credit card on the PayPal site.

According to our correspondence with Liquid VPN, the VPN service provider very rarely entertains payments via Credit Card. You will have to open a ticket to place your request if you want to pay via Credit Card.

Like all VPN service providers, expect a bit of verification (submission of documents for identity authentication) to take place if you opt for direct payment through Credit Card because of all the online fraud threats these days. On a personal note, I don’t recommend the use of Credit Card to pay for VPN service subscriptions. If you absolutely must use your Credit Card then use it via PayPal.



Compatibility is not an issue with Liquid VPN. Dave Cox has ensured that Liquid VPN remains highly compatible and seamless in its functioning across different platforms. Partnering with Sparklabs helped Liquid VPN to cater to a large portion of VPN compatibility demand. The remaining multi-platform demand for VPN is being catered through the manual VPN configuration features available in today’s devices.


Liquid VPN Tutorials Provided

The availability of tutorials is not an issue with Liquid VPN. In fact, there is enough material in the setup guides on the website to publish a book!

A number of setup guides are available for users having problems with the Liquid Viscosity VPN client. These are beside the setup guides available for Windows, Mac, Linux Mobiles, DD-WRT Routers and other guides.

LiquidVPN Tutorial

Protocols and Encryption

Liquid VPN offers PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN protocols.

Liquid VPN’s PPTP encryption protocol uses 128 bit Microsoft Point-to-Point Encryption while L2TP uses the 256 bit version. OpenVPN encryption changes with technology and may go as high as 2048 bit RSA.


Free Trial

Liquid VPN does not offer a free trial at the moment. However, all subscriptions are covered with a 7 day money back guarantee. You can request a refund within 7 days of having subscribed to Liquid VPN if you are not satisfied with the service and wish to get your money back.

Note: checkout the list of 5 Best Free VPN providers 2017 to stream worldwide.

Additional Services

While Liquid VPN has great service features and characteristics, there are no additional features per say. In fact, considering the fact that even the VPN client has been out sourced, Liquid VPN is offering services without any frills altogether. There is just pure VPN service here and nothing else.

Essentially, Liquid VPN is one of the most promising new entrants in the VPN industry. It has a small server spread and a large margin for development, but the good part is that Liquid VPN knows exactly how it is supposed to expand and grow in the VPN industry. Beginning from the ground up, Liquid VPN seems to have given top priority to the availability of the actual tunneling services that users are looking for.

This is followed by giving attention to the availability of information. The entire Liquid VPN website has enough information on it to make a separate knowledge base redundant altogether. In this regard, Liquid VPN has been careful to ensure that it provides potential VPN users with all the information they may possibly need – technical and non-technical.

The subscription will give you access to Liquid VPN’s rapidly expanding server base currently standing at 40+ servers in 5 countries.

Can’t make up your mind with this VPN provider? Here are more VPN reviews to clear all your hesitations.



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4 Responses to Liquid VPN Review Reveals New VPN’s Unique Strategy

  1. David Cox says:


    I am quite sorry you felt slighted. The reason you didnt get a refund is because you abused the service by accumulating well over 6 thousand logins over the course of just an hour of actual time online. You caused a minor problem with our authentication system. This is why the chargeback you filed was settled in our favor. If you would like to come finish out your time with LiquidVPN I am more than willing to let you as long as you follow the rules.

  2. dave says:


    The reason your account is locked is because you are trying to make it sound like our TOS changes were made so we could keep your BTC. When this policy was in place before you signed up and you were well past the allowed bandwidth to be eligible for a refund in the first place. As you can clearly see from the link below our policy about not refunding BTC payments was in place before you signed up for service. You were asked to read them and agree to them when you signed up

    We had every intention of allowing you to finish out your term until you decided to try and smear our name.

    Enjoy your weekend

  3. mike says:

    They do not honour their refund policy. I would stay away from them.

    Request for refund was made within the 7 days policy.

    1. Refund was delayed as they said they do not keep Bitcoin in their wallet and it takes time to transfer from their bank.
    2. Requested for an update one week later, no reply and my ticket was closed,
    3. Started a new ticket and Mike Chamberlain replied that it takes time as they haven’t had a Bitcoin signup recently. Thus they could not refund.
    4. 2 Weeks later. Asked for an update, no reply and the ticket was deleted.
    5. Started a new ticket and this time Mike Chamberlain replied stating that BTC, Cash and other crypto currencies are not eligible for a refund.

    This is mind boggling since he was the person who replied at (3). Secondly the TOS was changed after the request for a refund was made. In fact this line –

    “We do not refund cash and other cryptocurrency payments”

    was added after the 25th September 2015.

    Here’s the link to Google cached page –

    My account has since been locked which means I can’t even start a conversation with them regarding this. Even if I could, there isn’t much point in doing so, since they would either delete the support ticket and delay anything but refund.

    Unethical and obnoxious. Mike Chamberlain has tried to hoodwink and bully the refund from me. I would really think twice about trusting them with anything.

    • admin says:

      Hello Mike,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      It is quite unfortunate that you face such issues with Liquid VPN.

      According to users reviews, PureVPN is currently providing best customer support 24/7 with excellent VPN service. Check out PureVPN review here

      Hopefully, it will help you out and let you to access all geo-restricted content without facing such issues.

      Kind Regards,

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