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Maze Build Kodi is a family entertainment build which is about 103 MB in size and runs on almost every device where Kodi is installed. You will find all the latest Kodi addons that bring you New Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Live Sports, and Kids section.

The reason we call it a family entertainment build is because of its impressive Kids sections that show Kids Movies, Cartoons, and Anime. The guide explains how to install Maze Build on Kodi.

Do remember that a Kodi Maze Build will get you to stream Movies, TV Shows, and all other video content. To keep your online identity safe online, you require a VPN on Kodi. It hides your IP address and prevents your ISPs from knowing what you’re doing online. Also, check for more Best Kodi Builds for free streaming. Learn more about Kodi in our guide.

How to Install Maze Build on Kodi Krypton Version 17.6

Step 1: Open Kodi on your system > Go to Settings menu located at the top


Step 2: Tap on File Manager > Scroll down and double click on Add Source


Step 3: Once you tap on ‘None’ option, paste the URL > Press OK


Step 4: Name the repository as ‘Maze Repo’ > Press OK and return to Kodi Main Menu


Step 5: Select Add-ons menu > Then click on Package Installer or Box icon


Step 6: Choose Install from Zip File > When the small window opens, click on Maze Repo


Step 7: Now select plugin.program.mazewizard


Step 8: Then click on > Now wizard will install and will take few minutes


Step 9: Once installed, you will receive a pop-up where you will need to select Continue


Step 10: Another window will emerge where you need to select Builds Menu


Step 11: If the Builds section does not appear, you can do it manually by going back to Kodi Home > Add-ons menu > Program Add-ons > Then Maze Wizard


Step 12: Now click on Maze Build Kodi 18 section from the list


Step 13: Scroll down to Krypton section and select [17.0] Maze Family Build 17 (v1.6)


Step 14: Now click on (Maze) Fresh Install


Step 15: If it asks you to restore Kodi to default settings, click Continue


Step 16: The download will now start



How to Install Maze Kodi Build on Kodi Jarvis Version 16

Step 1: Open Kodi Jarvis > Click on System 

Step 2: Click on File Manager > Then go on to double click Add Source

Step 3: Tap on the ‘None’ option > Copy/Paste the URL > Press Done

Step 4: Type the name of repository i.e. Maze Repo > Press Done > Then click OK

Step 5: Return to Kodi Home

Step 6: Here you need to select System menu again > Then click on Add-ons menu

Step 7: Choose Install from Zip File > Go on to click Maze Repo

Step 8: Select plugin.program.mazewizard > Then click on > Wait until Maze Wizard Build is installed

Step 9: A message will appear where you need to click on Continue

Step 10: Another box will appear where you will need to select Builds Menu

Step 11: When the Builds Menu appear, find and select Maze Family Build

Step 12: Click on Fresh Install > Then select Continue if a message appears that asks you to restore default Kodi settings

Step 13: The download will now begin

Step 14: Once installed, restart Kodi and enjoy free streaming of Movies and TV Shows on the best Kodi Maze Build


How to Install Maze Build Kodi on FireStick

Step 1: Before you begin installation, you need to install Kodi on FireStick

Step 2: Go back to FireStick Home > Click on the Settings menu at the top

Step 3: Now click on Applications menu

Step 4: Scroll down and select Manage Installed Applications > Tap on Kodi

Step 5: Once Kodi is opened, follow the instructions as highlighted above for Krypton or Jarvis.

There’s one thing you should know after installing Maze Build. You need to choose a FireStick VPN if you’re going to stream free video content.

Maze Build Kodi Features

Maze Build has Aeon Nox Kodi Skin embedded which is in itself has an attractive interface. The good thing is the sections do not consume a lot of space so it makes a bit easier to understand and take action. At the front menu you will see all the New Movies, while at the bottom menu you will find various sections and under those sections you will find Kodi add-ons for each section.


Once you click on the Movies section, you will be presented with the latest Movies all lined up for your viewing. In the same section you can also find the description of the movie you have select, movie run-time, IMDB rating, release date, and its director.


You can also select Kodi add-ons present under each section and that would also bring you to New Movies to choose from. Either way, you get to see all the video content for free.


Movies and TV Shows Add-ons


Here are the Movies and TV Shows add-ons that are available on Maze Build Kodi:

Sports Add-ons


Below you will find a list of Sports add-ons available on Maze Build Kodi:

Live IPTV Add-ons


Following are the list of Kodi add-ons that bring you Live IPTV channels from anywhere around the world:

Kids Section


Maze Build Kodi has a ton of Kodi add-ons that bring you Kids Movies, Cartons, Anime, and so much more. Here are the Kids add-ons that you will find:

  • Klassic Kinds TV
  • Spinz Cartoons
  • Kids Nation
  • Placenta Kids


Maze Build Kodi Alternatives

Maze Build Kodi is an extremely fun build for family entertainment. We say that because it shows New Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Live Sports, and a special Kids section. It has something for everyone and this why it is incomparable to other Builds that are specialized in only one of these sections. Below are Maze Build Kodi alternatives that are similar to this build:


Kodi Build Maze Not Working/Issues/Errors

Problem: Fails to Complete Installation

The most frequent problem Kodi users have to face while installing Maze Build Kodi is the failure to finish installation. It occurs when you’re half way installing the build and abruptly the installation stops.


To fix this error, you need to install Fresh Start Kodi add-on that can be found in Dimitrology Repository. This add-on helps you to restore Kodi to its default settings. One you do that, restart Kodi and then begin Maze Build Kodi installation.


The Wrap Up

Maze Build Kodi is a fascinating build for family entertainment because of its variety of content from the latest Movies to Kids section and Live Sports. There are tons of Kodi add-ons that bring you Movies and TV Shows along with a bunch of other sections. This guide explains exactly what you need to know of how to install Maze Build on Kodi.