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Its good news for Kodi fans! TVAddons Fusion Kodi Repository has once again become a hub for all the third-party Kodi add-ons. The disappearance of TVAddons didn’t last long, and soon enough it has emerged once again as a repository that you can depend.

In this guide, we discuss how to install TVAddons Fusion Kodi Repository and with that, we provide the benefits using this repo.

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TVAddons is Back

Official TVAddons Fusion Kodi Repository has made a remarkable comeback after being shut down for almost 3 months. It is few of those repositories that have shown strong resilience against law enforcement and defied all odds to entertain Kodi users once again.

Kodi users faced a tremendous amount of difficulty in the wake of TVAddons Repo shut down. Soon as the Fusion Kodi fell in the hands of law enforcement the entire list of top Kodi add-ons became insecure and started to break. Now that TVAddons is back, everything is coming back to normal.


What Does this Mean to Kodi Users Who Use Fusion?

The legal complaint filed by law enforcement claims that Fusion Kodi Repository was accessed by approximately 40 million users from around the world every month. Amongst those users, approximately 900,000 Canadian households would access third-party add-ons via Fusion Kodi repo. These were the figures that were shown to the court and that tells exactly how these 40 million users would have felt when they got TVAddons back.

TVAddons had centralized Kodi unofficial add-ons in its repository. Since TVAddons has returned to the scene, once again Kodi users would have to install all third-party Kodi add-ons from once single point i.e. via GitHub Browser. Check out our guide on how to install GitHub Browser on Kodi. GitHub Browser tool introduced by TVAddons allows you to install add-ons and repositories directly from GitHub.


How to Stay Safe When Using Third-Party Addons?

Third-party add-ons let you stream movies and tv shows and this is the particular reason why they are restricted in many different countries. However, you need to stay protected at all times, and to do that you need a Kodi VPN. A VPN encrypts your online activity and data with the strongest 256-bit encryption.

VPN will keep you safe online at all times by completely masking your IP address. Further, whenever you feel necessary to stream IPTV channels on Kodi from other countries, a VPN will unblock geo-restrictions. Follow the steps below to get VPN:

Step 1: Get PureVPN for your device

Step 2: After you subscribe to a VPN, install the PureVPN app (Desktop or Mobile)

Step 3: Insert Username and Password > Connect to a server

Step 4: Run Kodi as you normally do. Hence, your online activity is now protected.


Benefits of Using TVAddons

TVAddons Fusion Repository servers many great benefits for Kodi users. For one, it has made a lot easier for everyone in installing Kodi add-ons. Why anyone would go through lengthy installation steps for add-ons when you can install it with just one add-on i.e. Indigo?

GitHub Browser is a revolutionary change in the Kodi world introduced by Indigo add-on. GitHub Browser section allows you to install add-ons and repositories directly from GutHub. Now, Kodi third-party add-on developers can create a Zip File for their repositories or add-ons and paste it on GitHub and can be retrieved by Kodi users via GitHub Browser section.

Another great feature TVAddon brings to Kodi community is its great maintenance tool. With Fusion Kodi, you can now clear cache and prevent Kodi buffering, backup and restore Kodi add-ons, view check log errors, factory restore Kodi, and check on your network speed. In all these years, none of the Kodi repositories have managed to replicate the features offered by Fusion Repository.


How to Install Fusion with Kodi Krypton

Step 1: Launch Kodi on your system > Go to Settings (Gear-shaped) icon placed on top menu


Step 2: Now tap on File Manager option > Then scroll down to double click on Add Source


Step 3: A box will appear where you need to select <None> option


Step 4: Here you need to paste this URL exactly > Click OK


Step 5: Name the repository as Fusion Kodi or any other name as per your liking > Then Click OK to close the box


Step 6: Once the box closes, go back to Kodi Home > Then select Add-ons section


Step 7: At the top menu, click on the Box-icon also called the Package Installer option


Step 8: Choose Install from Zip File from the option


Step 9: Now tap on Fusion Kodi > Click Begin-here > Select


Step 10: The repository will start to install > Once the download is over you can access the Fusion Kodi Repository or the Indigo Kodi add-on by going to Kodi Home > Add-ons > Program Add-ons > Indigo > Enjoy!


How to Install Fusion with Kodi Jarvis

Step 1: Open Kodi Jarvis > Tap on the System option

Step 2: Click on File Manager > Then choose Add Source by double clicking on it

Step 3: Tap where it says <None>

Step 4: Copy/Paste this URL > Click Done

Step 5: Give a name to this repository i.e. Fusion Kodi > Click Done > Then select OK

Step 6: Go back to Kodi Main Menu > Click on System > Then select Add-ons option

Step 7: Go to Install from Zip File

Step 8: Tap on Fusion Kodi > Then select Begin-here option

Step 9: Then choose > Wait for the repository to install

Step 10: Once the download ends, go back to Kodi Main Menu and open Indigo Kodi add-on


Fusion Kodi Zip Download

Fusion Kodi repository can also be downloaded directly onto your Kodi app. The direct download method can shorten the long procedure of installing the repository. First, are required to Download Fusion Kodi Zip File and save it on your computer. Now follow the steps highlighted below:

Step 1: Open Kodi Krypton > Select Add-ons menu

Step 2: Go to Box-icon located at the top

Step 3: Choose Install from Zip File option

Step 4: Upload the downloaded zip file and wait for the repository to install


Fusion Kodi Reviews

Many Kodi users have come forward showing their support for TVAddons Fusion Repository when it was shut down. All Kodi add-ons were centralized in one repository and that’s what made Kodi a huge success.

It is so unlikely that a repository which has been shut down by law enforcement came into existence after a few months. That shows a strong resilience amongst the creators of TVAddons repository to never give up.


The Wrap Up

TVAddon has once again taken a center stage as a hub for installing all the third-party Kodi add-ons. Fusion Kodi repository has to offer many great features including GitHib Browser, maintenance tools, and many great other features. In this guide, we discussed detailed steps on how to install TVAddons Fusion Kodi Repository.