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HMA VPN (previously known as HideMyAss) is a UK-based VPN provider that offers one of the best VPN app user experiences that we have tested.

It offers exciting features like an IP address shuffler and has a massive selection of server locations. The updated number of servers in its network has increased to 1,080+ spread in 290 locations in over 210+ countries, covering even more countries PureVPN and ExpressVPN.

Sadly, the HMA app lacks the privacy features we expect from the best VPNs. In this 2023 HideMyass Reviewin South Korea, we are to going to test HMA VPN’s services and features.

Our Verdict

Upon testing the VPN for this HideMyAss review in South Korea, we found it performing exceptionally well for streaming services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer while delivering decent speeds in South Korea.

In its revised logging policy HMA VPN no longer stores any connection or data logs that could be tied to your identity. The customer support is highly responsive and helpful, making the service as a whole quite user-friendly.

Based on these capabilities, HideMyAss has earned a 4.2/5.0 rating overall in South Korea.

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Key Findings – HideMyAss Review in South Korea

We have checked HideMyAss as per our own 9 steps rating criteria that consist of:

  1. Privacy – Does HMA VPN keep logs?
  2. Servers and location – Is HMA P2P compatible?
  3. Security and features – Is HideMyAss safe enough in South Korea?
  4. Speed and performance – How fast is HideMyAss in South Korea?
  5. Streaming – Does HideMyAss unblock US Netflix in South Korea?
  6. Torrenting – Is HMA VPN good for torrenting in South Korea?
  7. Installation and apps – How to install on different devices?
  8. Compatibility – How many devices do HideMyAss support?
  9. Bypass Censorship –Does HMA Work in China?
  10. Customer Support – Reliable customer support?


  • Well-designed and easy-to-use apps
  • Offers the most server locations
  • Provides an IP shuffler option
  • Delivers fast downloading speeds
  • Works with BBC iPlayer and US Netflix in South Korea
  • Has the most locations for VPN servers.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and a 7-day free trial
  • 1080 servers with a bandwidth of 20Gbps


  • A UK-based VPN provider ( part of Five Eyes jurisdiction)
  • Their monthly subscriptions are only available in specific regions.
  • Unknown location of VPN servers
  • Doesn’t have split tunnelling or multi-hop connections
  • History of providing user data to the FBI.
  • Sometimes its kill switch fails to work
  • The iOS and Mac apps have a limited number of security protocols.
  • Does not have a Firestick app or Smart DNS tool

HideMyAss (HMA) Features in South Korea – At a Glance

Servers 1080+ servers
Countries 210+ countries
Price $4.99/mo
Free Trial 7-days
Simultaneous Connections 10 devices
Compatible Devices Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux & routers
Speeds 82Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection
Keeps Logs Yes
DNS Leak Protection Yes
Kill Switch Yes
Headquarters United Kingdom (part of FVEY)
P2P Support Yes
Customer Support Via email
Other Features IP Shuffle
Refund within 30 Days

1. Pricing

If you want to know how much does HideMyAss costs in South Korea in 2023? Well, HMA offers various subscriptions plans depending on the simultaneous connections it allows

If you are looking for a cheap HMA VPN price with 5 device connections, you can have it at just $2.99/month for 3 years (it’s a limited-time offer).

Plans 1 Month 6 Months (Save 25%) 24 Months (Save 58%) 36 Months (Save 75%)
Price $11.99/mo $53.94 ($8.99/mo) $59.88 ($4.99/mo.) $107.64 ($2.99/mo.)

hma-price-with-5-devices-in-South Korea

HideMyAss VPN standard Subscription Plans in South Korea

This is HMA’s standard subscription plan. It allows 5 devices connections at once. The cheap HMA VPN price length of these plans starts from 1 month to 36 months.This 7-day free trial option is only for US users, and it’s not available in South Korea. Instead, there is a 1-month subscription in its place. However, to use a free trial, you need to register and enter your credit card details.

If you choose HMA VPN 10 devices connections:

Plans 12 Months (Save 25%) 24 Months (Save 58%) 36 Months (Save 75%)
Price $95.88 ($7.99/mo) $167.76 ($6.99/mo.) $215.64 ($5.99/mo.)

hma-price-with-10-devices-in-South Korea

HideMyAss VPN Family subscription plans in South Korea.

This is HMA’s family plan for those who want more than 5 simultaneous connections. These plans offer 10 devices connections at once.Additionally, VPN HMA offers Business subscription packages with rates that change based on whether businesses choose monthly payment or yearly billing. Moreover, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you have already paid for a plan but are dissatisfied with what you received.You can pay for HideMyAss online subscriptions with any debit or credit card, including VISA, Mastercard, and AMEX. HMA VPN also accepts numerous additional payment methods, including Google Pay, UnionPay, Apple Pay, Alipay, Giropay, and Sofort.

hma-payment-methods-in-South Korea

You can buy HideMyAss online subscription via any of these payment methods.

Its subscriptions are renewed automatically, but you can cancel at any time. In the account settings of the app, you can find the option to manage your subscription; clicking it will take you directly to the HMA login page on the website.

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2. Servers and Locations

HideMyAss is the most popular VPN in terms of VPN server locations, with more than 1080 VPN servers in 190 countries. HMA basically has servers in every country across the globe. This indicates that 96% of the world’s nations are covered. However, the total server count is minimal, which can cause server congestion in the future.

HMA’s extensive server network makes it an especially good VPN in South Korea. HideMyAss’ superior coverage of the Middle East and parts of Africa above any other VPN service we’ve tested particularly impressed us.

The most fascinating thing we found related to its server locations is that HMA also provides servers in less-popular locations.

You can see all its server locations here.

hma-servers-list-in-South Korea

We like how neatly they have organized its server locations list

The way the servers are arranged in the tab menus on the left side of the app’s interface is pretty well done. Without having to read through the entire list, you may select from your favorite servers, the most recent ones you’ve connected to, or the ones that are best for streaming and torrenting in South Korea.

Servers optimized for Streaming Servers optimized for torrenting
Germany, Frankfurt Czech Republic
UK, Donkey Town Germany, Frankfurt
USA, New York, Liberty Island Netherlands
USA, Florida, Miami France, Paris
USA, New York, New York UK, London
USA, Washington, Seattle USA, Florida, Miami
USA, New York, New York
USA, Washington, Seattle

Additionally, icons are used to identify the optimized servers, which is quite helpful when you want to search the entire list. As you can see in the images below:

hma-streaming-servers-in-South Korea

This makes it easier for you to decide which server you need to connect to for streaming activity.

hma-p2p-servers-in-South Korea

You will see this icon in front of those who are specially dedicated to p2p activities.

Moreover, Every HMA server location has a heart icon, allowing you to save your favourites with a single click. These can later be found in the “Favourites” category.

hma-favorites-servers-in-South Korea

Heart your favourite server so you don’t have to waste time searching for it next time.

The VPN also provides a wide selection of city-level servers in several locations. For instance, there are servers located in more than 50 cities throughout the US. In Canada, Australia, and the UK, there are three city-level servers; in France, Germany, Russia, Spain, and Ukraine, there are two.

We actually like this because it’s difficult to tell how close a VPN location is when it’s only specified by country. Moreover, there is an advantage of its city-level servers and that is; minimal congestion and faster performance in South Korea.

HMA uses many virtual server locations

HideMyAss is able to provide servers in so many countries because it employs both virtual and physical server locations.

Besides a ‘physically placed’ server, a virtual or “fake” VPN server location gives an IP address in one nation while the server is physically located in another. We like the fact that they have also mentioned this on their official websites:

hma-about-its-virtual-servers-in-South Korea

There are various advantages when you connect via virtual servers. For example, your internet traffic may occasionally pick a shorter route, resulting in increased speed. Additionally, virtual locations enable HMA to assign IP addresses for regions where it is challenging to install physical VPN servers (e.g. China).

For instance, even though the real server is situated in Canada, the virtual server can provide you with a Russian IP address. This is beneficial in 2 ways. You can securely access Russian content without having to transfer your information through a Russian server. Second, your speeds will be much faster if the UK is closer to your actual location than Russia.

Similarly, your speeds can be slower if the physical server is much further away from your actual location in South Korea. However, because there isn’t a symbol indicating it’s a “virtual server” next to these servers in the list, there are several drawbacks to using its virtual server locations.

First, there are certain security issues because it may be challenging for you to determine the actual physical server’s location and mode of operation.

Does HideMyAss Rent Its VPN Servers?

Yes, A representative of HMA confirmed that the company rents a big number of VPN servers from third parties.

Renting servers can help cut operational costs, but there is an element of danger because the server host is now in charge of maintaining the security of your data.

When it comes to privacy, we suggest VPN services that have a smaller number of third parties involved and that own and run the majority of their server network entirely alone.

3. Security and Features

It’s safe to use HideMyAss in South Korea. It uses AES-256 encryption and first-party DNS servers to hide your IP address and DNS requests. HMA is one of the only significant VPNs that does not offer WireGuard, and it failed our security tests on iOS and macOS.

Here is the list of protocols that are available in HMA VPN

Protocols Available in HMA VPN apps
IKEv2/IPSec Yes
L2TP/IPSec Yes
Proprietary No
SoftEther No
WireGuard No

HideMyAss offers a variety of protocol choices. The desktop client allows you to change from OpenVPN’s default UDP to TCP. This is only advised if UDP is blocked or throttled. UDP often moves more quickly, but TCP is more reliable.

Here you can see which advanced features are available and which are not available in the HMA app in South Korea.

Advanced Features Available in HMA VPN Apps
Dedicated IP Yes
Ad Blocker Yes
Smart DNS Yes
Automatic Wifi protection Yes
Split Tunneling No
Tor over VPN Server No
Tracker Blocker No

When your automatic wifi protection is turned on, the VPN will automatically connect each time you log into a wifi network. This feature can be modified under the desktop client’s Network Security section or the mobile app’s Connection Rules tab.

We discovered that HMA has very high security. The way that HideMyAss uses encryption is as follows:

Encryption and Security Available in HMA VPN Apps
AES-256 Yes
ChaCha20 No
DNS Leak Blocking Yes
First-party DNS Yes
IPv6 Leak Blocking Yes
VPN Kill Switch Yes
Supports TCP Port 443 No
WebRTC Leak Blocking No

HMA uses military-grade 256-bit AES encryption. This works well along with 4096-bit RSA keys and perfect forward secrecy.

We performed tests using the packet-capturing software Wireshark to verify that the VPN’s traffic is actually encrypted. We are pleased to certify that our data transfers were securely secured by the VPN.

Moreover, the HMA apps include split tunneling and the Refresh IP function. These advanced features give you a new IP address in the same place if your existing IP is unexpectedly blacklisted.

Furthermore, a system-wide kill switch is also accessible for Windows, Android, and Mac clients. This stops your data from leaking in case your VPN connection is lost.

Note: Unfortunately, Apple devices do not support HMA’s kill switch, and neither does Mac OS X Catalina nor Mac OS X Big Sur. Check out the best VPN for iPad in South Korea with fully loaded security features.

HMA promises to provide defense against DNS and WebRTC leaks, however, in our tests, HideMyAss does not leak our IP, DNS, & WebRTC. Although we didn’t notice any leaks, you can turn off the IPv6 leak protection for your own safety.

Moreover, when enabled. To verify if this is true, we connected to HMA US servers and conducted the following leak test. We were so happy to see the results as none of our real IP or DNS address got leaked in South Korea.

IP Leak:

HMA successfully protected my IP from leaking in South Korea:

hma-ip-leak-test-in-South Korea

with HMA VPN you don’t have to worry about your IP leaks.

DNS Leak:This HideMyAss VPN is free from any leaking DNS as well:
hma-dns-leak-test-in-South Korea

Hide your real DNS address with HMA

WebRTC Leak:We found no WebRTC leak problem using HMA VPN servers
hma-webrtc-leak-test-in-South Korea

HMA also didn’t leak the WebRTC IP.

Virus Test:We also checked HMA’s installation files through VirusTotal and the result came clear.Virus-Test-HMA-in-South Korea


HideMyAss now has a private logging policy, removing the invasive data retention that was previously its biggest disadvantage. Despite this fact, the VPN is situated in the United Kingdom, which is a member of the 5 Eyes Alliance (a group of countries that collects and exchanges online data from citizens).

But now, HMA no longer gathers or “logs” internet information that could be used to pinpoint your identity. Your online activities in South Korea will continue to be kept secret and unrevealed to HideMyAss.

So if you are still wondering, Does HMA VPN keep logs? Here you can see the official statement of HMA regarding its No-logs policy:

hma-no-logs-policy-in-South Korea

HideMyAss reveals that they only store the date of connection and the amount of data being transmitted during your session along with your email address and username, which we guess is a standard practice among VPN providers.

hma-no-logs-policy-in-South Korea

HMA-NLP-in-South Korea

HideMyAss does a good job of keeping my traffic secure on the security aspect. However, we have reviewed other best secure VPNs in South Korea so you can choose which suits you best.

4. Speeds and Performance in South Korea

If you are wondering, is HideMyAss fast enough to be on the list of the fastest VPN in South Korea services? HideMyAss offers moderate speeds. To test the VPN’s speed performance, we used speedest.net and a base internet connection of 50 Mbps when doing HMA VPN reviews.

However, the speed was not as satisfying as we expected because, on some servers, we experienced dramatic speed drops.

In the performance of HMA speeds, We connected to its local and long-distance servers to see the speed difference. Here you can see the results:

Server Location Download Speed Upload Speed Pings
Australia 17.67 Mbps 11.09 Mbps 137 ms
Canada 21.67 Mbps 10.25 Mbps 220 ms
Germany 18.92 Mbps 13.75 Mbps 122 ms
Netherlands 25.25 Mbps 22.17 Mbps 124 ms
Saudi Arabia 19.92 Mbps 21.84 Mbps 482 ms
Switzerland 22.25 Mbps 24.61 Mbps 154 ms
Taiwan 13.84 Mbps 17 Mbps 393 ms
United Kingdom 16.75 Mbps 14.56 Mbps 125 ms
United States 20 Mbps 12.14 Mbps 207 ms

We connected to its 2 different local servers in the US and got these results:

hma-speed-us-in-South Korea

then we connected to HMA’s long-distance servers, the above one is the speed result of its UK server and the other one is the result of its Germany server.

hma-speed-long-distance-in-South Korea

As you have seen in the speed test results, HMA is not the fastest VPN you can have, So if you want the fastest VPN, get ExpressVPN.

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5. Streaming in South Korea

If you want to know, does HideMyAss Unblock Netflix in South Korea? Yes, HideMyAss works well with Netflix in South Korea, but it didn’t work for every streaming platform we tested using its streaming-optimized servers during our HideMyAss VPN review in South Korea. What’s best is that it offers a free trial so that you can use it as a free VPN Netflix in South Korea with HMA for 7 days.

We were able to unblock US, German, and UK Netflix with its Seattle, Donkey Town and Frankfurt streaming servers in a single attempt. Here you can see this in the image below:

hma-unblocks-netflix-us-library-in-South Korea

The HMA streaming server worked fine in unblocking 3 different Netflix libraries.

We also tried to watch German Netflix in South Korea, so we connected to its Germany frankfurt server and easily accessed it! Here is the proof:

hma-unblocks-netflix-german-library-in-South Korea

You can also watch German movies and shows on Netflix using HMA’s streaming servers in Germany.

Disney Plus was the 2nd website we unblocked using HMA streaming servers in South Korea. On the same US servers that we used to test Netflix, we gave it a shot and received quite similar results, long loading times and lower quality for the first few seconds. Without experiencing any lag, we enjoyed watching a few marvel movies in South Korea without interruption.

disney-plus-with-hma-in-South Korea

HMA unblocked Disney Plus on all of the streaming servers we tested.

Sadly, on our further testing, HMA was blocked by every other streaming service in South Korea. When we accessed the homepage of Hulu, it immediately detected that we were connected over a VPN and displayed an error message.

HMA-did-not-unblock-Hulu-in-South Korea

Unfortunately, HMA could not unblock Hulu

Then we tried to unblock BBC iPlayer in South Korea by connecting to the HMA UK-Donkey Town server and guess what happened next. HMA did not unblock it in South Korea either.

hma-didnt-unblock-bbc-in-South Korea


Overall, we cannot suggest HMA because of its streaming capabilities in South Korea. We couldn’t access Hulu, BBC iPlayer or Amazon Prime in South Korea. It could only unblock 2 platforms. In the end, we say if all you want to do is view multiple Netflix libraries, it is a good alternative. If not, take a look at the other best VPN for streaming in South Korea that can work with every platform you want.

6. Torrenting in South Korea

HideMyAss is not suggested for torrenting in South Korea. The VPN provider has a track record of violating users’ privacy and assisting law authorities. We can’t yet rely on HMA to protect the privacy of your P2P activity.

Unlike most VPN companies, Hidemyass’ website does not have a specific page on their BitTorrent/p2P policy. Instead, we were forced to comb through their support websites and customer Q&A to get to the conclusion of their p2p policy.

Here is what we discovered:

  • Hidemyass allows torrenting ‘technically’ but has zero tolerance for copyrighted materials.
  • Only p2p-optimized servers in Frankfurt, Prague, Amsterdam, New York or London should be used to download torrents.
  • All other servers might restrict incoming torrent ports.
  • Hidemyass DOES maintain metadata logs and, if required, may provide your IP address history to third parties.

Moreover, users of HMA have previously reported account suspensions for breaking DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) regulations.

In response to a DMCA report, an HMA employee acknowledged that HMA “had no means of identifying specific users.

In contrast to these confusions, we suggest you go for the other best VPN for torrenting in South Korea to conduct your p2p activities safely.

7. Installation and Apps

The process of HMA VPN app installation is pretty simple and straightforward in South Korea. We have installed this VPN multiple times on different devices.

We tested out its Windows app; the HideMyAss login process is quite simple, even if you are not tech-savvy. Their apps are quite well-organized, and you’ll have no trouble finding all of the functions and settings you require.

After your successful HideMyAss login on its app, you will find a Lightning Connect feature, which was designed to pick the fastest server for you. However, it wasn’t very reliable. Istanbul was selected as the quickest and closest server, but we manually located a server that was more effective.

hma-lightning-connect-servers-in-South Korea

By clicking on the lightning connect option, you will get connected to the fastest server automatically.

8. Compatibility

Interestingly, HMA is compatible with all the leading platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, and iOS. The service also supports routers.

A single HMA subscription in South Korea allows 5 simultaneous connections.

HideMyAss Windows App

The HMA Windows client is very nicely designed and super-easy to use in South Korea. You can choose your preferred server location for the main screen and click the toggle switch to turn it on or off.

hma-windows-app-in-South Korea

You can also configure settings for the Kill Switch, App Kill Switch, IP shuffle, and connection protocol as well as change other preferences.

HideMyAss Mac App

The Mac app of HideMyAss looks and behaves pretty much the same way as the Windows app. It also offers a Kill Switch and IP shuffle like Windows but uses IKEv2/IPSec protocol rather than OpenVPN.

HMA-Mac-App-in-South Korea

HideMyAss Android App

The Android app has a 4.5/5.0 rating on Google Play Store. It works smoothly and has a great UI. Like the desktop apps, you can choose servers from the main screen:

HMA-donkey-android-app-interface-in-South Korea

It offers much the same features as desktop apps with the addition of another cool feature: Split-tunneling. This feature allows you to choose which apps go through the VPN and which are directly accessing the web.

HideMyAss iOS App

The HMA iOS app has a 4.6/5.0 rating on the App Store. The iOS app supports the fewest features out of all other apps of HMA. For instance, it lacks Kill Switch as well as split-tunnelling.

hma-ios-app-interface-in-South Korea

It does support IP Shuffling and the strong and fast IKEv2/IPSec protocol. Overall, it is a decent app that offers excellent connectivity in South Korea but could be improved with the full support of all HMA features.

9. Bypass Censorship – Does HMA Work in China?

No, HMA does not always work in China. Since China has blocked access to HMA’s main website, as a result, in order to sign up and make a monthly payment, you would need to travel outside of the Great Firewall.

Despite having servers in China, there is no assurance that HMA will always function in China. There are no obfuscated servers available from In (which mask VPN traffic as regular traffic). There is, therefore, always a danger that it will be discovered and stopped.

There are a number of threads on HMA’s official forums where representatives have confirmed the status of HMA and its functionality within China:

HMA-official-comment-regarding-china-in-South Korea

It might work for some users, but generally, it’s not very reliable. However, if you want to bypass censorship within China, we suggest you have a look at the best VPNs for China For South Korean Users.

10. Customer support in South Korea

HMA offers a few options if you need help regarding app installation, connectivity, or using its services in South Korea. There is a Getting Started and a Knowledge Base section that can be found by clicking the Help tab on the website or Help & Support on its app. Upon opening, you will find there some articles that address setup, problems, and general queries. like “HMA not working in South Korea” etc.
hma-help-in-South Korea

You’ll also see a Community Section, which opens a forum. This is divided into many topics, some of which seem to be active recently and others of which look to be out of date. There are some general FAQs below that.

Hma-community-option-in-South Korea

You can avail of these options to get the answer to your personally experienced issues.

You can either try the Live Chat feature or write HMA an email if you can’t find what you’re searching for. Having a live chat option is an advantage from a privacy perspective because the support which is provided by internal sources is better than the outside sources.However, when we tried to use its live chat assistance, we got disappointed because when we clicked on its live chat option, it took us to Submit a Request page. So then we emailed HMA Support instead.Although they responded after 3 three days, their reply was satisfying. The good part is the representative did admit that it took HMA some time to reply. Overall, despite the wait, we had quite a decent support experience from HMA.


Yes, HMA VPN is a safe VPN in South Korea with strong security features. It has a no-logs policy that has been verified by a third party. Additionally, it allows torrenting, has a vast selection of servers, and employs military-grade encryption.

Yes, you can use HMA VPN free for 7 days in South Korea. One of HMA’s main pros is that you may try the VPN’s unblocking skills for yourself during its free trial period. However, it’s worth noting that leading VPNs like ExpressVPN offer a money-back guarantee, so you don’t need a free trial.

Yes, HMA is a good VPN for performance but not for privacy. Performance-wise, it supports Netflix and torrenting in South Korea, uses AES-256 encryption, and provides users with dynamic IP addresses.

However, privacy-wise, the company is situated in a Five Eyes nation and the VPN only has a kill switch on Windows, Mac, and Android devices.

HMA does not offer a kill switch feature on iOS, Linux, routers, etc. So if the user loses connection to the VPN on such devices, their web activity could be made public.

HideMyAss is capable of unblocking a number of streaming websites and has respectable speeds in South Korea. It no longer maintains logs, is very secure, and provides a wide range of location options.

Overall, it’s best suited for those who want to browse and stream anonymously in South Korea. Moreover, it offers a dedicated p2p server for secure torrenting.

HideMyAss VPN Review in South Korea – Summary

HideMyAss is a good solution for your primary VPN needs in South Korea, such as hiding your real IP address and remaining anonymous online. It is an easy-to-use and decent-speed VPN that is one of the most reliable for streaming US Netflix in South Korea.

However, during this HideMyAss review in South Korea, we noticed that it lacks several advanced features that make this VPN service stand apart from others. For example, its designers should absolutely include more tunnelling protocols to improve HideMyAss privacy, such as the much-missed WireGuard.

Furthermore, HideMyAss logging has a history of keeping users’ data, has a broken kill switch, and has previously cooperated with law enforcement, all of which raise serious concerns regarding privacy.

Beginners who want to try out a VPN before committing to a subscription will find HMA to be an excellent option because of its 7-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Overall, HMA VPN is a strong VPN for getting around geographic restrictions on streaming content in South Korea, but we can’t suggest it to those who value their privacy and security more since HidemMyAss privacy is not much reliable.

In case, you want to know about VPNs other than HMA, read this exclusive VPN reviews in South Korea 2023 guide.

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