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Kickass also known as Kat was one of the most popular torrenting sites of its time. Ever since the site first launched back in 2008, it has been providing torrents with an abundance of awesome torrent files.

However, due to the legitimacy of their torrent files the site has received multiple notice and piracy lawsuits. Due to the overwhelming amount of heat, the website has received over the years the site is pretty much inaccessible in multiple regions around the world.

Even though the original site is no longer available; however, there are plenty of Kickass proxy 2018 and mirror sites available online which makes it easy to download more or less the same contents as the original site.

With that being said, most of these so-called proxy and mirror sites do not tend to work as intended. However, being aware of this situation, I have compiled a list of working and stable Katproxy kickass that you can use.

Why am I having trouble accessing KickassTorrents?

get-unhindered-access-with-Kickass-proxyAlthough the original Kat site is still down new Kickass site “” is still up and running. However, despite the availability of the site, there is a number of reasons why one might have trouble accessing it.


  1. The number one reason why most torrent sites are inaccessible these days is due to regional restrictions. If your country has strict copyright regulations then chances are you will not be able to access KickassTorrents without the aid of a proxy or a VPN service.
  2. Another reason why you might not be able to access KickassTorrents could have something to do with your computer’s firewall settings. Virus riddled torrenting sites are often blocked by your computer to prevent malware injection.
  3. Torrent sites are often prone to downtimes and takedowns; therefore, it is quite possible that you accessed KickassTorrents when it might have been down.

Why is KickassTorrents blocked?

why-is-Kickass-proxy-blockedYou do not have to be genius to guess why KickassTorrents is blocked in multiple regions. After all, the site is infamous for distributing the largest collection of pirated contents in the torrenting industry.

Users can find tons of blockbuster movies, hilarious sitcoms and jaw-dropping games all for the price of basically nothing. This obviously is a major offense in the eyes of copyright regulators and government agencies.

In fact just this year major media corporation like Sony, Universal among others have filed lawsuits against Kickass based on copyright infringement charges.

Having been found guilty of such serious offenses, it is no surprise that even you ISPs restrict you from accessing it.

However, with the help of proxy, VPNs and even mirror sites you can easily get Kickass unblocked.

What even is a Proxy Server?

A proxy server is nothing more than an intermediary body between you and the site you want to visit. The functionality of a proxy server is to mask a particular IP in order to get access to restricted websites. When you try to access a site using a proxy server, your request first passes through the proxy server to the site you want to visit essentially anonymizing your network requests.

Now there are multiple proxy and mirror sites for KickassTorrents, however, they differ in terms of their speeds and overall stability.

What is a Kickass Proxy?

Kickass proxy is nothing more than a clone of the original site. In order to offer the same content as the original Kat website, these proxies and mirror sites access the official page of the KickassTorrents. These mirror and proxy sites are perfect for unblocking and accessing all sorts of exclusive Kat contents.

Kickass Torrent proxy & Kickass Torrents mirror sites

Although there are literally hundreds of Kickass torrents proxy and mirror sites, most of them do not tend to work and many of those that do are riddled with malware and obscene advertisements. However, fortunately for you guys, I have researched a bit to provide you with the best working Kickass proxy list.


If all fails, use a VPN

use-vpn-if-Kickass-proxy-failsEven though proxies are perfectly effective in unblocking most torrent sites, however, there can be times where you absolutely need a VPN. For instance, you cannot fully rely on proxies for online privacy especially when you consider the fact that you will be torrenting with it.

The only reason why proxies are even popular these days is that they are free and anyone who believes they are anonymizing their privacy with it is honestly too gullible.

Which VPN service to consider for Kat

Now I cannot stress enough that proxies are more than enough to unblock KickassTorrents, however, if for some reason you do choose a VPN service you must make sure you use the right one. There are couples of well-renowned VPN providers you can opt to unblock Kickass, which I am going to list below.

Should I use a free VPN?

No! Absolutely not if you are going to download torrents with it. The reason why you should avoid free VPN services is that they cannot be trusted with our privacy. Providers that do claim complete privacy for free are no more than small-time corporations looking to make money off of you by selling your data.

Wrapping up!

Ever since the launch of the official site, the Kickass search engine has been paving the way to conveniently torrent all sorts of digital contents. Even though the original “” site is obsolete, there are plenty of clones with varying domain names that you can use.

In this blog, we have covered some of the most stable Kickass proxy available online along with some alternative VPN providers which you use to unblock Kickass and other blocked sites.

I hope you found this blog informative, do comment which proxy and mirror site worked best for you.