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How often do you see a Movie or a TV Show with bad sound quality? Very often! Installing subtitles in Kodi videos will certainly make your life easier. It always makes an enjoyable experience to watch Videos with subtitles that makes you understand the movie with ease. Here we discuss a guide on how to add Kodi Subtitles for Krypton and Jarvis.

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How to Add/Download Kodi Subtitles on Kodi Player Krypton 17.6

Step 1: Open Kodi > Click on Settings icon located at the top


Step 2: Tap on the Player Settings


Step 3: Select Language on the left-side menu


Step 4: On your right-side of the screen under Download Services section, Select ‘Language to Download Subtitles for’ option and choose your Language for Subtitles.


Step 5: Click on the desired language > Then select OK


Step 6: To assign subtitles for multimedia packages, click on Default TV Shows service under the same Download services option


Step 7: Click on Get More


Step 8: Choose Subscene or by OpenSubtitles


Step 9: It will take time to install Kodi Subtitles

Step 10: Now do the same for Default Movie Service, located under Download Services


Step 11: Now that you have configured Subtitles for Kodi, Now play a video from any movie add-on

Step 12: Click on the Subtitles icon located at the bottom-right corner


Step 13: Subtitles box will now appear > Click on the Download option


Step 14: Subtitle Files will now appear on your screen for the video > Click on any file and then watch the Movie. Subtitles will appear on the video



How to Add Subtitles to Kodi Jarvis 16

Step 1: Open Kodi Jarvis > Click on System

Step 2: Now select Settings

Step 3: A settings box will appear, Go to the Video tab on the left-side menu

Step 4: Now select Subtitles tab also placed on the left-side menu

Step 5: On your right-side of the screen, click on Preferred Subtitle Language and change it to your desired language

Step 6: Once you have select the language, now click on ‘Subtitle position on screen’ > Now change the position of where the subtitle will appear on your screen i.e. Top or below the screen

Step 7: Scroll down some more on the same menu, click on Default TV Shows

Step 8: Select on Get More option

Step 9: Here you will be presented with many Subtitle options, we recommend that you click on Subscene or which is the best Kodi subtitle

Step 10: It will start installing subtitles for Kodi videos

Step 11: Repeat the same instructions for Default Movie Service > Install the subtitle

Step 12: Now go back to Kodi Main Menu

Step 13: Go to any Movie add-on > Start streaming a video

Step 14: Once the movie starts playing, Pause the video

Step 15: Click on the Subtitles icon at the bottom-right corner of the player

Step 16: Select Download > Many Kodi subtitles would appear from where you need to choose any one option

Step 17: Once you return to the movie, you will see subtitles appear


How to Manually Add Kodi Subtitles / Custom Subtitles in Kodi Player 17.6

To manually add Kodi subtitles and to get rid of installing any Subtitle Kodi add-on, then follow the steps highlighted below:

Step 1: Launch Kodi on your system > Go to Add-ons section > Video Add-on

Step 2: Open a Kodi add-on that shows Movies and TV Shows

Step 3: Once the movie starts playing, click on the Subtitles icon located at the bottom-right corner

Step 4: Choose Download option

Step 5: A box will appear, click on the option that says Manual Search String

Step 6: Now enter the name of the movie you are watching, for e.g. Avengers Infinity War

Step 7: A list of subtitles will appear for the same movie name, so click on any one and resume with your Movie with subtitles


How to get Subtitles on Kodi Automatically with AutoSubs

If you use subtitles for Kodi video more often, then you should opt for a new method where subtitles are embedded in your video automatically. Here is how you do it:

Step 1: Open Kodi > Click on Add-ons menu located on the left side of your screen

Step 2: Go to Box-icon (Package Installer icon)

Step 3: Choose Install from Repository

Step 4: Select Kodi Add-on Repository > Find and select Service from the list

Step 5: Tap on AutoSubs placed on the list > Press Install

Step 6: Now that AutoSubs is installed, open a Kodi video

Step 7: Once you open the video, the subtitle Kodi box will appear automatically on your screen

Step 8: Select a subtitle file and enjoy watching movie with subtitles.


How to Install the Official Kodi OpenSubtitles Addon

There are many official Subtitle Kodi add-ons to choose from, but the best amongst them is Subscene or OpenSubtitles. Here is how you install it:

Step 1: Launch Kodi > Click on Add-ons section

Step 2: Tap on the Box-shaped icon

Step 3: Choose Install from Repository

Step 4: Select Kodi Add-on Repository from the list

Step 5: Click on Subtitles option

Step 6: Here you will see a list of many great Kodi Subtitle add-ons, so choose

Step 7: Press Install

Step 8: Now open any video on Kodi > Select Subtitles icon at the bottom-right corner > Click Download

Step 9: Choose the subtitles from the list > Enjoy watching a Movies with Kodi subtitles


FAQ’s of Kodi Subtitles

Kodi subtitles is downloaded automatically and manually. Also, there are official Kodi add-ons that provide these services and are easier to install. The guide discusses many way on how to get subtitles for Kodi.

When you open a video for streaming in Exodus Kodi addon, click on the Subtitles icon on the bottom-right menu > Select Downloads > Manually Search String > Type the Movie Name > Then click on Subtitle File for streaming.

Open a video from Covenant Kodi for streaming > Click on Subtitle icon > Then Downloads > Click Manually Search String > Search for the movie > Select a subtitle from the list > Start streaming!


The Wrap Up

Kodi subtitle makes movie experience wonderful. Even if the movie’s sound quality is difficult to catch, you can opt for subtitles in many ways as highlighted in this guide. Kodi subtitles can benefit individuals in many ways, one of its advantages is its possible to get subtitles in many different languages. So, view this guide and add Kodi Subtitles for Krypton and Jarvis.