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Looking for a Free VPN for Zattoo in South Korea and want to gain a German IP address in South Korea to watch Zattoo everywhere. So don’t worry we have got you covered.

Zattoo is an online platform for all your favorite TV channels in one app. However, to date, Zattoo is only available in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

This Zurich-based platform implements strict geo-restrictions for users outside its areas of distribution. If you’re traveling elsewhere, these geo-blocks are nothing but a headache. For example, if you’re in South Korea, you’ll have ZERO access to Zattoo.

Free VPNs are tools that you should not underestimate. With so much in store for its users, a free VPN is an ideal tool for unblocking Zattoo and more.

In the next section, we’ll elaborate on the best free VPN for Zattoo in detail based on our month-long tests with 50+ free VPNs.

We’ll answer some of your questions in the FAQs. Are premium VPNs for zatto better? Are VPNs legal? Are they safe? Ask away and we’re here to help.

Quick overview: Free VPN for Zattoo in South Korea [Updated Sept 2023]

The best free VPN for Zattoo that gave the easiest access to its TV channels both live and on-demand are:

  1. ExpressVPN– Best VPN for Zattoo in South Korea with Free Trial: The best free VPN for Zattoo with solid Frankfurt servers. ExpressVPN offers outstanding unblocking and encryption standards.
  2. Windscribe – Recommended Free VPN for Zattoo with 10 GB/Mo: This VPN offers high-end encryption and secures access to Zatto. A reliable and free VPN for Zattoo on Android, iOS, and Windows.
  3. ProtonVPN – Completely Free VPN for Zattoo with Unlimited Bandwidth: This VPN has 86 German servers in 2 cities that aid easy access to Zattoo in multi-platforms.

Our Testing Methodology | FAQs

How to Use a Free VPN to Watch Zattoo in South Korea?

You can use a VPN for Zattoo streaming in South Korea or any place outside Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for a VPN. Our top choice for Zattoo access is Windscribe (with a 30-day free trial),
  2.  After signing up, install the app on any device.
  3.  Open the app and connect to a German server.
  4.  Open Zattoo on your device.
  5.  By now, the restrictions are gone. Enjoy streaming!
  6. Get Windscribe For Zattoo

3 Free VPNs for Zattoo in South Korea in-depth Analysis [ 2023]

1. ExpressVPN – Best VPN for Zattoo in South Korea with Free Trial


Key Features

  • 3000 servers in 94 countries, including fast servers in Germany
  • Best connections using ExpressVPN’s Frankfurt servers
  • MediaStreamer for easy access to Zattoo across devices
  • Multiplatform VPN
  • AES 256-bit key encryption
  • FREE VPN for Zattoo on iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, Chromes, Edge, and more
  • 30-day trial with military-grade encryption

ExpressVPN is the top choice for Zattoo while abroad. This VPN provided no margin of error when we tried to unblock Zattoo in South Korea. And the best news is that you can use this VPN with zero costs for 1 month. ExpressVPN free trial in South Korea extends up to 30 days for its subscribers. You get to enjoy all its features without quality restrictions, after which you can subscribe at a nominal price of just  KRW 8994.72/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) (Get 49% Off + 3 Months FREE on its 12-Month Plan).

ExpressVPN remains the best VPN for Germany For South Korean Users. For Zattoo, you can connect to its German servers in two 94countries. It has open RAM servers in Frankfurt and Nuremberg. In our tests, the best connections were achieved using the Frankfurt servers.

However, the same results may not apply to you. The best thing to do is to run its Smart Locator. This tool will direct you to the nearest and fastest server at the time you desire to connect.

Either way, both German-based locations gave an undetectable IP address for Zattoo. That said, you can stream this all-in-one multiplatform anonymously. We were able to watch Zattoo’s library. ExpressVPN also proved to be a suitable as a free VPN for ARTE in South Korea  and free VPN for RMC Sport in South Korea.

unblock-zattoo-with-expressvpn-in-South Korea


For ExpressVPN’s speed test in South Korea, we got lightning-fast speeds for both downloads and uploads. We got an average upload speed of 84.66 Mbps. Its download speed also reached 89.38 Mbps. We did not notice any adverse effect on speeds when connected to this VPN.

expressvpn-speed-test-in-South Korea

ExpressVPN offers fast download and upload speeds for buffer-free streaming.

We maximized these speed rates while jumping from one platform to another. For the record, ExpressVPN with Disney Plus worked out. ExpressVPN with YouTube TV South Korea also allowed fast access amidst the restrictions. We encountered no error prompts and were able to binge our fave local YouTubers while away from home.

ExpressVPN’s Netflix unblocking was on point during our recent tests. Even in South Korea, we easily pierced through the German catalog. Another top-tier combo was BBC iPlayer in Germany and HBO Max. Furthermore, we tried accessing Crave TV on ExpressVPN other servers from all over the world, using ExpressVPN’s free trial, and it proves itself to be the best free VPN for Crave TV in South Korea as well.

For radio and music streams, ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Pandora. As this music platform removed its lines in Germany, ExpressVPN’s spoofing method got your back.

Now, if you wish to stream in Germany and access American Netflix or Asian platforms, just connect to the country of your choice. It’s that simple with ExpressVPN.

For security, this VPN offers full disclosure of its audited no-logs policy. They also use 256-bit key encryption that remains unbroken by third parties.

When power outages and network disconnections occur, you are also secured by its kill switch and breach control system.

Now, for the devices that it supports, you’ll have no problem at all. ExpressVPN has native apps for every OS and device. You name it.

ExpressVPN for routers is one of its best highlights. It supports multiple routers and even pioneered its AirCove for a more secure home network.

It similarly works well with smart home devices. ExpressVPN on Firestick South Korea may be connected in just a few minutes, if not seconds.

For mobile users, ExpressVPN is a free VPN for Zattoo on iOS. ExpressVPN for iPhones in South Korea and other Apple devices perfectly matches. I connected my iPad with ExpressVPN and it worked just as well.

In the event that you encounter issues, you may connect to its live chat crew. It’s composed of scholarly people that offer solutions to your VPN problems.

In our case, we contacted ExpressVPN’s crew when there was an app glitch. They instructed us step-by-step on what to do. They’re very accommodating and easy to talk to.

At this point, you may have grasped that ExpressVPN deserves to be the best free VPN for Zattoo. But there may be other things you want to know. So, read our full ExpressVPN review South Korea.

  • Best access to Zattoo
  • Great unblocking ability
  • Fast streaming speeds
  • Free trial available up to 30 days

  • Occasional app glitches on Android (based on our test)

2. Windscribe – Recommended Free VPN for Zattoo with 10 GB/Mo


Key Features

  • 3000 servers in 63 countries, including Germany
  • Stable German servers for FREE
  • Fast and reliable connections to Zattoo
  • For the free app, a 10 GB of data is available
  • Allows smooth access to 10 countries including Germany and Switzerland
  • AES-256-bit key encryption
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Windscrine Free VPN for Zattoo on Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux

Windscribe is a free VPN that offers a standard quality service for Zattoo streams. Its free VPN unblocks content by using its free German servers.

Windscribe set the bar high for free VPN apps as it allows connection to 10 countries using the free trial. The free open servers include Germany and Switzerland; where Zattoo operates.

unblock-zattoo-with-windscribe-in-South Korea


Its large servers are such a win for free users like us, who wish to test a VPN first before committing long-term. Particularly for Zattoo access, we don’t even need to upgrade as the servers that we need are available using the FREE package.

Windscribe’s speed test in South Korea was fair. It derived average upload and download speeds of 34.75 Mbps and 65.21 Mbps, respectively.

windscribe-speedtest-in-South Korea

Windscribe has lightening fast speed to download and upload on over 100 Mbps connection.

Notably, Windscribe may be free but its unblocking ability seems premium. We tested Windscribe for Skygo in Germany and got fast access to the platform. We streamed the latest full weekend coverage of Formula One.

We did not have issues when streaming Netflix with Windscribe in South Korea. We switched to German Netflix in South Korea using its free server. In just a few moments, we were welcomed by Netflix where we left off.

Further, to watch NBC Germany, we also tried Windscribe and successfully did so. We did not recommend Windscribe to stream BBC iPlayer in South Korea because of minor inconvenience. With Windscribe’s media streaming feature known as “Windflix”, the unblocking of Now TV in South Korea, was just a cherry on top. Therefore, you can also count Windscribe as one of a free VPN for Now TV in South Korea and also a reliable free VPN for SBS on Demand in South Korea and free VPN for TV Now in South Korea.

If you’re a huge sports fan, using a free VPN like Windscribe also helps access BT Sport in Germany. Some premium VPNs work better, though. But overall, Windscribe’s unblocking ability activates anonymous streams in and out of Germany.

For security, Windscribe is a relatively safe free VPN. It provides military-grade encryption and a secure no-logs policy.

Multiple devices are also compatible with Windscribe. You may use Windscribe on Roku in South Korea and get an easy setup process. We also tried Windscribe for Kodi in South Korea and were impressed by Kodi apps that allowed for UltraHD Zattoo streams.

You can also install Windscribe on Firestick in South Korea. Similar to Roku, Windscribe works efficiently with this device for your streaming support.

Aside from streaming, this VPN is also best for torrents in South Korea. It allows for bulk file-sharing across devices.

Travel along with your Zottoo access with Windscribe. If you choose to upgrade and build your premium plan, you’ll gain additional features. Moreover, its refund policy is open for you to avail by contacting its live chat team.

Go check out our Windscribe review in South Korea to get your facts straight concerning free VPNs.

  • Unblocks Zattoo
  • Fair speeds for streaming
  • Stable connection to Germany using the FREE app

  • Data limits and minimal disconnections

3. ProtonVPN – Completely Free VPN for Zattoo with Unlimited Bandwidth


Key Features

  • 1937+ total servers across 67 countries, including Germany
  • 86 German servers in two cities
  • Best connections via Berlin servers
  • 2266 Gbps capacity
  • Unlimited bandwidth and UltraHD videos
  • Best paired with iOS and Roku
  • Proton VPN’s advanced AES-256 or ChaCha20
  • One (1) connection allowance for FREE

ProtonVPN has the largest server network for Zattoo access outside Germany. With 86 servers in Frankfurt and Berlin, unblocking the platform in South Korea is a walk in the park.

Proton VPN’s free trial is feature-rich for streaming German sites and platforms like Zattoo. It’s among the rare VPNs that give you a secure IP address that never gets blacklisted by Zattoo.

Maximizing these speed data, we attempted to unlock Netflix with ProtonVPN in South Korea. True to its claims, it delivered a promising unblocking act. It only took us two attempts with Netflix via Proton.

protonvpn-free-netflix-in-South Korea

We unblocked Netflix US using Proton VPN to stream content easily.

On a Proton VPN speed test in South Korea, this VPN gave decent speeds for streamers. Using its free plan, we achieved an upload speed of 75.59 Mbps. On the other hand, the download speed was 89.59Mbps.

protonvpn-speedtest-in-South Korea

ProtonVPN free servers speed on a 100 Mbps connection.

You can also watch German TV, Comedy Central South Korea, and TVNZ in Germany. All you need is a reliable VPN that enables a VPN connection wherever you are.

Also with Proton’s VPN media streaming feature the unblocking of Premier Player HD in South Korea, was just a cherry on top. Therefore, you can also count ProtonVPN as one of a free VPN for Premier Player HD in South Korea.

After we proved its unblocking abilities, we also looked into its safeguards. As a virtual private network, Proton VPN abides by anonymity. It employs military-grade encryption and a Secure Core Network.

The ideal factor is that this VPN is based in Switzerland. Swiss laws do not allow data retention and take data privacy seriously. So, if you’re asking: is Proton VPN safe in South Korea ? The answer is obviously YES.

You can install Roku with Proton VPN in South Korea and use it to get the best out of your streaming experience. Aside from Roku, Proton VPN with Kodi is compatible, with Linux, iOS, Android, and Windows. And you can use Proton VPN for torrenting in South Korea, too! This VPN supports P2P torrenting across devices.

Contact its live chat crew for assistance and learn of its refund policy in South Korea beforehand.

After all that’s been told, we hope our insights were adequate to convince you of this VPN’s functionality. Enjoy your Zattoo streaming with free VPN but know more from this Proton VPN review South Korea.

  • Large network for Zattoo
  • Great unblocking with zero overloads
  • Decent streaming speeds

  • Needs to improve its ad-blocking controls

Methodology: How We Evaluate these Free VPNs for Zattoo in South Korea

We tested and ranked these free Zattoo VPNs based on their credits from the following criteria:


The top free VPNs use industry-standard encryption. AES 256-bit key is the only acceptable standard to maintain anonymity. If the VPN uses a lower standard, the unblocking act would fail.

Servers where Zattoo Operates

We need to ensure that the VPN operates in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. The free VPN should have servers in at least one of these countries.

Ability to Unblock Geo-restricted Channels

We tested the unblocking ability of the VPN by testing it on Zattoo. Then, we tried to get German Netflix in South Korea. The VPNs that easily gave us access were ExpressVPN (free trial), Windscribe, and Proton VPN; hence the ranking.

Fast speeds

We examined the speeds of the free Zatooo VPNs using its German servers. After a month-long test, we tallied decent speeds that allow for continuous streaming.


Zattoo streaming with free VPNs is practical option for travelers. With a free trial, users can get access to Zattoo in South Korea without paying anything.

Risks of using a free VPN for Zattoo

We do not advise you to use just any free VPN you see online. Even when they top your search results, these free VPNs may not enable Zattoo access due to poor unblocking features.

Zattoo invests in advanced IP-blocking systems. Using a free VPN with minimal servers for overseas access is useless. Zattoo can easily blacklist your IP address and you have no other alternatives if the server network is small.

Finally, your streaming experience is average at best with free VPNs. You may encounter slow speeds, data limits, and a lack of ad-blocking technology.

Free VPNs to Avoid for Zattoo in South Korea

Take note of these free VPNs Zattoo access that you should avoid in South Korea:

Hoxx VPN:

This US-based VPN offers native apps for streaming. However, Hoxx VPN does not particularly work best when connecting to Germany. For Zattoo access, it gave us a headache. We failed to unblock the platform with Hoxx. Moreover, its official site has the most cumbersome interface.

Lastly, we tried to contact its live chat support but we did not get proper responses. Read through a more comprehensive and unbiased Hoxx VPN review South Korea for more details.

Hola VPN:

You can easily use Hola’s free version with just one click. After installation, you must agree to its terms and conditions. Then, connect it as a browser extension. My anxiety remarkably soared by how unsafe I felt while installing Hola VPN.

However, I pushed through my Zattoo tests but it did not work great. Take my word but also see this Hola VPN review South Korea for more insights.

This Malaysian VPN claims to offer top-quality unblocking ability. We beg to disagree. Our reviews South Korea showed that this VPN cannot unblock Zattoo and Netflix. So, it still needs to improve its server network for an enhanced service.

FAQ: Free VPN for Zattoo in South Korea

We do not advise the use of a free VPN for streaming Zattoo in South Korea. However, we are confident that using ExpressVPN’s free trial gives you secure access to Zattoo in South Korea.

The alternative to using a free VPN for Zattoo in South Korea, is to use a premium VPN for the easiest access to Zattoo:

ExpressVPN – Most Recommended VPN for Zattoo in South Korea.

Surfshark – Budget VPN for Zattoo in South Korea

NordVPN – Largest VPN with German servers for Zattoo

To use the free trial of ExpressVPN for Zattoo in South Korea, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN.
  2. Download the ExpressVPN app on your device.
  3.  Connect to Zattoo via a server connection.
  4.  Keep the subscription or terminate it within 30 days.


Whether you’re at home or on the go, Zattoo allows easy access to your favorite content. However, Zatoo is geo-restricted. To unblock it, the practical choice is to use a free VPN for Zattoo in South Korea. We tested 60 VPNs and extracted three (3) deserving VPNs.

First, ExpressVPN, though marketed as a premium VPN, offers a free trial that you can use. The free trial works just as well as the paid counterpart. It allows stable connections with Zattoo in South Korea across our devices. From routers to Roku, ExpressVPN supports them. Second, Windscribe is a free VPN that provided a standard quality VPN for Zattoo. With a free connection to 10 countries including Germany and Switzerland, we were able to watch our fave TV channels in real time.

Lastly, Proton VPN is a free VPN with 86 German servers. With its large network, accessing Zattoo was a smooth task. While there are risks to getting free VPNs, if you only connect to reliable ones, then, you can experience premium and borderless service!