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Durex Build Kodi has a striking interface that never fails to amuse Kodi users with its streams that shows Movies, TV Shows, Live Sports, and Live IPTV. With a space of only 360 MB, Durex Build immediately replaces the old Kodi addons with the new ones, and has recently launched its version 8 for Krypton, Jarvis, and FireStick. Here is a quick guide on how to install Durex Build on Kodi.


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How to Install Durex Build Kodi on Kodi Krypton 17.6

Step 1: Launch Kodi on your system > Tap on the Settings icon at the top


Step 2: Click on File Manager > Then double click on Add Source


Step 3: Tap ‘None’ option > Now paste the URL > Press OK


Step 4: Name the repository as Durex Build > Then Press OK to close the box


Step 5: Roll back to Kodi Home > Click on Add-ons menu > Then tap on Box-icon located at the top


Step 6: Choose Install from Zip File > Once the box appears, click on Durex Build


Step 7: Now select > Wait for the wizard to install


Step 8: Durex Wizard will pop-up, click on Dismiss


Step 9: Another Durex Wizard box will appear, here you need to click on Continue


Step 10: Tap on the Build Menu, this would lead you to Kodi Builds Menu


Step 11: Select Durex Build for Kodi Krypton 17.x (V8.0)


Step 12: Now scroll down to select Fresh Install


Step 13: Click on Continue when it says restore Kodi to default settings


Step 14: The installation will now start



How to Install Durex Build Kodi on Kodi Jarvis 16

Step 1: Open Kodi Jarvis > Click on System

Step 2: Select File Manager option

Step 3: Now double click on Add Source

Step 4: Tap ‘None’

Step 5: Copy/Paste the URL > Press Done

Step 6: Just below, type the name of the repository i.e. Durex Build > Press Done > Then click OK

Step 7: Go back to Kodi Main Menu > Click on System again

Step 8: Tap on Add-ons menu

Step 9: Select Install from Zip File > Click on Durex Build

Step 10: Select > Wait until the Durex Wizard is installed

Step 11: Durex Wizard will emerge, click on Dismiss

Step 12: Click on Continue when another box appears

Step 13: Select Build Menu > This would lead you to Kodi Builds page

Step 14: Click on Durex Build for Kodi Jarvis 16.x (V8.0)

Step 15: Press on Fresh Install

Step 16: Choose Continue option when it asks you to restore Kodi default settings

Step 17: The installation will start now


How to Install Durex Build Kodi on FireStick

Step 1: First, you are required to install Kodi on FireStick

Step 2: Open FireStick Home > Go to Settings

Step 3: Select Applications > Then go to Manage Installed Applications

Step 4: Open Kodi

Step 5: Now you need to repeat the steps as highlighted for Kodi Krypton version 17.6

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Durex Build Kodi Features

The feature of Durex Kodi Build is graceful to watch with all the colorful wallpapers, nice setting of Kodi add-ons at the bottom of the page, and date with timings located at the top-right corner.


When you hover the mouse over any category such as Movies, you will find that the widgets appear at the front of your screen. These widgets allow you to choose the latest Movies and TV Shows.


Once you click on a category i.e. Movies, you will find various sub-categories of Movies. Choose sub-categories from the list and stream the latest content.


Movies and TV Shows Add-ons


Following are the Movies and TV Shows add-ons that features new Movies and TV Shows:


Sports Add-ons


Here are some of the best Sports Kodi add-ons under Durex Build Kodi:

  • Pure Sports Kodi
  • Skynet
  • At the Flix

Live IPTV Add-ons


Below you will find some of the best Live IPTV add-on for free Live TV Shows:

  • Aragon Live Kodi
  • Maverick TV
  • Dogs Bollocks

Durex Build Kodi Alternatives

Kodi Builds have revolutionized how you use Kodi. While installing Builds, you do not have to follow a lengthy process to install each Kodi addons. That is because Builds are a collection of add-ons and would stream Movies, TV Shows, Live Sports, and Live IPTV. Here the alternatives for Durex Build Kodi:


Durex Build Kodi Reviews

There’s a tie on which is the best Kodi Build of all-time, Durex Kodi Build or the Titanium Build. Both these builds are similar to how they perform and never shuts down.

When it comes to FireStick device, Durex Build beats everyone. Because it has such a wonderful interface with a close striking to FireStick’s interface, it has received liking from the user of this device.


The Wrap Up

Durex Build Kodi is the complete Build that you would ever install. Despite the fact that it carries 360 MB space of Kodi, it is still the fastest due to its impregnable interface. Watch all the latest Movies, TV Shows, Live Sports, and Live IPTV. This guide explains how to install Durex Build on Kodi Krypton and Jarvis.