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Interested in discovering how to watch Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 in South Korea on Max? You’ve landed in the right place. With ExpressVPN and our comprehensive guide, we’ll show you the steps to watch Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 in South Korea on Max.

Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 follows a team of experts as they embark on a mission to uncover the mysteries of the Pacific Northwest and hunt for the elusive creature. Using cutting-edge methods like DNA analysis, night vision technology, and tracking dogs, they aim to find concrete evidence of this legendary being.

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Where can I Watch Expedition Bigfoot Season 4?

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Can I Watch Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 Using Max Free Trial?

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What is The Story of Expedition Bigfoot Season 4?

A year after evacuating the Olympic Peninsula due to wildfires, the Expedition Bigfoot 2023 team, including primatologist Dr. Mireya Mayor and experts Bryce Johnson, Ronny LeBlanc, and Russell Acord, is back in Washington State. With a crucial discovery from their last expedition, they’ve devised a new plan to lure Bigfoot.

To savor the thrilling Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 renewed, simply tune in to Max. But for those residing beyond the US borders, an extra step is needed. Acquire your ExpressVPN subscription for unbridled access to Max and watch Expedition Bigfoot season 4 in South Korea on Max.

Is there any Trailer For Expedition Bigfoot Season 4?

The trailer for Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 is not found on Max, but if you want to get a sneak peek of the Expedition Bigfoot New Season Trailer, head to the link below:

When Does Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 Start?

Excited to learn about Expedition Bigfoot new season date? Our guide has you covered from Expedition Bigfoot Season 1 to Season 4, offering comprehensive insights and knowledge about this intriguing series.

Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 release date on Travel’s Channel was 30 August 2023, but you can also tune to Max to enjoy Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 Episode 1 and the upcoming episodes.

How Many Episodes are there in Expedition Bigfoot Season 4?

The exact number of episodes in Season 4 has not been officially confirmed yet. Currently, information is available for four episodes as shown below in the Expedition Bigfoot season 4 schedule:

Episode No. Episode Name Release Date
1 Bigfoot Island Aug 30, 2023
2 Demon in the Dark Sep 6, 2023
3 Tunnel of Terror Sep 13, 2023
4 Dual Pursuit Sep 20, 2023

How Many Seasons of Expedition Bigfoot are there?

The series Expedition Bigfoot has completed three seasons, and the fourth season is currently underway.

Season 1: An elite team of Sasquatch specialists embarks on a challenging expedition into the unforgiving North American wilderness, determined to provide conclusive evidence that the legendary creature known as Bigfoot truly exists.

Season 2: After their initial success, the experienced Bigfoot experts set their sights on the Appalachian mountains, armed with data-analysis skills. In a tight two-and-a-half-week timeframe, their mission is to shift Bigfoot from legend to reality.

Season 3: A year after wildfire-driven evacuation from the Olympic Peninsula, a skilled Bigfoot expert team returns to Washington State with a new strategy to reveal Bigfoot’s existence.

Have a look at the details for Expedition Bigfoot all seasons as you dive further into our guide.

Expedition Bigfoot Season 1:

Episode No. Episode Name Episode Description Airing Date
S1.E1 The Search Begins Specialists use algorithms to find Bigfoot in Oregon. Dec 8, 2019
S1.E2 Did You Hear That? Russell and Mireya uncover potential Bigfoot evidence. Dec 15, 2019
S1.E3 The Nest Bryce analyzes hair samples, Ronny and Mireya race to a Bigfoot nest. Dec 22, 2019
S1.E4 Red Eyes at Night Discoveries made, Bryce tests Bigfoot’s impact theory. Dec 29, 2019
S1.E5 Human Bait Trackers planted, Mireya becomes Bigfoot bait. Jan 5, 2020
S1.E6 Bigfoot Moon Rising Thermal imagery, shocking evidence, surprises. Jan 12, 2020
S1.E7 It Knows We’re Here Nightmares, underwater passages, airship surveys. Jan 19, 2020
S1.E8 The Final Hours Team believes they’re close to finding Bigfoot; a high-tech drone captures events. Jan 26, 2020

Expedition Bigfoot Season 2:

Episode No Episode Name Episode Description Airing Date
S2.E1 The Search Continues Kentucky quest follows Oregon evidence. Jan 3, 2021
S2.E2 Call and Response Bigfoot call sparks investigation escalation. Jan 10, 2021
S2.E3 Creepy Hollows Kentucky howl leads to footprint find. Jan 17, 2021
S2.E4 Hand of the Beast Clawed hand photo narrows search. Jan 24, 2021
S2.E5 Time’s Running Out Last days in Kentucky, exploring structures and caves. Jan 31, 2021
S2.E6 Bigfoot’s Lair? Suspected underground lair in Kentucky. Feb 7, 2021
S2.E7 The Quest Out West Washington State becomes a new focus. Feb 14, 2021
S2.E8 Dark Memories Hypnotist reveals witness memories, juvenile Sasquatch potential. Feb 21, 2021
S2.E9 Paranormal Anomaly Site revisit yields unexpected encounters. Feb 28, 2021
S2.E10 The Government Knows Seeking government insights amid helicopters. Mar 7, 2021
S2.E11 Lake Fear Investigating hazardous Bigfoot hideout. Mar 14, 2021
S2.E12 Closer Than Ever Evidence found, wildfires threaten probe. Mar 21, 2021
S2.E13 New Evidence Data analysis of decades of sightings. Mar 20, 2021
S2.E14 New Discoveries Evidence review unveils environmental DNA discoveries. Jun 20, 2021

Expedition Bigfoot Season 3:

Episode No. Episode Name Episode Description Airing Date
S3.E1 Strange Returns Team lures Bigfoot with pheromones but becomes the hunted. Mar 20, 2022
S3.E2 Shadow Stalker Russell tracks a massive creature, an eerie shadow figure. Mar 27, 2022
S3.E3 Stalked in Terror Mysterious shadow figure, unsettling discoveries. Apr 3, 2022
S3.E4 Creatures in Trees Ascending pine trees, government secrets, ghostly images. Apr 10, 2022
S3.E5 Fresh Kills Search for secret facilities, witness encounters, gruesome discoveries. Apr 17, 2022
S3.E6 Return to Lake Fear Investigation near Lake Fear, drone sweep for Sasquatch proof. Apr 24, 2022
S3.E7 Where Legend Began Shocking sighting, relocation to new Bigfoot hotspot. May 1, 2022
S3.E8 Sounds of Terror Strange howl, government coverup, danger on night hunt. May 8, 2022
S3.E9 Tracks to Hell Fresh clues, unexplained sounds, chilling history. May 15, 2022
S3.E10 Divide and Conquer Pursuing predators, investigating orbs, modern tracking. May 22, 2022
S3.E11 The Chase is On Closer with tracking tech, psychic powers, strange lights. May 29, 2022
S3.E12 Man Down Seeking answers, mysterious lights, team members missing. Jun 5, 2022
S3.E13 A Massive Discovery Cornering Bigfoot, horseback evidence, psychic specialist. Jun 12, 2022
S3.E14 Into Bigfoot’s Den Shocking video evidence, trail to monumental discovery. Jun 19, 2022
S3.E15 New Discoveries Following investigations in Washington State and Northern California, the team regroups to analyze evidence and plan their next expedition based on new information. Jun 19, 2022
S3.E16 Clues and Coverups A groundbreaking tip leads to a change of plans, and Bryce uncovers a potential government cover-up regarding Bigfoot. Sept 6, 2022
S3.E17 Lurking in the Forest An abandoned railroad track provides fresh clues about Bigfoot’s location, but an unknown creature invades their base camp. Sept 20, 2022
S3.E18 Strange Lights The team follows Bigfoot’s trail but uncovers chilling revelations about the creature’s psychic abilities, leading to a team member going missing. Sept 27, 2022
S3.E19 Bigfoot’s Home The team goes all out to corner Bigfoot in northern California and discovers potential proof of the elusive creature. Sept 27, 2022

What is the Cast of Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 Episodes?

The Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 cast is listed below:

  1. Bryce Johnson (Actor)
  2. Mireya Mayor (Actor)
  3. Russell Acord (Actor)
  4. Ronny LeBlanc (Actor)
  5. Ryan “RPG” Golembeske (Actor)
  6. Erik Thompson (Narrator)
  7. Matthew Ginsburg (Executive Producer)
  8. Tim Healy (Executive Producer)
  9. Charles Norlander (Executive Producer)

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Expedition Bigfoot Season 4

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Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 debuted on August 30, 2023, at 10/9c.

Indeed, Expedition Bigfoot is a worthwhile watch, particularly for those with a passion for adventure, mysteries, and an interest in uncovering the secrets of elusive creatures.

Episode 2 “Demon in the Dark” is the newest episode of Season 4 and will air on September 6, 2023. Similarly all newest episodes will air every Wednesday.

Yes. The show has been renewed for Season 4.

Wrapping Up

Having thoroughly reviewed the information above and gained a clear understanding of how to watch Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 in South Korea on Max, we bring our guide to a close.

Don’t forget to secure an ExpressVPN connection to overcome the geographical restrictions preventing access to HBO Max, enabling you to stream this gripping series from the convenience of your home.

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