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Kodi, or previously XBMC is a digital media player that streams Movies, TV Shows, Live Sports, IPTV Channels, and so much more. In this guide, we provide detailed steps on how to update Kodi on different platforms including Mac, Android (Box), Windows, Linux, FireStick, Mxq, Mxq Pro, Raspberry Pi, GBox, and Apple TV 2. Check out our guide of if you’re having any issues regarding Kodi update.

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Kodi Update on FireStick (Step by Step Method)

Using Downloader AppFrom within Kodi Itself or by Kodi Android Installer | with ES File Explorer | by Sideloading


There are three easy ways on how you can update Kodi on FireStick to the latest version. In fact you can easily install Kodi on Firestick for streaming. Even you can install VPN on Firestick for safe and secure streaming.

Here are the detailed steps for updating Kodi 17.6 on FireStick:

Update Kodi 18.2 Leia Using Downloader App

Note: Before you start the procedure for updating Kodi, make sure that you have enabled ‘Apps from Unknown Source’. Do to this, go to Firestick or Fire TV Settings, then Device or System, and finally to Developer Options. Once this is done, just follow these steps:

  1. Lookup ‘Downloader’ in the search option given at the top of Firestick screenUpdate Kodi Using Downloader
  2. Download and install the Downloader appDownload and install the Downloader
  3. Launch Downloader
  4. Enter the URL
  5. Now scroll down and click on Android option
  6. When the box opens, Go to Recommended tab at the top
  7. Click on ARMV7A (32-Bit) or ARMV8A (64-bit)
  8. Once you click on it, the download will start.


Updating to Kodi 17.6 from Within Kodi Itself

(or by Using Android Kodi Installer)

  1. Launch FireStick Main Menu > Then click on Settings
  2. Select Applications > Tap on Manage Installed Applications > Select and Open Kodi
  3. Once you have launched Kodi, click on Add-ons menu > Then select Package Installer (Box-shaped) icon located at the top
  4. Now you have to select Install from Repository > Scroll down to select Kodi Add-on Repository
  5. Go to Program Add-ons > Then scroll down to find Kodi Android Installer and click on it > Press Install
  6. A notification will pop-up on the top-right corner which will notify you if your add-on is installed
  7. Go back to Kodi Home Screen > Select Add-ons > Then Program Add-ons > Click on Android Installer
  8. Once you open Android Installer, it will present you with various options i.e. Nightly, Releases, Snapshots, and Test-Builds. Click on Releases
  9. Now select Arm Kodi Release > Then choose Kodi-17.6-Krypton-armeabi-v7a.apk
  10. The installation for Kodi 17.6 will start automatically
  11. Once the download completes, a dialogue box will appear which will ask your permission if you want to install Kodi update. So click on Install
  12. Once the download is completed, open Kodi and enjoy the FireStick Update! If you feel that you Kodi not working on FireStick, then you must repeat these steps again.


How to Update Kodi 18.2 on FireStick with ES File Explorer

  1. Open Amazon FireStick Main Menu > Go to Search option > Then type ES File Explorer
  2. Open ES File Explorer
  3. Click on Tools > Then select Download Manager located in the left-side menu
  4. Tap on the ‘+New’ option presented at the bottom menu
  5. It will ask you the Path, so type > Press OK
  6. Name the path i.e. Kodi > Then select Download Now
  7. The download will begin for Kodi Krypton 17.6
  8. Once the download is complete, select ‘Open File’ > Now the installation will start on your FireStick device
  9. Go back to FireStick device Home Screen
  10. Launch the Kodi Krypton 17.6 version > Enjoy the latest version with the FireStick Update!


Update Kodi through AppStarter

Another way to update Kodi is through AppStarter app. You can use ES File Explorer to add AppStarter app to your Firestick or FireTV. Once it is installed, launch AppStarter and update Kodi on Firestick. This way you should be able to use Kodi v17 Krypton latest version with ease. However, do make sure that your add-on library is restored after the update.

How to Update Kodi on FireStick by Sideloading

  1. Open your Android phone > Then select Google Play Store and install Kodi Krypton
  2. Also, install Apps2Fire app from the Google Play Store on your Android Phone > Then launch Apps2Fire
  3. Now open FireStick Home > Click on Settings > Then Network > Get the FireStick IP address and note it down somewhere
  4. Go onto your Android Phone > In Apps2Fire app, go to Setup tab > Enter your FireStick IP address > Then click on Local Apps
  5. Find Kodi on the list and click on it > Then press Install
  6. Kodi will now transfer to your FireStick device
  7. Find Kodi on your FireStick apps list > Launch Kodi Krypton update > Enjoy!


How to Upgrade to Latest Kodi Version on Android Devices

Android Box | Android Tablet | Android Phone

Here we list down detailed steps on how to update Kodi on all of the Android devices including Android Box, Android Tablet, Android Phone, and so much more. In-fact secure your streaming on Kodi by using an Android VPN.

Updating to Kodi Leia 18.2 on Android

Step 1: Visit Kodi website on your Android Smartphone > Click on the Downloads menu

Step 2: Scroll down to select Android icon

Step 3: Now tap on the Pre-Release menu at the top

Step 4: Scroll down to select Kodi 18 Leia




Step 5: Congrats! You’ve updated to latest version of Kodi


Update Kodi on Android Box

  1. Launch Android Box Home Screen > Go to Apps
  2. Click on Browser App > Then type the URL
  3. Now scroll down to select Android
  4. It will ask if you want to install Kodi 17.6 on either Google Play or ARMV7A, so click on ARMV7A
  5. It will ask again if you want to download Kodi via ES Downloader or Browser. Select ES Downloader > Downloading will start
  6. Once the download is complete, close the Browser > Go to Android Box Home Screen > Click on Apps > Now select AppInstaller app
  7. A box will open which will ask your permission for installation in either Local Disk or ScanDisk SD Card, select Local Disk
  8. You will find Kodi Android App listed, select click on it
  9. A new page will appear which will inform Kodi users that the new version will replace the existing version, but the data will not be lost. Click All > Then press Install
  10. Once the app is installed, click Open > Now the newest version of Kodi i.e. 17.6 will appear > Enjoy!

Pro Tip: Always use best VPN service to ensure anonymous stream while you can bypass no stream error on your Android box. 

Android Tablet

If you already have Kodi installed on your Android Tablet, then all you have to do is to follow the steps highlighted below:

  1. Open your Android Tablet > Select Google Play Store
  2. Type Kodi onto the Search Box
  3. When the Kodi app appears on your screen, click on Update
  4. It will update the newest version of Kodi i.e. Kodi 18.2 > Enjoy!


Android Phone

There are two ways to update Kodi on Android Phone. Either you update Kodi using the Kodi website itself, or through Google Play Store. Check out our amazing guide of iPhone VPN apps.

Update Kodi Using APK File from Kodi Website

  1. Open Internet Browser on your Android Phone
  2. Type > Scroll down and select Android
  3. Now scroll down again and press on the Android option
  4. Now select ARMV7A(32BIT)
  5. Download will start automatically
  6. Once the download is completed, click on the downloaded file
  7. Now it will ask if you want to overwrite the Kodi app with the new version, and explain that your data will not be lost. Click Install
  8. Open Kodi 18.2 app > Enjoy!


Update Kodi Using Google Play Store

  1. Open Android phone > Tap on Google Play Store
  2. Search for Kodi
  3. It will present you with the latest Kodi version i.e. 18.2 > Select Update
  4. It will overwrite the older version of Kodi that you are using
  5. Start using Kodi 18.2, the final version of Kodi Krypton.


How to Update Kodi on Windows

Windows Installer | Windows Store

There are two ways you can update Kodi on Windows, either by using a Kodi add-on called Windows Installer, or through simply updating on Windows Store. Complete steps for each method has been provided below:

Using Windows Installer

  1. Once you Launch Kodi on Windows, go to Add-ons > Then select Package Installer (Box icon) on top menu
    How to update Kodi on Windows
  2. Once you click on the Box-icon, now select Install from Repository
    How to update Kodi on Windows
  3. Here you will find list of various repositories, scroll down and select Kodi Add-ons Repository
    How to update Kodi on Windows - Step by Step Method
  4. Go to Program Add-ons > Then select Windows Installer from the list > Now hit Install
    Updating Kodi on Windows
  5. Once you are done installing the add-on, go back to Kodi Main Screen > Then select Add-ons > Program Add-ons > Kodi Installer
    Updating Kodi on Windows
  6. Click on Releases > Select Win32 option
  7. Here you will be presented with various Kodi Leia version whichever you want to choose
  8. Select Kodi 18.2 for the latest version > It will start downloading. Now that you have upgrade Kodi, so Enjoy!


Using Windows Store

  1. Go to Windows Store
  2. Here you see a free Kodi App > Click on Get the App
    How to Update Kodi on Windows Using Windows Store Step-2
  1. A pop-up box will appear, so click on Open Microsoft Store
    How to Update Kodi on Windows Using Windows Store Step-3
  1. Click on Get/Launch
    How to Update Kodi on Windows Using Windows Store Step-4
  1. Once Kodi app is downloaded on your Windows, Open the file
  2. The newer version of Kodi will overwrite the existing version, but it will keep all your settings intact, including your Kodi addons and Kodi Repositories.


How to Update Kodi Leia 18.2 with Kodi Website

Step 1: Go to Kodi Website > Then select Download section on the top-right corner

Step 2: Scroll down to select on the Windows icon

Step 3: Now select Recommended tab located at the top


Step 4: Under the Alpha 1 option, select either 32 Bit or 64 Bit

Step 5: The download will start automatically


Updating to Kodi Leia 18.2 with Windows Installer

Step 1: Open Kodi on your system > Click on Add-ons section on the left menu

Step 2: Then select Box-shaped icon at the top

Step 3: Choose Install from Repository > Then scroll down to select Kodi Add-on Repository

Step 4: Go to Program Add-ons > Then select Kodi Windows Installer

Step 5: Press Install

Step 6: Now open Kodi Windows Installer add-on > Click on Releases

Step 7: Select Win32 option > Then tap on Kodi Leia 18 

Step 8: The upgrade will now take place


How to Update to Latest Version of Kodi on Mac

The process to update on Mac is similar to that of Windows. Follow the steps highlighted below:

  1. Open Internet Browser and visit the official website of Kodi i.e.
  2. Click on Downloads menu
  3. Now scroll down and select MacOS
  4. Click on Installer (64Bit)
  5. The downloading will start
  6. Once the download ends, Open the file
  7. It will prompt you that the new Kodi version will replace the older version of Kodi and that no data will be lost > Click Install
  8. Open Kodi and enjoy the latest version!

and in order to run a VPN app on Mac, see the list of best Mac VPN services.


Updating Kodi on Mxq and Mxq Pro

Mxq and Mxq Pro is an Android box where you can install and update Kodi for free streaming of Movies and TV Shows. Therefore, if you have Kodi installed already on your Android device Mxq or Mxq Pro, then you must follow the section ‘How to Update Kodi on Android Devices’ and follow the same steps.


How to Upgrade Kodi Version on Apple TV 2

In order to update Kodi on Appl Tv 2, you would require a Mac. Have a secure streaming by using an Apple TV VPN. Now follow the steps highlighted below:

  1. Open your Mac > Now open Terminal and type the command ssh root@ (You must replace with the IP address of your own Apple TV 2)
  2. You will know that the command works if it prompts you to insert password of your device. The default password is alpine, if you haven’t changed the password already.
  3. Now you will need to enter the following command one after the other:
    1. apt-get install wget
    2. wget -0- | apt-key add –
    3. echo ?deb stable main? > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/awkwardtv.list
    4. echo ?eb ./? > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/xbmc.list
    5. apt-get update
    6. apt-get install org.xbmc.kodi-atv2
    7. reboot
  4. If you have inserted all of the above commands correctly, then it will restart your Apple TV 2. Once it is restarted, you will find the newer version of Kodi available.


How to Update Kodi on GBox

  1. Open GBox Home Screen > Then select Google Play Store
  2. Type ES File Explorer > Install the file
  3. Go to Home Screen again and click on Browser > Then type
  4. Scroll down to select Android > Then select ARM > It will download the latest version of Kodi
  5. Once the download completes, a screen will open which will ask your permission to install the downloaded file > Select New > Then click Install
  6. It will overwrite the existing Kodi version without losing any data


How to Update Kodi on Raspberry Pi

  1. Go to OpenELEC website > Scroll down to select Download > Then click on Raspberry Pi Builds
  2. There are separate for each of the Raspberry Pi generation, select your Raspberry Pi generation > Download the Zip File on your device
  3. Extract the Zip File on your device
  4. Copy the extracted file on a micro SD card. For doing that, you would require a software called Rufus that creates bootable USB drives. So download Rufus.
  5. Once you have downloaded Rufus, a box will emerge where you need to enter some information
  6. Select your SD card from the device option > Select the Disk image on the box
  7. Now navigate and upload the extracted file > Press the Start button > The file will be replaced
  8. Remove SD card and insert it into Raspberry Pi device > Once your Raspberry Pi device is Turned ON, it would boot Kodi automatically
  9. If you find Kodi not loading, wait a few more minutes > Enjoy Kodi Krypton final version


Updating Kodi on PC

Updating Kodi on PC is the same for how you update Kodi on Windows. It can be installed using a Windows Installer add-on, or through the Windows Store. Both of these methods have been described above in the ‘How to update Kodi on Windows’ section.


How to Update Kodi on Linux

Kodi is now included in the Ubunt repositories i.e. you will find it easier to install Kodi on Linux and its simply straightforward. Just follow the instructions highlighted below:

Step 1: Open the Terminal by pressing on Ctrl+Alt+T and type the following Commands exactly:

sudo apt-get install software-properties-common

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install kodi

Kodi can be installed in other distributions other than Ubuntu, using third-party repositories. However, it won’t be a Kodi official repository and may create problems when installing.


Updating Kodi on Linux

The above process was to install Kodi on Linux from scratch. To update Kodi, follow the instructions highlighted below:

Step 2: Open the Terminal by pressing on Ctrl+Alt+T and type the following Commands exactly:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

In some case the above command would not work if additional files are required. To get these additional files type the Command as provided below:

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

You will now be able to update Kodi on Linux. Happy Streaming!

How to Update Kodi on iPad

Step 1: Open Safari browser and go to Kodi website



Step 2: Scroll down and select iOS > Now select DEB File


Step 3: A blank page will open in the background and Kodi download will begin

Step 4: Once downloaded, Tap on ‘Open In’ > Then select Copy to iFile

Step 5: It will present you with many options, so select Installer

Step 6: It will install the latest version of Kodi on your iPad.

Step 7: Install any Kodi add-on and start streaming the latest media content


Kodi Update Failed on FireStick?

If your Kodi app fails to work properly, or if it requires an upgrade, simply follow the steps highlighted below:

Step 1: Click on the Settings option > Then go to Applications

Step 2: Select Manage Installed Applications from the list

Step 3: Click on Kodi

Step 4: Select Force Stop and then tap on ‘Uninstall’

Step 5: Now re-install Kodi from the methods mentioned above

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The Wrap Up

Kodi is an ultimate media center that streams the latest media content. The good thing about Kodi is that it can be installed and updated in almost every device. In the guide above, we discussed a complete method on how to update Kodi on any device or platform. If you want to suggest a valuable update in this article, do suggest for sure.