Reading Time: 3 minutes become yet another victim of increased scrutiny of Kodi, which is undoubtedly the most popular Kodi repository.

It seems Hollywood isn’t happy with the add-ons that let Kodi users to stream copyright content illegally.

As a result, we could see a massive crackdown first against Kodi boxes, and now against Kodi third-party add-ons such as offered its users with an extraordinary media library where they could stream latest movies, TV shows, watch live sports, and many other media content.

Its repository hosted over 1,500 add-ons and in March 2017 alone, the website was visited by 40 million users.

However, TVAddons is back up and running under a new domain and offers a Fusion Installer for users to get their hands on its add-ons.

That said, the reincarnation of TVAddons isn’t short of faults. For starters, it fails to connect at times.

This is why, we put together a list of TV Add-ons alternatives for you to try, so read ahead!

5 Best TV Add-ons Alternatives for Kodi

Here is the list of 5 alternatives for TV Add-ons for Kodi:

  1. Super Repo
  2. Haystack TV
  3. Oblivion Streams
  4. iPlayer WWW
  5. Kodi Add-on Repository

1. Super Repo


When you have a Super Repo Repository installed on Kodi, you ought not to need to worry about any other add-ons, and that also includes

The list of add-ons is so huge that this repository is further divided into sub-repositories.

For example, it has a separate repository for movies, TV shows, games, sports, and music, which proves to be a perfect alternative for TV add-ons.
You can install Super Repo Repository from below provided link:


2. Haystack TV


Haystack TV Kodi is considered to be one of the best add-ons for the large variety of entertainment options it offers you, like News, Science, Technology, Video Games, Late Night Shows, and so much more.

It is found in the default Kodi add-on repository, so it makes it perfectly legal.

Repository: Kodi Add-on Repository

3. Oblivion Streams


Oblivion is an all-rounder especially for Live TV Channels and streams from all over the world. It offers multiple languages so viewers can have a better experience.

You can watch Karaoke, fitness and many more entertainment channels on this add-on.


4. iPlayer WWW


iPlayer WWW is a TV add-on for Kodi lets you watch the shows available to BBC iPlayer.

The add-on can be used for both, live TV and regular TV shows and programs.

However, it is to be kept in mind that it is not an official add-on and has no connection to the official BBC iPlayer.

Repository: Kodi Add-on Repository

5. Kodi Add-on Repository


This is the official repository of Kodi where the list for add-ons stretches to a greater length and you have a wider degree of choices to select from.

The list in the Kodi add-on repository mostly flourishes with online channels where you can watch live sports, stream movies and TV shows, and even download games.

Since it is the official Kodi repository, you can count it as safe against any crackdowns. You do not need a link to download the repository, you can retrieve it from ‘Install from repository’.

To Add Things Up

TVAddons might be back up and running, but there are other more popular third-party Kodi repositories that are worth to explore.

What more could you want when you have the entire list of media content on your Kodi software or device?

You can still watch tons of media content from other repositories without having TVAddons on your side. But whenever you do, you must do it with a  TVAddons VPN.

It will mask your original IP, so whatever you stream over Kodi will remain hidden.