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Laff TV is a popular American digital network that hosts a range of unique shows such as That ’70s Show, The Bernie Mac Show, and How I Met Your Mother.

Unfortunately, due to licensing issues and geographical barriers, Laff TV is currently only available for viewers located in the United States. This means that if you were wondering “How to watch LAFF in South Korea,”  you won’t be able to do so without a reliable VPN.

A VPN  allows you to access Laff TV from anywhere in the world by bypassing its geo-restrictions. By using a VPN, you can connect to a server located in the US, which will enable you to get a valid US IP address in South Korea. This makes it appear as though you are located in the US, allowing you to access Laff TV and enjoy all its great shows.

However, not all VPNs are created equal. Free VPNs may not reliably bypass Laff TV’s geo-restrictions, and they may also compromise your online security and privacy.

VPNranks’ top recommendation for watching Laff in South Korea is ExpressVPN, which has a strong network of servers located in the United States and a proven track record of bypassing geo-restrictions. With ExpressVPN, you can enjoy all your favorite Laff TV shows from anywhere in South Korea.

How To watch LAFF in South Korea? [2023 Updated]

Does LAFF work in South Korea? Yes, it does! To watch Laff in South Korea in 2023, use the following steps:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable premium VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN due to its reliable unblocking ability.
  2. Download the VPN app to your device and sign in.
  3. Open the VPN app and select a server inside the United States and connect to it.
  4. Go to the Sling TV app and add Laff to your channels. This will work as the defacto Laff app install in South Korea.
  5. Enjoy streaming!

Note: LAFF is a paid-for streaming service that is accessible through various live TV platforms. Therefore, you must subscribe to LAFF in South Korea via Sling TV or Directv first before accessing its content. It charges a reasonable subscription fee in South Korea. You will get all the details below.

Why do You Need a VPN to watch LAFF in South Korea?

You need a VPN to watch Laff in South Korea because the channel and its streaming partner services are geo-restricted due to licensing reasons and therefore locked for viewing from in South Korea.

Attempts to access the channel on Sling TV in South Korea without a VPN will cause the following error to appear:

This content is unavailable in your location.”



A VPN will let you obtain a US-based IP address, which will make it appear to the Sling servers as if you are watching from inside the US and thus allow you to watch Laff TV. We recommend ExpressVPN as the best VPN for Laff in South Korea.

Best VPNs to watch LAFF in South Korea  [In-Depth Analysis]

After analyzing a bunch of VPN services, here is an analysis of the best VPNs to watch Laff in South Korea:

1. ExpressVPN – Best VPN for Laff in South Korea


Key Features

Our thorough analysis led us to the conclusion that ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Laff in South Korea because it has a track record of successfully circumventing geo-restrictions.

Users can access Laff TV through more than 3000 servers in 94 countries (including 25 in the US) using military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. In addition, ExpressVPN provides live customer support around the clock to help users in case of any problems.

We easily gained access to Laff TV by connecting to the server in New York. Because of the consistent speeds and minimal buffering provided by some of the fastest VPN servers on the planet, streaming was a pleasure.


We could unblock Laff using ExpressVPN servers within seconds.

Recommended Server: New York

On devices that do not support VPN, ExpressVPN’s Mediastreamer feature enables users to access geo-restricted content. This feature distinguishes the service and enables users to unblock a number of streaming services in South Korea, including Sling TV and Directv in South Korea.

The ExpressVPN speed test in South Korea resulted in download speeds of 89.42 Mbps and upload speeds of 84.64 Mbps on a connection of 100 Mbps.



ExpressVPN is a flexible VPN that works with many different operating systems, including Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android, making it a great choice for most users. Furthermore, it provides easy usage on an array of devices, such as game consoles, routers, TV devices, Smart TVs, and others.

ExpressVPN has impressive security features like Kill Switch, high-end AES-256 bit encryption, obfuscation servers, and split tunneling that allows you to keep your privacy safe and avoid detection by both your ISPs and the service you are using. The strict no-logs policy ensures that no user data is saved, further protecting users’ data from unwanted eyes.

Up to 5 devices can be connected with any ExpressVPN subscription. It can cost as little as KRW 8686.31/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) (Get 49% Off + 3 Months FREE on its 12-Month Plan). They also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee, and mobile users can benefit from a free ExpressVPN trial in South Korea that lasts for a week.

For a more comprehensive look at this VPN please have a look at our ExpressVPN review South Korea.

  • Works on devices without VPN compatibility through the Mediastreamer feature
  • Easily unblocks Laff in South Korea
  • Prevents data leaks through Kill Switch feature

  • More expensive than other options

2. Surfshark – Best Budget-friendly VPN to watch Laff in South Korea


Key Features

  • Whitelister Feature: Use some websites through VPN and others without it to save bandwidth
  • Servers: 3200+ in 100 nations worldwide ( More than 600 in the USA)
  • Speed (100 Mbps connection):  81.32 download & 76.12 upload
  • Simultaneous connections: unlimited devices
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Price: KRW 2995.28/mo (US$ 2.30/mo) (Get 84% + 2 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan)

With monthly costs as low as KRW 2995.28/mo (US$ 2.30/mo) (Get 84% + 2 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan), Surfshark is an affordable VPN service in South Korea for users who want to watch Laff in South Korea. It gives users access to a server network with more than 3200 servers spread out over 100 different nations, including more than 600 servers based in 25 US cities.

Using a server located in Seattle, we were able to successfully unblock Laff in South Korea.


Unblocking Laff using Surfshark servers was easy, as we faced no issues.

Recommended Server Location: Seattle

Other streaming services, like Sling TV, Paramount Plus, and Amazon Prime Video in South Korea, that are typically only available in the US, and a small number of other markets, can be unblocked by Surfshark users. If you want to use Surfshark on a device that typically doesn’t support VPNs, you can also use its SmartDNS feature.

On a 100 Mbps connection, our Surfshark speed test in South Korea resulted in a download speed of 81.32 Mbps and an upload speed of 76.12 Mbps.

Surfshark speed test--


Surfshark is a fantastic option for streamers because it works with many different operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, and iOS. Given that it functions with so many different gadgets, including phones, tablets, personal computers, TVs, routers, and Roku, it is among the best VPNs for multiple devices in South Korea out there.

We were able to access some websites through the regular ISP connection while simultaneously using some streaming websites through the secured connection, thanks to Surfshark’s Whitelister feature. AES 256-bit encryption and 24/7 live chat customer service are additional noteworthy features.

In addition to a Surfshark seven-day free trial in South Korea for mobile users, Surfshark offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so that users can thoroughly assess the service. It’s even more convenient because you can use as many devices as you want at once.

For more details about this VPN, refer to our Surfshark review South Korea.

  • Whitelister feature allows using regular and VPN connections at the same time
  • Easily unblocks Laff in South Korea
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections

  • Split-tunneling doesn’t work on iOS

Watch LAFF with Surfshark in South Korea30-day money-back guarantee

3. NordVPN – Largest server network VPN to watch Laff in South Korea


Key Features

NordVPN, with its sizable server network, is another excellent choice for those who want to watch Laff in South Korea. NordVPN has a sizable selection of server locations to choose from, with over 5500 servers spread across 60countries, including more than 1970 servers in the US.

We utilized a readily available server based in New York to effortlessly unblock Laff outside the country. We had no trouble connecting to the service, and we were able to stream our content uninterrupted.



Recommended Server Location: Buffalo

Other geo-restricted streaming services, such as Hulu, Netflix with NordVPN in South Korea, Disney Plus, and YouTube TV in South Korea, can also be accessed using this VPN.

On a 100 Mbps connection, the NordVPN Speed test in South Korea produced results of 83.82 Mbps for download and 44.64 Mbps for upload.

NordVPN speed test--


Because it works with so many different operating systems, including Linux, Android, iOS, macOS, and of course Windows, NordVPN is a fantastic option for most users. Additionally, it can be used on many different devices, including laptops, Smart TV’s, tablets, phones, and gaming consoles. Additionally, users of NordVPN have access to six devices simultaneously.

We used NordVPN’s Double VPN feature to access Laff and were able to do so safely thanks to our newly obtained US IP address. AES 256-bit encryption and 24/7 live chat customer support are additional noteworthy features.

Nord VPN has an amazing price ofKRW 5196.16/mo (US$ 3.99/mo) (Get 57% Off + 3 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan). Additionally, you can take advantage of a weeklong NordVPN free trial in South Korea for mobile users and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

To learn more about this provider, read our NordVPN review South Korea.

  • DoubleVPN feature allows extra secure internet usage
  • Easily unblocks Laff in South Korea
  • 24/7 customer support

  • Browser extensions can freeze at times

Watch LAFF with NordVPN in South Korea30-day money-back guarantee

How to subscribe for LAFF in South Korea?

To subscribe to Laff in South Korea, you will need to obtain access to Sling TV since there is no direct Laff subscription in South Korea. Here’s how:

  1. Obtain a subscription to a trustworthy VPN service like ExpressVPN.
  2. Download the VPN app to your device.
  3. Log in to the VPN with your credentials and connect to a United States server.
  4. Go to the Sling TV website and sign in. If you do not have an account, you need to sign up for an account.
  5. Select the subscription plan of your choice.
  6. Utilize PayPal, a US credit card, a US debit card, or a digital gift card to make payments.
  7. Enjoy watching Laff in South Korea!

How much does LAFF Cost in South Korea?

Sling TV is a TV channel and does not offer direct streaming on its own platform. You can easily access it via a partner cable streaming service such as Sling TV. Here is how much it costs to watch Laff in South Korea via Sling TV:

Plan Orange  Blue Orange & Blue
Price $20/month $20/month $27.5/ month
Programming Orientation Sports & Families News & Entertainment Everything
Channels offered 31 41 49
Devices 1 3 Maximum 3
DVR Storage 50 hours 50 hours 50 hours

Which Devices Are Compatible With Laff in South Korea?

You can watch Laff in South Korea on all of the following devices:

  • Personal Computers (Windows & macOS)
  • iOS devices (iPhone & iPad)
  • Roku
  • Android (Phones, Tablets, Android TV)
  • Google Chromecast
  • Smart TV (Samsung)
  • Amazon Fire TV

What can you watch on Laff?

You can watch a massive collection of classic comedy shows and movies on Laff including

  • Home Improvement
  • Steel Magnolias
  • How I met your Mother
  • Lucky Numbers
  • The 70’s show
  • Ace Ventura
  • Paul Blart: Mall Cop
  • The Real McCoys


Laff is not available in South Korea due to licensing restrictions. It is geo-restricted only to viewers inside the US. However, you can use a reliable premium VPN like ExpressVPN to unblock it in South Korea.

Yes, it is legal to watch Laff in South Korea with a VPN because it does not violate any laws. It might not comply with the company’s terms of service, but watching Laff in South Korea with a VPN is definitely not illegal.

Yes, it is possible to unblock Laff in South Korea using a free VPN, but we do not recommend it. Many free VPNs have already been blacklisted by Laff streaming partners and so do not work. Others may offer slow service, high buffering, or have invasive data collection policies that violate user privacy.

The worst offenders of this type are the free VPNs that sell user data to third parties for their own profit. To avoid such risks, it’s better to go for a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN, which is contractually bound to protect your data and safeguard your online experience.


Laff is a US-based comedy channel that is only available inside the US due to licensing restrictions. Anyone who wants to watch Laff in South Korea will need to use a premium VPN subscription alongside a subscription to one of Laff’s US cable streaming partners like Sling TV.

ExpressVPN is among the best choices to use for accessing this comedy goldmine in South Korea due to its ability to bypass even the toughest VPN blockers, its privacy-friendly no-log policies, and its large server network inside and outside the US.