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Installing Kodi and running it onto your system is easy, but maintaining your Kodi software requires some efforts. Kodi Maintenance Tool add-ons makes life easier for Kodi users as they would do all the maintenance that are required by Kodi to keep it up and running.

Kodi Maintenance tool does the following commands:

  • Clears Cache
  • Delete Thumbnails
  • Delete Packages
  • Delete Crash Logs
  • Clear all addons
  • Run Auto Maintenance

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In this guide we discussed 9 of the best Kodi maintenance tool add-on that would be beneficial in your daily Kodi needs.

Indigo by


Indigo by TVAddons has once again returned to the scene by introducing its maintenance tool that clears cache, deletes thumbnail, delete crash logs, and wipes addons in one go. TVAddons has recently emerged to the scene and all its charges for piracy have been dropped for good.

How to Install Indigo Tool

Step 1: Open Kodi > Go to Settings icon on the top > Click on File Manager > Double click Add Source 

Step 2: Paste the URL where it says ‘None’ > Click OK > Name the repository as Fusion > Click OK

Step 3: Go back to Kodi Home > Click on Add-ons menu > Select Box icon > Click on Install from Zip File

Step 4: When box appears, select Fusion > Click on Begin-Here > Then select

Step 5: Indigo will now install

All-In-One Wizard


All-In-One Wizard from Tojelako repository is a must-have maintenance tool. It not only helps in cleaning your Kodi, but ut only brings you extraordinary Builds that will allow you to watch Movies and TV Shows. It has a special feature that can create a backup or restore your Kodi data.

How to Install All-In-One Wizard

Step 1: Launch Kodi on your system > Click on Settings (gear-shaped icon) > Select File Manager > Double tap on Add Source

Step 2: Tap ‘None’ > Enter URL

Step 3: Name the repository as Tojelako > Press OK > Return to Kodi Home > Click on Add-ons > Then Box icon

Step 4: Select Install from Zip File > Select Tojelako > Then press > Wait for the repo to install

Step 5: Click on Install from Repository > Then select Tojelako Repository > Program Add-ons > Select All-In-One Wizard >Press Install

Log Viewer for Kodi


More often Kodi users experience a different kind of error called ‘Check log for more information’. This error might irritate many users as it prevents them from installing popular Kodi add-ons.

How do you solve this problem? It is through Log Viewer for Kodi that you are able to learn what prevents the add-on from installing. It would give you a detailed information on the log. It can be found in the official Kodi add-on repository.

How to Install Log Viewer for Kodi

Step 1: Launch Kodi > Go to Add-ons section > Then scroll down to click on Downloads

Step 2: Click on Program Add-ons > Here you will a list of many Kodi add-ons official and unofficial.

Step 3: Scroll down to find Log Viewer for Kodi >Install > Now view the add-on and check log for information



Kodi crashes are inevitable, and to prevent that there is no better add-on than ‘Backup’. Backup Kodi add-on will backup Kodi data so that you don’t lose any data. It will also restore the data on-demand. It is must Kodi add-on that every Kodi user should install.

How to Install Backup

Step 1: Launch Kodi > Click on Add-ons > Select Package Installer > Click on Install from Repository

Step 2: A list of repositories will appear on your screen > Find and click on Kodi Add-on Repository

Step 3: Now go to Program Add-ons > Find and click on Backup > Hit Install

Fresh Start


Fresh Start is a Kodi add-on that will allow you to factory reset your Kodi in one click. This will give you a fresh start and allowing you to delete all the add-ons that you have installed previously.

This add-on is usually installed by those Kodi users that have Kodi Builds installed on their Kodi. Many Kodi add-ons that are available in Kodi Builds do not work and therefore you are forced to un-install. Fresh Starts will un-install those add-ons for you in one click.

How to Install Fresh Start

Step 1: Launch Kodi > Click on Gear-shaped icon (Settings icon) > Select File Manager > Scroll down and double click on Add Source

Step 2: Click ‘None’ when the box appears > Type URL > Click OK > Name the repository as ‘Dimi’ > Click OK

Step 3: Now go back to Kodi Main Menu > Go to Add-ons menu > Select Package Installer (Box icon) > Click on Install from Zip File

Step 4: Scroll down in the box and click on Dimitrology >

Step 5: Go back to Kodi Home > Then Program Add-ons > Fresh Start > Hit Install

cdART Manager


cdART Manager is a music library maintenance tool that helps maintaining your music library. Music Kodi add-ons are normally overflown with content that are difficult to manage. It has the capability to customize individual albums.

How to Install cdART Manager

Step 1: Download cdART Manager Zip File and save it onto your computer

Step 2: Now Open Kodi > Go to Add-ons > Then Box-icon on top > Click on Install from Zip File

Step 3: Once the box opens, Upload the downloaded Zip File that you installed in Step 1

Step 4: cdART Manager is now installed

VPN Manager for OpenVPN


VPN Manager for OpenVPN allows Kodi users to connect a Kodi VPN to their Kodi software. Since there has been crackdown against third-party Kodi add-ons, people are try to secure their online privacy through a VPN. Not many VPN providers have their separate add-on, but if not they can use VPN Manager for OpenVPN to connect.

Step 1: Click to Download Zomboided Repository Zip File and save it on your computer

Step 2: Open Kodi > Tap on Add-ons browser menu > Click on Box-icon on top > Select Install from Zip File from the list

Step 3: When the box appears, Navigate the Zip File that you downloaded in Step 1 and Upload it.

Step 4: Now go to Install from Repository option > Select Zomboided Repository > Click on Program Add-ons > Then select VPN Manager for OpenVPN > Click Install

Community Portal (Not Working)


Community Portal is unlike any other program add-ons for Kodi as it provide Kodi users with information on Kodi add-ons. It provides a complete list of popular add-ons and latest Kodi add-ons. If you find a need to clean up your Kodi or to backup/restore Kodi, this is the perfect add-on.

How to Install Community Portal on Kodi

Step 1: Open Kodi > Click on Settings > Then go to File Manager > Double click Add Source down the list

Step 2: Now click on ‘None’ and type the repository URL > Click OK > Type the name ‘Noobs and Nerds’ > Click OK >

Step 3: Go to Kodi Home > Click on Add-ons > Then Package Installer > Install from Zip File

Step 4: Select Noobs and Nerds from the list and click on it > Now select NoobsandNerds (2.3.0).zip > wait for it to install

Step 5: When installed, click on Install from Repository > Select Noobs and Nerds Repository from the list > Go to Program Add-ons > Click on Community Portal > Then Install

Merlin Wizard (Not Working)


Merlin Wizard is another maintenance tool for Kodi that clears cache, delete packages, and delete thumbnails for faster video streaming. Even if you internet connection is fast, you find it that your videos in Kodi always have issues while streaming. This is because a slack has been developed in Kodi software. To remove that, install Merlin Wizard.

Ares Wizard (Not Working)


Ares Wizard is an Ares Project tool that has everything from Kodi Builds, Kodi repositories, to Kodi add-on and Kodi Skins. It can also be used as a Maintenance tool for Kodi because it helps in clearing cache, delete thumbnails, and delete packages. It further helps in stopping Kodi buffering by tuning the internet speed with system requirement. So, you need to install Ares Wizard.

Kodi Portal (Not Working)

Kodi Portal is the all-in-one maintenance tool where you can get various Kodi add-ons in one place. It further lets you clear cache so that your Kodi runs smoother. It will further tell you which add-on is trending on Kodi that you need to install.


How to Install Kodi Portal

Step 1: Open Kodi Krypton > Click on Settings icon that you see on top > Select File Manager > Now double click Add Source

Step 2: When a dialogue box appear, click ‘None’ > Copy and Paste the URL > Click OK > Then type the name of the repository i.e. Ares Project > Click OK to close the box

Step 3: Now go to Kodi Home > Then select Add-ons menu > Package Installer (Box-shaped icon) > Now select Install from Zip File option

Step 4: Once you click Install from Zip File, a box will appear where you need to click on Ares Project > Then select

Step 5: Tap on Install from Repository > Go to Ares Project > Click on Program Add-ons > Then Kodi Portal > Install

Kodi Maintenance Tool Errors

Kodi users frequently faces Kodi problems that they can’t resolve. We have defined those problems along with their solutions and we would like every Kodi users to know about these errors.

Issue 1: Kodi Maintenance Tool Script Error

When playing Kodi add-ons, Kodi users might encounter ‘Maintenance tool script error’. This error occurs when the add-on or a repository is not updated. It may also occur if your Kodi cache are not cleared.


To resolve this issue you need to update the repository in which the particular add-on is found. You can do that by un-installing the add-on and re-installing it from an updated repository. Apart from that, you could resolve this issue by clearing cache.

Issue 2: Kodi Maintenance Error Check Log

Error Check Log is the most frequently occurring problems Kodi users face. Sometimes when a repository is being updated it shows particular errors.


This error could be resolved either by installing Log Viewer for Kodi maintenance tool add-on 2017, or you could just wait for the repository to get updated. It would take few hours for the repository to update itself.

Xunity Maintenance Tool

Xunity Maintenance Tool was amongst the popular Kodi add-on that have long-been existed. It was a complete maintenance tool that would fix your add-ons, clear Kodi caches, provide video guides on solving a Kodi problem, Xfinity installer, developer tools, and so much more.

However, Xunity Maintenance tool was working find until recently it was shut down by its developers for reasons unknown. None of the Kodi add-ons were able to bring such a complete Kodi Maintenance tool as Xunity.

To Wrap Things Up

Kodi Maintenance Tool add-on manages your Kodi software and makes sure that it works smoothly without any interruption. In the above guide we have mentioned some of the best Kodi maintenance tool that every Kodi user must install. So install these add-ons and make your Kodi great again.