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Where can I watch Pretty Little Liars? You can watch Pretty Little Liars on BBC iPlayer. Unfortunately, BBC iPlayer is geo-blocked and only accessible within the United Kingdom. Therefore, you must use a VPN of ExpressVPN quality to watch Pretty Little Liars in South Korea on BBC iPlayer.

BBC iPlayer imposes geographic restrictions to comply with license agreements and copyright laws. Due to these agreements, BBC iPlayer is only accessible in the UK. However, with the help of a VPN, you will bypass the geo-restrictions and watch BBC iPlayer in South Korea. We’ll guide you more on how to do so in this article.

Get ready to go on an exciting journey through the mysterious town of Rosewood, full of dark secrets and intriguing mysteries. The hit television show “Pretty Little Liars,” which has won over fans all over the world, is making waves on BBC iPlayer in the UK.

However, what if you want a taste of the gripping drama but are in South Korea? Do not worry! We have got you covered with easy steps guiding you on how to access BBC iPlayer to watch Pretty Little Liars from in South Korea. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

How to Watch Pretty Little Liars in South Korea on BBC iPlayer? [Quick Steps]

Here are the quick steps guiding you on how to watch Pretty Little Liars in South Korea on BBC iPlayer.

  • Subscribe to a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Download and install the VPN app.
  • Login to the VPN using your credentials.
  • Connect to a UK-based server, preferably Docklands.
  • Visit the official BBC iPayer website and sign in.
  • You can now stream Pretty Little Liars in South Korea.

Where to Watch Pretty Little Liars?

You can watch the Pretty Little Liars TV series on BBC iPlayer. BBC iPlayer is geo-blocked, and you must use a VPN to watch Pretty Little Liars on BBC iPlayer in South Korea.

BBC iPlayer is an online streaming service available in the United Kingdom that supports a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and Smart TVs. It’s a free streaming platform, so there is no need for a BBC iPlayer free trial.

The BBC iPlayer always amazes with its wide variety of exciting Live Sports such as the 2023 World Rowing Championships. In addition, that’s just the beginning. The platform offers various entertainment options to suit all tastes, including thought-provoking documentaries, suspenseful dramas, and up-to-date news.

However, to access BBC iPlayer, you must have a BBC iPlayer account and a valid UK-TV license. Acquiring a UK-TV license will be the only BBC iPlayer cost.

You won’t be disappointed. Its extensive library ensures you will never run out of entertaining content to watch, making it a one-stop shop for all your streaming needs.

You can watch Pretty Little Liars in South Korea on BBC iPlayer with a VPN.

When Can I Watch Pretty Little Liars on BBC iPlayer?

You can watch Pretty Little Liars online on BBC iPlayer. The show debuted on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer on 30 December 2020. You can watch all 7 series on-demand on BBC iPlayer.

What Is Pretty Little Liars Based On?

The TV show “Pretty Little Liars” is based on a book series by Sara Shepard with the same name. However, the show added new characters and plot twists to make its story.

The books and the TV show are about four high school girls whose lives are turned upside down when one of their friends goes missing. As the girls slowly uncover past secrets, an anonymous figure identified as “A” follows them.

What follows is a series of secrets, lies, and threats. Pretty Little Liars is full of intrigue, drama, and suspense, with surprises around every corner that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

It is time to get to know the fantastic cast that brings this mysterious tale to life as we explore the fascinating world of “Pretty Little Liars.” Get ready to meet the people hiding behind the falsehoods, secrets, and tension that have kept fans glued to their seats.

Actors/Actress Character Name
Troian Bellisario Spencer Hastings
Tammin Sursok Jenna Marshall
Ashley Benson Hanna Marin
Lesley Fera Veronica Hastings
Lucy Hale Aria Montgomery
Chad Lowe Byron Montgomery
Shay Mitchell Emily Fields
Holly Marie Combs Ella Montgomery
Sasha Pieterse Alison DiLaurentis
Keegan Allen Toby Cavanaugh
Ian Harding Ezra Fitz
Tyler Blackburn Caleb Rivers
Laura Leighton Ashley Marin
Janel Parrish Mona Vanderwaal
Lindsey Shaw Paige McCullers
Nolan North Peter Hastings
Andrea Parker Jessica DiLaurentis
Cody Christian Mike Montgomery
Torrey DeVitto Melissa Hastings
Brendan Robinson Lucas Gottesman
Nia Peeples Pam Fields
Drew Van Acker Jason DiLaurentis

How Many Seasons in Pretty Little Liars?

The thrilling and suspenseful storytelling of “Pretty Little Liars” captivated viewers for seven seasons.

“Pretty Little Liars” got extra episodes for its first season after an original 10-episode order. The “summer finale” aired in August 2010, and the remaining 12 episodes began airing in January 2011.

In June 2011, the show continued with a 24-episode second season that featured a Halloween-themed episode. The show was renewed for two more seasons in June 2014 after going through several seasons with 24–25 episodes apiece.

There were twenty episodes in each of the sixth and seventh seasons. It was later revealed on August 29, 2016, that the seventh season would be the last, with the second half premiering on April 18, 2017.

How Many Episodes of Pretty Little Liars are there?

There are 160 episodes of Pretty Little Liars in 7 seasons. Here are all the seasons, their episode count, and the release date.

Season Episodes Originally Aired
First Aired Last Aired
1 22 June 8, 2010 March 21, 2011
2 25 June 14, 2011 March 19, 2012
3 24 June 5, 2012 March 19, 2013
4 24 June 11, 2013 March 18, 2014
5 25 June 10, 2014 March 24, 2015
6 20 June 2, 2015 March 15, 2016
7 20 June 21, 2016 June 27, 2017

Is There Any Trailer for Pretty Little Liars?

Yes, the official Pretty Little Liars trailer is available. You can watch the trailer to have a glimpse of what to expect in the show below.

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Pretty Little Liars

What Other Content Can I Watch on BBC iPlayer?

Outside of its well-known programs and series, BBC iPlayer has a plethora of exciting content just waiting to be found. Here are some of the other content available on the platform.

BBC Proms 2023 Top Gear America
Bad Behaviour The Newsreader
Rillington Place Mortimer and Whitehouse Gone Fishing


Pretty Little Liars has an IMDb rating of 7.4/10. This rating indicates how well the program has drawn in viewers and kept a devoted following throughout its run.

Mona Vanderwaal turned out to be the killer in Pretty Little Liars. It wasn’t a surprise, considering she did terrible things in the show’s run.

Pretty Little Liars is an American teen mystery drama based on the same-titled novel series by Sara Shepard. It follows a group of teenage friends who become embroiled in a mystery surrounding the disappearance of one of their own.

No, Pretty Little Liars is not based on a true story. However, some of the elements of the novel are inspired by real events.

No, there will not be a Season 8 of Pretty Little Liars. The series finale wrapped up a lot of loose ends, so even though the story could go on, the show is over for now.

Wrap Up

Pretty Little Liars has a suspenseful storyline that will keep you engaged throughout the series. If you are a fan of mystery dramas, you should watch the show on BBC iPlayer. If you are in South Korea, you can watch Pretty Little Liars in South Korea on BBC iPlayer with the help of a VPN. By using a reliable VPN you can also watch based on true events Steeltown Murders on BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world.

BBC iPlayer is geo-blocked and unavailable in South Korea. Therefore, to watch Pretty Little Liars in South Korea on BBC iPlayer, you must bypass the geo-restrictions with the help of a quality VPN such as ExpressVPN.

With a VPN of such quality, you will unblock BBC iPlayer and watch other shows, such as Millie Inbetween and Bing on BBC iPlayer in South Korea.