A Comprehensive Kodi Guide for Dummies

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There is a reason why Kodi has become a popular streaming media player around the world. Its presence in 5 million UK homes alone, and 30 million globally have made this free software a worldwide success. Kodi revolution shows no sign of slowing down with new Kodi version Leia 18 will come anytime soon in 2018.

Kodi users are gaining attraction to Free Live TV, Movies, TV Series, and Live Sports, and that is what Kodi has to offer. This guide helps Kodi beginners with a complete insight on Kodi software, how to use Kodi, and answering burning question like how to stream free media streaming content.

Before you install Kodi and get on with watching Free Movies and TV Shows, it is important that you get Kodi VPN. Why? Because when you stream free copyright material, you wouldn’t want legal notices from your ISPs come your way. A VPN protects your online privacy and keeps you anonymous to whatever you stream online. Also, check out our Kodi addons list that shows latest media content on Kodi.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is an open-source digital streaming media player, but unlike any other player it streams from your system’s library to the streaming content available on the internet. With Kodi, you are able to stream Free Movies, TV Series, Live Sports, Live IPTV, and play Games. It is similar to how Android platform works, where it allows independent developers to develop their Kodi add-on for streaming.

Is Kodi Legal?

Kodi is perfectly legal when it comes to streaming media content from official Kodi add-ons. Once you start streaming free media content from unofficial Kodi add-ons, things get a little shady. There are some official add-ons that do allow free media streaming of different channels, and that doesn’t count in illegality. Check our guide ‘Is Kodi Legal’ to learn more about legal status of Kodi.

How to Use Kodi?

If you’re running Kodi for the first time, you should know that you are able to stream all media content on Kodi software with the help of Kodi add-ons. Once Kodi app is opened, you will see a list of menu appear on the left panel assembled vertically. Above this menu, you will find 3 icons i.e. Power icon, Settings icon, and Updates icon. Clicking on the Settings icon will bring you various different settings option. Learn more about how to use Kodi and start streaming instantly.

What is a Kodi Add-on?

Kodi add-on is a Kodi plugin that streams media content from the internet. It fetches links from outside sources and is able to stream it on Kodi digital player. However, there’s an entire process to install Kodi add-on which will be addressed down below in the guide. There are two types of Kodi add-ons i.e. official Kodi add-on and unofficial (third-party) Kodi add-on.

What are Third-Party Kodi Add-ons?

Third-party Kodi add-ons are created by third-party developers. The reason why it is called third-party add-ons is because they are developer by individual developers other than the official Kodi developers.

These third-party add-ons let your stream free copyright material such as Free Movies, TV Shows, Live Sports, Live IPTV, and so much more. These add-ons are found in various different repositories, which are also third-party.

Popular Third-Party Kodi Add-ons

We list down some of the all-time popular third-party Kodi add-ons that helps you watch Movies, TV Shows, Live IPTV, and Live Sports without any subscription charges. Here is a list:

Popular Official Kodi Add-ons

If you find official Kodi add-ons more appealing, you can try one of the add-ons listed below to stream media content. However, you wouldn’t find any latest manedia content, but mostly Live Channels. Here is a list:

How to Install Kodi Add-ons

Step 1: Open Kodi Krypton on your system > Click on the gear-shaped (Settings) icon

Step 2: Go to the File Manager option > Then scroll down to double click on Add Source

Step 3: Here you need to tap on ‘None’ option > Now you need to insert the URL link of the repository > Then select OK

Step 4: Down below in the same box, you will need to insert the name of the repository >Then select OK to close the box

Step 5: Go back to Kodi Home by tapping on the ‘Esc’ or ‘Backspace’ key on your keyboard

Step 6: Select Add-ons on the left-side menu > Then tap on the Box-icon on top menu

Step 7: Click on Install from Zip File option > A box will appear where you need to click on the repository by the name you typed in Step 4

Step 8: The repository is a zip file, so you need to select a zip file and wait for it to install

Step 9: Once installed, click on Install from Repository > Now select the repository from the list

Step 10: Click on either Video Add-ons, Program Add-ons, or Music Add-ons > Then choose an add-on from the list > Hit Install

How to Remove Kodi Add-on

It so happens in Kodi world that now and then you will find Kodi add-ons not working. You can remove add-ons that no longer works or you have no need of them. In either case, you can follow the steps mentioned below to remove the add-on from your Kodi software:

Step 1: Open Kodi > Click on Add-ons section presented to your left-side menu

Step 2: If it’s a Video Add-on you need to remove, click on Video Add-ons section

Step 3: On your right side a list of Video Add-ons will appear, so Right Click on any add-on you want to remove

Step 4: Then select Information

Step 5: Few options will appear on your screen > On the bottom right corner you will find an option called ‘Uninstall’ > Click on it and the add-on will uninstall

What is a Kodi Repository?

Kodi Repositories are in the form of a Zip File that contains a collection of add-ons. When you have installed Kodi repositories, you can then choose various add-ons to install from either program add-ons section or video add-ons section. Check out the list of best Kodi repositories and ways to install them.

How to Install Kodi Repositories

Step 1: Launch Kodi on your system > Then go to Settings icon > Click on File Manager

Step 2: Now scroll down and double click on Add Source > Tap where it says ‘None’

Step 3: Paste the repository URL > Press OK > Now name the repository > Press OK

Step 4: Go back to Kodi Main Menu > Here you need to select Add-ons > Then click on Box-icon located on top menu

Step 5: Choose Install from Zip File option > Tap on the repository > Now click on the repository zip file > Wait until the repository is installed

Step 6: Now go to Install from Repository > Select the repository from the list > Now choose add-on of your liking

How to Remove Kodi Repositories

Step 1: Launch Kodi > Go to Add-ons > Then tap on the above located Box-icon

Step 2: Select Install from Repository > Then Right-click on the repository that wish to remove

Step 3: Then select Information option

Step 4: A new screen will appear. Here you need to select Uninstall option

Step 5: Now the repository will uninstall.

What is a Kodi Wizard?

Kodi Wizard makes it easier for users to access Kodi add-ons and Kodi Builds. It further helps you to automate all the latest add-ons that are found in a repository. It is a program add-on that controls add-ons and Builds from a central location.

How to Install Kodi Wizards

Step 1: Open Kodi > Select Settings icon > Go to File Manager

Step 2: Double click on Add Source > Tap ‘None’ > Copy/Paste the URL of the repository > Select OK

Step 3: Type the name of the repository > Press OK to close the box > Go back to Kodi Home

Step 4: Click on Add-ons > Then on Package Installer (Box-icon) > Choose Install from Zip File

Step 5: When the box appears, click on the repository that you named in step 3 > Now select the zip file

Step 6: Choose Install from Repository > Then select the repository from the list

Step 7: Go to Program Add-ons > Select the Wizard > Hit Install

How to Remove Kodi Wizards

Step 1: Open Kodi > Go to Add-ons > Then Program Add-ons

Step 2: On the right side of the screen, you will see the Kodi Wizard. Right click on any Wizard you wish to remove

Step 3: Select Information option

Step 4: A screen will appear where you need to choose Uninstall option located at the bottom right.

Step 5: Your Kodi Wizard will now uninstall

What is a Kodi Build?

A Kodi Build is a collection of add-ons that are pre-installed. When you install a Kodi Build, you install many different add-ons simultaneously that comes under the particular Kodi Build. Kodi Builds are huge in size approximately 300 MB in average. Check out the best Kodi Builds we have to offer along with their installation guides.

How to Install Kodi Builds

Kodi Builds are installed through Kodi Wizards. When you have installed and launched Kodi Wizard, there is a separate section called Kodi Builds. Here you need to select the Build of your choice and choose either Fresh Install or Standard Install to proceed.

How to Remove Kodi Build

Step 1: Open Kodi > Go to Add-ons > Then Program Add-ons

Step 2: Choose the Kodi Wizard from where you installed a Build

Step 3: When the Wizard is open, go to Builds section

Step 4: Here you will find an option ‘Erase all data’ > Click on it and the Build will be removed

There is another way to uninstall a Build and that is through installing Fresh Start Kodi add-on and resetting Kodi to its default state. The process of installing Fresh Start is described below in ‘How to Reset Kodi’ section.

What is a Kodi Skin?

Kodi Skin is a Kodi interface as cloths are for humans. Kodi Skin is a combination of colors, theme, wallpaper, and a creative placement of menu tabs. There are tons of best Kodi Skins that you can choose from, that will give your Kodi a new look.

How to Change Kodi Skins

Step 1: Open Kodi > Go to Settings option located at the top

Step 2: Now select Interface Settings

Step 3: Here you need to tap on Skins option located at the right side

Step 4:  A box will pop-up, here you need to select Get More option

Step 5: A complete list of Kodi Skins will appear. Choose any of the skins and click to apply. The Kodi Skins will change.

How to Get Default Kodi Skin

Kodi Krypton has an Estuary Kodi Skin while Kodi Jarvis has a Confluence Kodi Skin. To get the default Kodi Skin after you have made a certain change, you need to click on Settings > Interface Settings > Select Skin > Choose either Estuary or Confluence.

Difference between Kodi Skins and Kodi Builds

As discussed above, Kodi Skins are the different interface of Kodi that chages how Kodi looks in terms of menu options, backgrounds, and placement of tabs. Kodi Builds on the other hand are entirely different from Skins where various Kodi add-ons are pre-installed. If you install a single Kodi Build, you get tons of add-ons already installed where you can stream Free Movies and TV Series.

Difference between Kodi Wizards and Kodi Repositories

Kodi Wizard is a program add-on that is found under a Kodi Repository. These repositories host tons of Kodi add-ons i.e. Program Add-ons, Video Add-ons, and Music Add-ons. Kodi Wizard is like any other wizard that makes it easier for user to install all other add-ons through a repository in one single place.

Kodi on Fire TV/Fire Stick

Amazon FireStick is a next-generation device that entertains you over 500,000 Movies and TV episodes from Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, and so much more. You never need to worry about cable or satellites when you have the tiny Stick device which is an ultimate solution for cord-cutting. However, subscribing to these networks can cost tons of money. Get Kodi on FireStick and enjoy streaming Movies and TV Shows without spending a single dime.

Kodi on Roku

Roku is a streaming player and works a similar way as FreStick. Now you stream entertainment content directly onto your TV and enjoy thousands of channels. Get Kodi on Roku and add unlimited fun to your life with tons of latest media content in your library.

How to Install Kodi on Android


Android is a game changer for many devices. Now you can access all the latest apps if a device has a Google Play Store available on Android. In an Android Phone, install Kodi on Android and watch all the latest media content with no barriers. Watch Movies on your phone while laying back on your couch, it’s that easy.

How to Install Kodi on iOS


iPhone users can now enjoy watching all the latest Movies and TV Shows on their iPhones by installing Kodi for iOS. Kodi has an iOS app that you can install on your Apple Store, but unfortunately it is not available. It has made it easier for you to access many different content and in many different languages.

How to Install Kodi on Chromecast


Chromecast is a digital media player developed by Google that has capability to mirror audio and visual content from any device onto your television. It uses the Google Cast technology that mirrors audio and video content. Get a quick guide on how to install Kodi on Chromecast and stream media content all day long on any device.

How to Install Kodi on Android TV

Android TVs are the smart TVs that are the technology of the new generation. These televisions have Android operating system, which means you can install any app using Google Play Store. Samsung Smart TV and Sony Smart TV are the two most popular Android TVs, so here is a guide on how to install Kodi on Android TV.

How to Install Kodi on Android Boxes

These are the small set-top boxes that has an Android operating system running. It lets you install apps from Google Play Store and streams a number of media streaming content directly onto your TVs. New Android boxes also have voice searches that finds your favorite Movie and TV Show content from the library. Here is a guide on how to install Kodi on Android Boxes.

How to Install Kodi on Raspberry Pi


Raspberry Pi is a small computer where people learn programming with the help of practical projects. Even though it is affordable, but is not easy to use. Here is a quick guide on how to install Kodi on Raspberry Pi.

How to Stop Kodi Buffering?

Lot of things could be said about Kodi buffering issues, and we assure you they’re not the least kind thing you’re going to hear about it.  Buffering can at times be a pain in the b**t, especially when you have sorted out the mood to watch a Movie on Kodi and have set it up all the necessary arrangements that you do while watching Movies. With our guide on how to stop Kodi buffering, you can get rid of all kinds of buffering issues.

What is a Kodi Box?

Kodi boxes are Android boxes or other types of boxes that can easily install and run Kodi app. These are highly popular in many households as it doesn’t require you to pay cable or satellite bills and thus can stream 100’s of Channels, 1000’s of Movies, and half a million TV episodes.

What are Fully-Loaded Kodi Boxes?

Fully-Loaded Kodi boxes are the ones that have pre-installed Kodi third-party add-ons. Meaning, you just need to buy these boxes and stream Movies, TV Shows, and Live TV all you want. Obviously, it isn’t a very likeable product in the eyes of copyright holders because these boxes let you watch media content for free.

Therefore, we advise you to get a legal Kodi box or an Android box and then install Kodi app and Kodi add-ons on your own to spare any trouble. Here are the best Kodi streaming boxes that we recommend.

Legal Kodi Box

Legal Kodi boxes are those kind of boxes which doesn’t comes up with pre-installed Kodi add-ons. It only contains Kodi app installed, and therefore gives you all the necessary freedom to install either Kodi third-party add-ons or the official ones. It keeps you out of legal troubles with the law enforcement because there is a crackdown against Kodi fully-loaded boxes.

Kodi Problems/Errors/Issues and their Fixes

Below are some of the frequent problems that arises when using Kodi software. We have also provided solutions to those problems so that you could fix it without any hassle:

Failed to Install a Dependency

This error occurs when the Kodi repository you are trying to install is either outdated or is being updated. It appears when it tries to install a Zip File.


Follow the steps highlighted below to fix this problem:

  • Wait for the repository to get updated. Possibly takes few hours in general
  • Install a particular Kodi add-on from an alternate repository
  • Check on the internet connection

Check Log Error

Check log error occurs when you try to access a Live TV channel that remains geo-restricted. Some of the channels that you are trying to access are only available in their host country, so when accessing to these channels from outside their country origin, will prompt you Check Log Error.


To fix this problem, you need a Kodi VPN as mentioned in this guide to bypass geo-restriction. A VPN has many different servers located in tons of countries, so if the Live IPTV channel that you’re trying to access is from UK, then connect to a UK server and watch the channel on Kodi. Further, a Kodi VPN also keeps you online activity anonymous.

Could Not Connect to Repository

This error appears when you have inserted a wrong Repository URL, or you are not connected to the internet. When you insert a URL, Kodi checks whether it is an authentic URL with the help of an internet connection. If you don’t have an internet connection, it will pose an error.


The fix for this problem is real simple. Follow the instructions as defined below:

  • Check on your internet connection
  • Double-check on your Repository URL
  • Make sure you have inserted a slash (/) at the end of the URL
  • To see if URL is working, paste the URL on the web address

How to Factory Reset Kodi

Step 1: Open Kodi > Go to Settings option at the top > Then select File Manager

Step 2: Double click Add Source > Tap on ‘None’ > Paste URL http://dimitrology.com/repo/ > Press OK

Step 3: Name the repository as ‘Dimi’ > Press OK to close the box

Step 4: Return to Kodi Main Menu > Click on Add-ons > Then tap on Box icon

Step 5: Choose Install from Zip File > Select Dimi > Go on to click plugin.video.freshstart-1.0.5.zip > Wait for the add-on to install

Step 6: Go back to Kodi Home > Click on Add-ons > Then Program Add-ons > Click Fresh Start

Step 7: Now select Restore Kodi to default Settings > Restart Kodi and you’re done!

How to Update Kodi

Kodi app comes with a frequent update and every now and then you will find Kodi pushing on a new update. But how do you get to update Kodi? There were 6 versions for Kodi Krypton, and 2 test version for Kodi Leia till date. Kodi pushes on these updates because the previous version has some bugs or fixes that needs attention.

Updating Kodi is done either by installing the Kodi app all over again, or it can be done via an official Kodi add-on called Kodi Windows Installer and Kodi Android Installer. Follow our guide how to update Kodi to get the latest Kodi version every time.

How to Use Kodi Safely?

Kodi is pretty safe and legal until you add third-party or official Kodi add-ons. That is why we recommend you to get Kodi VPN. It protects your online identity while streaming free media content on Kodi. For example, if you want to watch Free Movies and TV Shows on Kodi and also wants to avoid getting any legal notice from your ISP, then get a VPN and become anonymous online.

5 Best VPNs for Kodi

Here is a list of 5 best VPN for Kodi that you need to install before viewing any free copyright material on the Kodi app. By doing that, you complete protect your online privacy.

RankProvidersPrice ($)DiscountMore Info
Editor's Choice
$2.95Per Month
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$2.99Per Month
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3 Years Plan
$1.99Per Month
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6 months Free
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Kodi Alternatives

There is nothing like Kodi that streams all the latest media content by adding a list of Kodi add-ons. There are a few that has reached up to Kodi’s potential but hasn’t yet made an impressive run. What makes Kodi best amongst all digital media software is its ability of being an open-source. View our complete guide on best Kodi alternatives to take measure of each alternatives.


Stremio is by far the best alternative for Kodi because of its strikingly similar design in terms of streaming media content. In Stremio, you are able to install official Stremio add-ons and as well as third-party Stremio add-ons similar to Kodi. However, its add-ons are much easier to install with single click.


Plex is another software that streams media content, but unlike Kodi it does not stream free media content. It fetches files from metadata from the internet and brings you unlimited streaming. However, most of its add-ons are either outdated or no longer works.


OSMC is developed by Kodi creators and its no surprise that its interface looks similar to that of Kodi. OSMC is only able to stream media content that has been stored in your local storage, but does not have the capability to install third-party add-ons to stream free media content.

The Wrap Up

This Kodi guide is all about presenting Kodi beginners with an idea about the great Kodi app, how to use it, and how you are able to stream media content for free. It also answers some of the burning questions that are often posed by Kodi users regarding the legality of Kodi software and how exactly are you able to stream Free Movies, TV Shows, and Live IPTV.

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