How to Install Kodi on Android on Kodi krypton 17.6

The latest Kodi Krypton Version 17.6 on Android is now available on Google Play Store in all of the Android boxes. Kodi is a media player where you can watch Movies, TV Shows, Live Sports, and Live IPTV Channels.
In the past, Kodi was restricted and dedicated only for computers. Since past few years, everything has been changed for Kodi as it has made its app available for all platforms including Kodi. Below is our guide on how to install Kodi on Android.

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Kodi is optimized for Android

Previously, Android box users would go around many steps to install Kodi on their box. However, Kodi has now made its Android app available in Google Play Store. Android device users now just have to go to their Play Store and type in Kodi and install the app. Now enjoy using Kodi and stream Movies and TV Shows. If you want to stream safey & securely, use Android VPN and secure your Android Devices.

How to Install Kodi on Android Device

Step 1: Download Kodi Krypton 17.6 Zip File and save it on your Android device. Extract the Zip File on your device

Step 2: Once downloaded, you will see Download Manager option appear on top so click on it

Step 2 How to install Kodi 17.6 on Android

Step 3: An option will appear on the bottom of the screen that says ‘Package Installer’ so click on it

How to install Kodi 17.6 on Android Step 3

Step 4: Another screen will appear that will confirm if you want to install the application. At the bottom Hit Install

Step 4 How to install Kodi 17.6 on Android

Step 5: A Right Tick will appear on the screen which indicates the App is installed. At the bottom you will find an option Open, so click on it

How to install Kodi 17.6 on Android Step 5

Step 6: It will launch Kodi. To view if it’s the latest Kodi Krypton version 17.6, go to Settings menu on top > Click on System Settings > At the bottom right corner you will see the Kodi Krypton Version appear.

Step 6 How to install Kodi 17.6 on Android

Krypton 17.6

In addition to this, you can enjoy watching tons of traditional channels (BBC iPlayer, 7 Network, Nine Network, HBO Now, Fox Go, CBS, NBC and much more). Just download the best Kodi addons on your Android device and step into the world of unlimited entertainment with Kodi on Android.

How to Install Kodi on Android Box

Step 1: All the recent Android Box comes with Google Play Store > Go to Android Box Home

Step 2: Click on Google Play Store which will be present on your main menu screen, or the Play Store will be available under Apps section

Step 3: It will ask you to create Gmail Account. If you already have a Gmail Account then insert Username and Password, or try creating a new account.

Step 4: Once logged in, type Kodi on Google Play Store > Hit Install

Step 5: Now go to Android Box > Click on Apps > Select Kodi

Why Install Kodi Android?

Kodi or XBMC stands as fans favorite entertainment service of the era. The service has been delivering top-grade entertainment experience to subscribers on Windows for years. But now the entertainment platform can be installed on Android devices quickly. If you’re wondering about the perks of using Kodi on Android device, then we have listed the main advantages of Kodi below. Have a look at them:

  • Wide range of media library
  • Free of cost service
  • Supports torrent & P2P streaming
  • One-stop entertainment solution
  • Live broadcasting of sports, news and TV shows


FAQs for Kodi on Android

How Do I Get Kodi on My Android Phone?

The easiest way to get Kodi on your Android Phone is by Google Play Store. Kodi has an Android app that you can run on any Android device. Another way to download Kodi on Android Phone is through Kodi Android apk. Downloading the apk will automatically install Kodi.

What Channels are Available on Kodi TV?

Kodi Live TV add-ons consist 1000s of channels from around the world and in many languages. However, the list of US and UK channels are in abundance. These include entertainment channels, sports channel, news channel, movie channels, and so much more.

What is the Kodi app about?

Kodi is an Android and iOS app that gets you to stream Movies, TV Shows, Live Sports, and Live IPTV channels. Kodi app does not have pre-installed Kodi third-party add-ons, but it certainly have all the official add-ons that allows you stream Live IPTV channels.

How do I Install Exodus on Kodi 17?

Exodus is a video add-on for Kodi that shows Movies and TV Shows. The original developer of the Exodus Kodi Android i.e. ColdFire has stopped updating Exodus, but many independent Kodi developers still updates it frequently. You can watch high quality streams with Exodus. Check out our guide on how to install Exodus on Kodi Krypton 17.6.

To Wrap Things Up

Kodi Krypton 17.6 is the latest version available for Kodi users and it isn’t yet available on their website. However, we got our hands on the Kodi Krypton (17.6 latest Kodi version) APK File and listed a guide on how to install Kodi on Android.

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