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Attention Kodi Users!!
Before you proceed, please be informed that using Live TV addons without a VPN can cause geo-restrictions. Using a Kodi VPN can also help you unblock all Kodi Live TV Addons.


The time for Cable is over! Now begins the time of cord cutting where viewers can stream Live TV, their favorite shows from anywhere using Kodi by installing some of the Best Kodi Live TV Addons for 2019. Why pay for Premium TV Channels when you can watch at zero cost?

These Live TV addons will help you watch:

  • Premium Live TV Channels on Kodi
  • 24/7 Live Webcams
  • Live Music Concerts
  • Live Sports and PPV Events

Further, it will feature region-wise channels i.e. Canada TV, US TV, Spanish TV, and other.

However, this would require you to learn about how do I get a VPN for Kodi to overcome geo-restrictions. It also helps you protect  your online activity against ISPs.

For watching Movies and TV Shows, you can view our best Kodi addons guide.


Maverick TV – Best Kodi Live TV Addon for 2019

Considering the popularity of Maverick TV Kodi addon in terms of stream link quality, data from Google Trends, and its engagement in Facebook groups and Kodi communities, we have decided to rank it as the best Live TV addon of Kodi for 2019.


Maverick TV Addon is a fan favorite amongst Kodi users as it manages to stream all the Live Channels in either HD or SD streaming quality. It is not just a TV addon, but it also streams 4K UHD Movies, TV Shows with multiple streaming links.

To have a glimpse of its performance, we used Google Trends for last 30 days comparing it with some of the best Live TV addons:



Best Kodi Live TV Addons 2019

We tested a bunch of Live TV addons for this month, and luckily we were able to find some of the few that worked perfectly well and had quality streaming links available.

Here are the 7 best Addons for Live TV Kodi of 2019:

  • Whisky One
  • Vukovar
  • Maverick TV
  • Supremacy
  • DeathStar
  • Phoenix Reborn
  • Firecat
  • cCloud TV
  • Loki


Whisky One

Best-Kodi-Live-TV-Whisky-OneIt is a Live IPTV addon that features channels based on categories such as Kids, Sports, Entertainment, Food, etc. For example, in the Kids section you will find Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Baby TV, and others. It also has a section i.e. USA Channels that streams all that channels that are available in the country.

Repository: T2K Repository


Developer: W1



Best-Live-TV-Kodi-VukovarThis is a Croatian add-on that shows Live TV channels from countries around the world. You will find menu options in Croatian language, but the videos will be in English or the language of a particular country. It has channels from 9 different countries i.e. US/UK, Italy, Portugal, France, etc.

Repository: Zadar Repo


Developer: Vukoverac


Death Star

DeathStar-Best-Live-TV-Kodi-Addon DeathStar Kodi is found in a popular Kodi repository i.e. UKodi1 and Team DNA Repo. You will find many popular Live TV addons in one place such as Wow, Expose, DNA, and others. These addons will bring you Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, and Live Sports. Available in UKodi 1 Repo.

Repository: Ukodi 1 Repository


Developer: Team UKodi1 and Team DNA Repositories


Hard Events

Best-Live-Tv-Kodi-Addon-HardEventsHard Events Kodi is an addon that streams live events such as festivals and concerts. Only few Kodi Live TV addons have such features where people can watch live events at their homes that are happening around the world. No need to get a ticket when you can enjoy a concert live. It is found in KNE Repository

Repository: KNE Repository


Developer: Painkiller



Best-Live-Tv-Kodi-Addon-USTV-NowUSTVNow Kodi is a widely adapted Live TV Kodi addon and requires a subscription from USTVNow official website. The addon offers relatively fewer channels at the moment (CBS, ESPN, NBC and Fox News), but it is ranked at the top as best Live TV addon due to its popularity in the United States.

Note: USTVNow requires account registration for Kodi streaming. You may sign up for a free account at the time of accessing USTVNow on Kodi. Also, USTVNow only accepts email address for signup, thus no social media registration is supported.

Repository: Official Kodi Repository

Source: Built-in Repository (Already Installed on Kodi)

Developer: Lunatixz


Phoenix Reborn IPTV

Best-Live-TV-Kodi-Addon-Phoenix-RebornYou wouldn’t want to confuse the old Phoenix Kodi add-on with the Phoenix Reborn IPTV. The developer of this add-on made a great effort to make it quite exactly like Phoenix as it features Live TV and Live Sports. However, it’s a Croatian add-on that has language set in Croatian, but it is easy to figure out the sections. Found in Tojelako Repository.

Repository: Tojelako Repository


Developer: Kodi Phoenix Reborn


Maverick TV

Maverick-TV-Best-Live-TV-Kodi-AddonMaverick TV Kodi may not be considered as a new add-on but it has currently shown a resounding increase in its popularity. It shows World IPTV channels, live sports, movies, and documentaries, and so much others but with a use of a Kodi VPN. Maverick TV has its own repository from where you can download.

Repository: Maverick Repository


Developer: Maverick


cCloud TV

cCloud-TV-Best-Live-TV-Kodi-AddoncCloud TV Kodi is a cloud-based Kodi addon which offers channels from community streams around the globe. But due to nature of addon, channels are provided from different regions in different languages. Subscribers can watch sports, news, and documentaries using cCloudTV live TV addon for Kodi.

Repository: Kodil Repository


Developer: Rattlehead



Best-Live-Tv-Kodi-Addon-FirecatTeam UKodi1 brings another blockbuster Kodi addon that has got everything for your entertainment needs. It has a Live TV section that covers TV channels from all around the world, Latest Movies section, TV Shows, Documentaries, and Music. Firecat Kodi works well in every device including FireStick. It is found in Kodil Repository.

Repository: Kodil Repository


Developer: Ukodi1



Best-Live-TV-Kodi-Addon-StreamHubStreamHub Kodi is the fork of the famous Live Hub Kodi add-on that was found in the StreamHub repository. However, its replacement add-on has done a decent job in maintaining a good viewer traffic. Since it also possesses a famous built-in add-on ‘Mobdro’ that offers live TV channels from around the world, therefore it requires a Kodi VPN to stream any channel that is present outside your country.

Repository: Kodil Repository


Developer: sClarke



Gen-X-Best-Live-TV-Kodi-AddonGen-X Kodi is more of an All-in-One addon than a Kodi Live TV addon, because alongside featuring Live TV channels, it streams 4K UHD Movies and New Movie Released. Also, it features a separate section ‘Live In Concert’ where you can watch all the live Music Concerts that are happening right now. Further, it has ‘Klassic Kids’ category that streams Kids Live TV channels so they could watch it all day and night. Lastly, you can watch Live CCTV webcams that are placed in many different popular places.

Repository: Maverick Repository


Developer: Maverick PLC Limited


Monster Munch

Monster-Munch-Best-Live-TV-Kodi-AddonMonster Munch is a world-class Kodi Live TV addon with sections including 24/7 Live Streams, Live Radio Channels, Fitness TV, World Live TV Cams, Live Sports, and Movies. In the 24/7 stream section, this add-on has divided channels into Western, Sci-Fi, Musicals, Mystery, War, Horror, etc. In the Sports section, there is an option called Tube Sports where you can stream live matches that are happening right now.

Repository: Step Toes Repo


Developer: Steptoe



Midian-Best-Live-TV-Kodi-AddonMidian Kodi is the place where you watch Live Cams of the favorite places in the world. Apart from that, there is a ton of other sections, but most importantly there is a Live Stuff section where you get to enjoy watching Live Channels. You will find various options under this category including Channels List 1 & 2. Here you can select country specific Live Channels/ Some of these countries include Canada, France, Germany, Russia, Turkey, US, UK, and others.

Repository: Midian Repository


Developer: Wolfey B


TV One Plus

TV-One-Plus-Best-Kodi-addonTV One Plus Kodi is a unique add-on that happens to stream Live TV from at least 34 countries. It has dedicated categories designed separately for each country. Some of these countries include Germany, Spain, India, Australia, Turkey, and others. It is found in the new Sandman Repository.

Repository: Sandman Repository


Developer: RACC



Best-Live-Tv-Kodi-Addon-SupremacySupremacy is an old, yet the best addon for Live TV Kodi the Kodi world has ever seen. For many years of its existence, it has never once been shut down or disappeared from the scene. Its basically an All-in-One addon but because of its excellent Live TV section, it is regarded as a Live TV addon. Once you click on its Live TV option, you will be provided with a number of countries to choose from. Once you select a country, you will then be provided with their list of Live Channels for streaming.

Repository: Supremacy


Developer: Supremacy



Best-Live-Tv-Kodi-Addon-Loki Loki from the Asgard addon has the perfect balance for your entertainment needs. Loki Kodi has Movies, TV Shows, Christmas, Sports, and Kids section, but most importantly it has Live TV category where it shows Live PPV Events. If you happen to see any Live Sporting event without any charge, you can always tune in to this add-on. It covers UFC, WWE, Boxing, and other sports all over the world. Other than this, it also streams, Documentaries, Standup Comedy, and Music.

Repository: Loki Repository


Developer: Loki god of mischief


The Loop

The-Loop-Kodi-Best-Live-TV-Kodi-AddonThe Loop Kodi is a unique Live TV addon that has a whole list of CBS channels that are televised regional-wise for many different cities around the world. Other sections include Fan Zone, Fight Zone, and Game Zone that streams Live Channels for the related categories. NBC Sports Regionals is another interesting category that happens to stream all sports that are aired by NBC in its different channels. Lastly, a Golf 24/7 channels are also stream in this addon.

Repository: Loop Repository


Developer: Munkee


Adriana TV

Adriana-TV-Best-Live-TV-Kodi-AddonAdriana TV covers a wide array of categories that i.e. Documentary TV, Kids TV, Sports TV, Music TV, Brazil TV, Animal TV, and a lot others. It’s a Croatian Kodi Live TV addon but covers all major Live TV channels that are aired around the world. For some channels, this addon gives you multiple links for streaming because it realizes that most Live TV addons fails to stream due to increased traffic.

Repository: Zadar Repository


Developer: MLADO


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The Wrap Up

Cutting the cord has become mandatory with the increased price of cable subscriptions. However, since we have listed 17 Best Kodi Live TV addons, you can view Premium Channels at zero cost. You will just need to install these addons and you’re good to stream.