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When you’re trying to watch your favorite movie online, there is one thing you dread the most, and that’s buffering. Whenever it happens, it spoils all the fun and your mood goes down the drain. We have just the right solution to fix Kodi buffering 17.6 problems of 2018 so you can lift your mood up.

We provide the 5 best fixes to stop Kodi buffering problems along with a video tutorial guide. These maintenance tool clear cache and keeps your Kodi clean from slacks. Some of these fixes require the installation of Kodi add-ons. See our list of best Kodi working addons or Kodi Builds for streaming.

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Why is my Kodi Buffering?

The reason why your Kodi is buffering videos could be many. We have listed some of the major causes of Kodi buffering issues one has to face:

  • Slow internet connection speed
  • Network connection problems
  • Limited bandwidth
  • ISP throttling
  • Internet congestion
  • Excessive Kodi cache

However, you must keep in mind that while installing third-party Kodi add-ons you need to be adding a VPN to Kodi to keep your activity hidden from your ISP. So now let’s proceed with the best fixes to stop Kodi buffering.

Slow Connection Speed

You require a steady internet connection that could go well with the quality of content you’re streaming. Thus, we have outlined the internet speed recommended for video quality:

  • Minimum internet speed required – 0.5 Mbps
  • Watching SD quality – 3.0 Mbps
  • Watching HD quality – 5.0 Mbps
  • Watching Ultra HD quality – 25 Mbps

Check the VPN Speed Tests Findings for top 15 providers.

Network Connectivity Problems

If the buffering problem exist even though you have 5.0 Mbps internet connection, then you ought to test your internet speed at first. If tests show a lower value then you need to consider the following steps to ensure faster internet speed:

  • Keep your system/device closer to the wireless router
  • Consider using a wired connection
  • Check whether there aren’t any devices that are consuming a lot of bandwidth

Kodi Buffering Fix/Solution

Solution 1: Stop Kodi Buffering with Merlin Wizard

Merlin Wizard is a specially designed Kodi maintenance tool add-on that clears Kodi caches, delete thumbnails, and delete packages. After you install this wizard, you will encounter a major difference when you buffer a Kodi video. Here is the process to install Merlin Wizard to stop Kodi buffering:

Step 1: Open Kodi on your system > Select Settings icon on top menu (a Gear-Shaped icon) > Here you will presented with a lot of option, so click on File Manager > Now scroll down and double click on Add Source


Step 2: A box will soon appear where you need to click on ‘None’ > The space will turn blank and here you need to enter the Super Repo URL so type > Click OK > Now type the name of the repository i.e. ‘Super Repo’ > Then Click OK and again if need be to close the box.


Step 3: To continue with further steps, you need to go back to Kodi Home Screen by pressing on ‘Backspace’ key on keyboard multiple time > Then click on Add-ons > The tap on Box-icon on top menu


Step 4: A small list of options will appear, here you need to click on Install from Zip File > Then scroll down to click on Super Repo > Now click on Krypton > Repositories > SuperRepo > Then finally click on > Now wait for the installation to complete


Step 5: Once installation is completed, click on Install from Repository option > Then scroll down to find Super Repo Repositories [Krypton][V7] > Go to Add-on Repository > SuperRepo All [Krypton][V7] > Hit Install


Step 6: Go back two steps by clicking in ‘Backspace’ Key two times > Click on Install from Repository again > Now select a new option called SuperRepo All [Krypton][V7] > Program Add-ons > Then click on Merlin Wizard > Press Install


Step 7: Now to clear cache, go back to Kodi Home Screen > Then click on Add-ons > Program Add-ons > Merlin Wizard


Step 8: Once you open Merlin Wizard > Go to Tool Box in to the top menu bar > Then click on either Clear Cache, Delete Thumbnails, or Delete Packages.


Solution 3: Stop Kodi Buffering in Covenant and Exodus

Covenant and Exodus Kodi add-on are the showrunner in Kodi world. The largest Kodi traffic comes from these two add-ons and it is necessary that users must know how to clear cache on Kodi from these two add-ons. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: First you need to install Covenant and Exodus Kodi add-on from our installation guide

Step 2: Once you have installed, go to Kodi Home > Select Add-ons menu > Go to Video Add-ons > Covenant


Step 3: Scroll down to click on Tools > Then scroll down again to click on Covenant: Clear Cache. This will clear cache on Kodi


Solution 4: Stop Kodi Buffering with Real-Debrid

Real-Debrid is a web-player that lets you stream videos and audios at the best internet speed. However, you need to have a premium account for Real-Debrid. To learn the process, below are the steps provided:

Step 1: Go visit the Real Debrid Kodi Website > Register to the website > Get a Free-Trial version and Log In to your account

Step 2: Now open Kodi > Go to Settings > Then System Settings > On the bottom left side menu there is a gear-shaped icon, click on it and change it to ‘Expert’

Step 3: On the same menu you can click on Add-ons > Looking to your right you need to select Manage Dependencies > Now select URL Resolver > Then click on Configure

Step 4: A box will open in front of your screen, click on Universal Resolvers > A different set of options will appear on right side of the screen so scroll down to Real-Debrid section

Step 5: Now change Priority from 100 to 90 > Click Done > Now close the box by clicking OK

Step 6: Once again click on Configure option > Select Universal Resolver option again > Then browse to Real-Debrid section > Select (Re)Authorize My Account option from the list

Step 7: A box will appear that would provide you with a Code and a Link to its Real Debrid Device Website i.e. > Open the link and it will ask for the code > Paste the code and click Continue >

Step 8: Here you need to insert your Username and Password for Real-Debrid > Now browse anything on Kodi with fast downloading speed.

Solution 5: Stop Kodi Buffering with a Code

The process for Kodi clear cache or fixing Kodi buffering that we’re about to discuss is slightly technical. But we’ll try to make it simple as we go along. The steps on how to stop Kodi buffering are listed below:

Step 1: Open notepad file on your computer > Copy and Paste the following code:



<buffermode> 1 </buffermode>

<readbufferfactor> 1.5 </readbufferfactor>

<cachemembuffersize> 104857600 </cachemembuffersize>



Step 2: Now save the file as advancedsettings.xml on your desktop or anywhere on your system

Step 3: Click on Windows Search option in the task bar > Type this code %APPDATA%\kodi\userdata > A file will appear so click to open the file

Step 4: Now drop the notepad file on this folder and then try using Kodi. There will be massive reduction in Kodi buffering issues.

How to Change Kodi Video Cache Settings

If your Kodi takes hell lot of time buffering one second at a time, then you should consider changing Kodi cache setting. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Launch Kodi on your system > Click on Gear-shaped icon called as Settings

Step 2: Select File Manager option > Double click on Add Source located down below

Step 3: Tap ‘None’ > Then Copy/Paste > Click OK

Step 4: Name the repository as Supreme Builds > Click OK > Then go back to Kodi Home

Step 5: Click on Add-ons > Then select Box-icon > Choose Install from Zip File

Step 6: When the box appears, click on > Wait for the repository to install

Step 7: Choose Install from Repository > Click on Supreme Builds Repository > Go to Program Add-ons > Tap on Supreme Builds Wizard > Hit Install

Step 8: Go back to Kodi Home > Then Add-ons > Program Add-ons > Open Supreme Build Wizard

Step 9: Click on Supreme Build Maintenance > Tap on the option System Tweaks/Fixes

Step 10: Click on Advanced Settings > Then select Quick Configure AdvancedSettings.xml > Accept Recommendations and select Write File > The file will be created if you do not have one, otherwise it will overwrite it.

Bonus Kodi Buffering Fix: Use Kodi VPN for ISP Throttling

Kodi is a legal media platform, and its highly likely that your Internet Service Provider hasn’t sanctioned the Kodi software or device. But in case a sanction has been placed, you might witness ISP throttling which means you may streaming issues with Kodi. In some instances, your internet get disabled and you receive a legal letter from your ISP.

In that case, you need to get a Kodi VPN service. A Kodi VPN will hide all of your Kodi activities and allow your ISP to see the data which are downloaded from their server, but not its source. It further allows Kodi users to access geographically restricted content, and ofcourse preventing online privacy is their main offering.

While having Kodi VPN, you are free to browse any content on Kodi whether it be Live TV, Movies, TV shows, or Live Sports.

Adjust your HQ scaler

Video stuttering and frame dropping is some another form of Kodi buffering that you need to get rid of. If your Kodi keeps buffering then the problem can be rectified using Kodi 17.6 buffering fix known as Video Scaling. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open Kodi > Click on Settings icon at the top > Select Player Settings

Step 2: At the bottom left gear-shaped icon, Turn it to Expert

Step 3: On the options presented on the right-side, find the Enable HQ scalers for scaling above option and change it to 10% or 0% from 20%. It will improve your video quality.

Reasons Why You Face Kodi Buffering Issues

You can face Kodi buffering issues due to multiple reasons which can lead to problems watching videos on Kodi. This could be very frustrating as video buffering could spoil all the fun and never wanting to use Kodi again. Some of the reasons why Kodi buffering occurs are discussed below:

  • Slow internet speed
  • Network connectivity issues
  • When Kodi memory contains cache
  • When Kodi memory is exploited by Thumbnail images
  • Cache settings are not suitable to your device
  • When your ISP throttling takes place
  • When huge slacks are created in your Kodi device memory
  • When larger group accessing the same links
  • Limited bandwidth
  • Try updating Kodi to latest version

Everything to Know About Internet Connection and Kodi

It is common knowledge that when you’re streaming videos, you require a strong internet connection. According to Netflix, it gives a set of following recommendations:

  • Minimum internet speed required – 0.5 Mbps per second
  • Broadband connection speed – 1.5 Mbps per second
  • For streaming SD quality content – 3 Mbps per second
  • For streaming HD quality content – 5 Mbps per second
  • For streaming ultra HD quality content – 25 Mbps per second

These could be termed as general guidelines that can also be applied for Kodi streaming. However, it is to be noted that the links provided by Kodi add-ons are accessed by a large group of people, ultimately creating a bottleneck. There is nothing you could do to minimize that effect.

To be on the safe side you need to have at least a 5 Mbps internet connection speed to stream Kodi content. Increasing your internet connection speed could only give you better chances to stream without buffering. You can never complain on spending a few bucks on improving your internet speed as long as you’re getting to watch movies for free.

Solution 2: Tuning Cache Settings with Ares Repo

Update: Kodi Repository Ares Wizard is completely shut down that is why this fix kodi buffering is currently not working

Ares Repo is the long-standing repository in the Kodi world. It also has an Ares Wizard that contains number of popular Kodi add-ons that are updated every week. Its special feature as a Kodi maintenance tool include clearing of the Kodi cache. Below are the steps of how to clear cache on Kodi when tuning its cache settings.

Step 1: When you open Kodi Krypton on your system, go to Settings icon > Then File Manager > At the end of the list on your left-side double click on Add Source


Step 2: Once you click on Add Source, a box will open where you will click on ‘None’ > Then type the Ares Repo URL > Now click OK > Then type Media Source Name ‘Ares Repo’ > Then click OK so the box closes


Step 3: Press ‘Backspace’ key multiple times on your keyboard to go back to Kodi Main Menu > Select Add-ons menu > Click on Package Installer icon on top-left side


Step 4: This will open onto some new options where you need to click on Install from Zip File > Find Ares Repo amongst the list and click on it > Then click on > Wait for the installation


Step 5: Select Install from Repository > Find Ares Project from the list and click on it > Go to Program Add-ons > Then select Ares Wizard > Install


Step 6: Once installed, go to Kodi Main Menu > Click on Add-ons > Then Program Add-ons > Ares Wizard


Step 7: When Ares Wizard opens, click on the option called Tweaks on the menu above > Then go to Advanced Settings Wizard option > Click Next


Step 8: Now click on Generate Settings > The settings that are provided in front of you are recommended by Ares Wizard for better buffering, so click on Apply These Settings > Now exit Ares Wizard and restart Kodi > Enjoy fast buffering!


Wrapping it Up

In this guide we discussed 5 best fixes to stop Kodi buffering 17.6 of 2018 that may seem very frustrating when streaming videos on Kodi. Upon trying all 5 of those maintenance tools, you’re guaranteed to have a smooth Kodi streaming. Merlin Wizard fix is highly recommendable for Kodi users alongside getting a Kodi VPN to prevent ISP throttling.

Kodi buffering issues are inevitable when you have a poor internet connection speed. Improving your internet connection to at least 5 Mbps could work just fine when streaming Kodi videos. Try watching video tutorials to gain an insight on how to stop Kodi buffering and improving video streaming.