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The latest wolf-themed show, Wolf Pack, premiers Friday, 27 January, on Paramount Plus. To watch the Wolf Pack series in South Korea, you will need the best VPN for Paramount Plus because the platform is region-restricted.

The simplest hack of using a VPN unblocks Paramount+ in South Korea letting you catch up on the 65th Annual Grammy Awards, A Nashville Country Christmas, THE GAME Season 2, and NCIS Crossover Event in South Korea.

Having attracted avid fiction enjoyers worldwide, the show is the work of the creator of Teen Wolf but the two shows are not related in any way. Streaming this Paramount+ original series isn’t a problem once you get an ExpressVPN subscription. So here we are with all the piping hot details on where to watch Wolf Pack series, cast, trailer, release date, and more!

How to Watch Wolf Pack Series in South Korea  – Easy Steps

To watch the Wolf Pack series from in South Korea, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Subscribe to a reliable VPN (Recommended: ExpressVPN)
  • Download the ExpressVPN app and set the server to the USA (Recommended server: New York).
  • Proceed to the Paramount Plus website or app.
  • Enjoy Wolf Pack streaming in South Korea.

Where to Watch Wolf Pack Series

You can watch the Wolf Pack series directly from the Paramount Plus website or the app. The supernatural teen drama, written by Canadian author Edo van Belkom, is set to be released on  January 26, 2023, on Paramount Plus. 

Viewers outside of the USA who are experiencing geo-blocks when trying to access the Wolf Pack TV show Paramount+ can subscribe to a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN and easily get past the blocks.

Paramount Plus also hosts multiple other shows for your entertainment, including FBI in South Korea, Teen Wolf: The Movie, Are You the One (Season 9), Mayor of Kingstown season 2, and Lingo Season 1.

What is the Release Date of the Wolf Pack Series

The Wolf Pack series will officially be released on the 26th of January, 2023. The highly-anticipated show was announced in September 2021. Fans of wolf-themed entertainment all over the world have been looking forwards to the Wolf Pack series release date since then.

The show is set to be based on the 2004 book, written by  Edo van Belkom.

What will the Wolf Pack series be about?

The Wolf Pack series is about a teenage boy and girl who see their life turn upside down after a huge fire sparks in California, from which emerges a supernatural creature that attacks the traffic jam under the fiery hills. The teens come together at the full moon and unravel the mysteries and the secrets that bind them together.

Who is Casting New Wolf Pack?

The new Wolf Pack series cast includes  Bella Shepard as Blake Navarro, Chloe Rose Robertson as Luna Briggs, Tyler Lawrence Gray as Harlan Briggs, and popular actor Armani Jackson from Grey’s Anatomy as Everett Lang.

The biggest surprise is famous actress Sarah Michelle Gellar playing the role of Kristen Ramsey, who is the arson investigator in the show. Rodrigo Santoro plays Garrett Briggs.

Is there a trailer for Wolf Pack Series

Yes, there is a trailer for the Wolf Pack series in South Korea, and it made its way to YouTube on the 8th of October, 2022, via the Paramount Plus YouTube channel.

Watch the Wolf Pack series trailer right away:

How many Episodes of Wolf Pack Series

The Wolf Pack series includes 10 episodes in its debut season, and they’re all expected to be aired together in the United States. The Paramount Plus streaming platform and MTV Entertainment Studios announced that the show will debut in January 2023. The show is expected to debut in the United States, Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, Australia, South Korea, Ireland, and the UK.

For viewers outside of the United States, a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN is a must-have to bypass the tough geo-blocks.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Wolf Pack Series in South Korea

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Wolf Pack TV series in South Korea as it lets you watch the debut season of Wolf Pack smoothly. Additionally, ExpressVPN comes with over  3000 servers worldwide with 20+ US server locations, provides buffer-free streaming with no server disconnections, and costs just KRW 9242.87/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free.

The New York server was found to be the best. After connecting to the server, we were provided with immediate access to Paramount Plus, where we watched a few episodes of the SEAL team, with no lag or server interruptions.


ExpressVPN easily unblocks Paramount+ in South Korea and lets you watch the Wolf Pack series.

ExpressVPN comes with the Mediastreamer tool, which is an exclusive feature of the VPN. It allows access to all sorts of streaming platforms and sites, on devices that do not natively support VPN apps.

We tested ExpressVPN speeds on a 100 Mbps connection, and received speeds of 92.26 download speed and 89.45 Mbps upload speed, allowing you to watch the Wolf Pack series with ease.

expressvpn-speed-test-for-wolf-pack-series-in-South Korea

We got these high speeds with ExpressVPN on our 100Mbps connection.

ExpressVPN also allows streaming of other platforms, aside from Paramount Plus,  including popular ones such as Netflix and Hulu.

The VPN costs KRW 9242.87/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free. You can also get an extra 3 months of usage on a 12-month plan, with a 30-day money-back guarantee also provided.

Date: January 26, 2023
Event Name: Wolf Pack
Event Platform: Paramount Plus


You can watch Wolf Pack on the 26th of January, 2023, directly on the Paramount Plus website or app.

It is called Wolf Pack as the show revolves around werewolves and consists of a group or “pack” of teenagers, who are heavily involved in the plot.

The most famous Wolf Pack is the Druid Peak pack. The pack was highly visible and allowed visitors in the thousands to come and observe them annually.

The Wolf Pack series was written by Canadian author Edo van Belkom, and the soon-to-be-released Wolf Pack new series is also based on the books.

Wrap Up

Watch Wolf Pack series in South Korea with ease with the help of ExpressVPN, the most reliable VPN in the world. The VPN will help you get past the geo-restrictions that prevent you from accessing the show in your region.

We hope you won’t have any issues accessing Paramount Plus with ExpressVPN and will be able to stream the action-packed episodes of Wolf Pack 2023 with ease.

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