Watch Khabib vs McGregor Live Online | UFC 229

Watch Khabib vs McGregor Live Online | UFC 229

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The most anticipated fight in UFC history is just days away. The undefeated, Undisputed Lightweight Champion, The Russian Bear Khabib ‘The Eagle’ Nurmagomedov is facing the former Double Champ, the Irish Conor ‘The Notoriuos’ McGregor.

Conor will be returning after 2 years break from the Ocatgon, while this is Khabib’s 3rd match in 9 months and that is what makes McGregor the underdog. But you never underestimate McGregor and his left hand so what we know from his previous fights. Read our guide on how to watch Khabib vs McGregor Live Online in UFC 229.

UFC 229 First Press Conference Date

September 20th, 2018

After rumors being spread that Conor wouldn’t promote the fight and do media conferences, but just now UFC has confirmed the date for the first Press Conference between Khabib and McGregor. The Press Conference was held on Radio City Music Hall in New York on September 20th at 5 p.m. ET.

UFC 229 Next Press Conference Date

October 4th, 2018

The first press conference was so much fun that they have booked the second one, but this time it is open for public. Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov second press conference will take place on Oct 4th, Thursday two days before the fight. Park Theater in Las Vegas will be the venue and the time at which the press conference will start is 3:00 pm ET.

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor Mcgregor Fight Time

Conor McGregor vs Khabib fight date is Saturday night Oct 6th, inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. All the tickets are sold out, but you can still buy PPV which is expected to sell over 2 million. The fight will start at 10:00 pm ET, but the UFC 229 event will start at 7:00 pm ET. For a detailed fight time in different zones, look at the list below:

  • New York (ET): 10:00 pm
  • Chicago (CT): 9:00 pm
  • Las Vegas (PT): 7:00 pm
  • Sydney (AET): 1:00 pm
  • Tokyo (JST): 11:00 am (Sunday)
  • Moscow (MSK): 5:00 am (Sunday)
  • Paris (CEST): 4:00 am (Sunday)
  • London (BST): 3:00 am (Sunday)

The Weigh-Ins

The UFC 229 weigh-ins will take place on October 5th at 8 pm ET / 5 PM PT. Both fighters are confident that they will make weight easily. It has never been a problem for Conor when it comes to making weight, but since Khabib has hired his nutritionist he’s also confident to make weight with ease.

UFC 229: Khabib vs McGregor Broadcaster’s List

Here is a quick list of official broadcasting channels for Khabib vs McGregor Fight:

CountriesOfficial Broadcasters
United KingdomBT Sports
Middle EastOSN
Sweden, DenmarkViaplay
Match TVRussia
Fox SportsAustralia

Watch Khabib vs McGregor Live Online Free Streaming

It is good news for UFC fans that they could also watch Khabib vs McGregor UFC 229 fight live for free. Match TV in Russia will stream the match live for MMA fans. However, it will only be available for streaming in Russia. To overcome geographical restrictions, you will need a VPN.

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Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Subscribe to PureVPN

Step 2: Download and Install the PureVPN app for your preferred device

Step 3: Enter Username and Password

Step 4: Connect to a Russian server

Step 5: Now visit Match TV website and start streaming Khabib vs McGregor live online for free


Other Options for Watching The Big UFC Fight

There are other options where you can easily tune in to the match and watch it live. I have also managed to provide separate setup guides for different devices that might help you with the streaming.

Cheap PPV

The price for UFC PPV event 229 for US customers has been set at $64.99 in HD. However, what people don’t know is that UFC has set different prices for different regions. We get you to buy UFC 229 PPV cheapest price possible at 73% OFF by changing your country region. Check our guide cheapest ways to watch UFC 229 for more information.


Kodi is a free streaming player that let you watch UFC fights for free. However, you need to install a selective Kodi add-on that will stream the UFC fight live. Hence, watch UFC 229 on Kodi for the free streaming of the fight if you can’t afford to watch it in PPV. However, watching it for free could get you in trouble, therefore you need to get VPN for Kodi to stay anonymous online and unblock geographical restrictions.


There are apps on FireStick that you can install so to watch the fight live. Its an Amazon device that is easily plugged to your TV and stream 1,000’s of Live TV channels including the ones that are official broadcasters of the fight. So, watch UFC 229 on FireStick that will be aired live on 6th Oct. Before you watch it on your FireStick device, be sure to get VPN for FireStick to overcome geographical restrictions over the internet.


Roku is probably the simplest way to watch Live TV, Sports, and Movies after FireStick device. It is a digital streaming media player where you can watch UFC 229 Khabib vs McGregor live online with UFC or Fox Sports GO app and many other different apps. Check out the guide to watch UFC 229 on Roku.

Apple TV

A digital media player that happens to stream every Live TV Channel and Live Sporting event through its applications. Apple TV does allow you to install certain applications including UFC app that will let you watch UFC 229 McGregor vs Khabib live online. For more information, follow our guide to watch UFC on Apple TV.

Without Cable

Cutting the cord and take it to the online world is what’s demanded by today’s viewers. Getting a cable could cost you way more than what you will get from streaming services such as DirecTV, DAZN, and others. Check out our detailed guide to watch UFC 229 without cable.


If you’re wanting to watch the UFC 229 fight on PS4, then you got to have a UFC fight pass. But then, you will then need a VPN to first change your server to Philippines and then get a UFC Fight pass because the price difference between US and Philippines PPV price is extraordinary. Follow the steps as highlighted below:

  • Subscribe to PureVPN
  • Download its app on PS4
  • Enter Login information > Connect to Philippine server
  • Install UFC Fight Pass app
  • Subscribe to UFC Fight Pass
  • Now stream UFC 229 on PS4

Watch Khabib vs McGregor Live Online Outside US

Viewers present outside users are wondering where they can watch the fight live. It is the same concern for people travelling outside US. These viewers would face geographical restrictions because the fight is going to take place in US. Here is what you need to be doing:

  • Subscribe to PureVPN
  • Download and Install the app
  • Enter Login details > Connect to PureVPN’s Russian server
  • Visit Match TV website and watch the fight live


How to watch the McGregor fight with a UK & Ireland live stream

McGregor vs Khabib can streamed live online if the UK and the Ireland. The official broadcaster having the rights to cover the match live is BT Sports 1. The channel offers live streams on its official website as well as through dedicated apps for computers, smartphones, and tablets. You can download the app from the official website.


There are different package deals for users looking to subscribe to BT Sports. You can choose a subscription anywhere from one month to a whole year.

How to watch UFC 229: Canada live stream

UFC events are normally broadcasted by Sports Net in Canada. Unfortunately, the channel does not have the rights to cover UFC 229. For Canadian viewers, therefore, McGregor vs Khabib live stream on is the main option available.



However, if you have a VPN service, you can get channels like BT Sports 1 in Canada by using the VPN to connect to a UK server and watch UFC 229 in this way. Whichever option you use, just make sure you don’t miss this fight!

How to watch the McGregor fight: Australia live stream

Main Event is a Pay-Per-View channel for Australia. It offers live streams for events like boxing, WWE, and UFC. To access these PPVs, you need to be a subscriber to OPTUS or Foxtel. This is the only option available for Australian viewers unless you use a VPN to bypass geo-restricted streaming channels in your country.


Background of Conor VS Khabib Fight

The feud between Conor and Khabib started after a confrontation between Artem Lobov, a friend of McGregor, and Khabib took place during UFC 223. Nurmagomedov was provoked by Lobov who, along with McGregor, has repeatedly thrown insults at him previously, calling him names.

Khabib responded to this by confronting Lobov and apparently giving him a light slap. After this incident, McGregor flew to UFC 223, without prior announcement, went past the security, and threw a dolly at the bus in which Nurmagomedov was traveling.

Conor was arrested for this act but was released on a plea deal, and this led to the two fighters booking a battle at the Octagon for UFC 229.

Khabib vs Mcgregor Fight Stats

Khabib vs McGregor Statistics

McGregor vs Khabib odds are 50/50 as both fighters have a unique style, Conor is the best striker while Khabib is the best grappler indefinitely. Khabib, in his interviews leading up to the fight has always said that he will try to close the gap and go for the takedown from the very start. Conor will be looking to expose Khabib and will try to catch him running in towards him.

McGregor will enter this fight as an underdog only because he hasn’t competed in the Octagon for 2 years. We don’t know how good Conor is after his fight against Mayweather. However, we are familiar with Conor’s skill set and we know he has the knockout power with left hand and that is the game changer.

UFC 229: Main Card and Prelims

Here is a look at the other fights that is on the UFC 229 main card. Tony Ferguson is making his comeback and he will be taking on Anthony Pettis who defeated Mike Chiesa.


Khabib vs McGregor Live Online: The Fight Promo


Why should I watch?

Because this fight is predicted to be one of the greatest in UFC history, against two fierce competitors with excellent fighting records in the competition. Moreover, the lightweight championship is on the line. So if you are MMA/UFC fan, this is not a fight you want to miss.

How can I watch live?

You can watch live stream of UFC 229 from anywhere in the world by using a VPN and access official channels broadcasting the fight. Take a look at the broadcaster’s list. You can also watch it by purchasing Pay-Per-View.

Where to Order McGregor vs Khabib PPV Online

You can order a Conor McGregor vs Khabib tickets online from UFC.TV.

How to watch Khabib vs McGregor online on Tablet or Smartphone?

Simply visit the official website of an official broadcaster or PPV from your smartphone or tablet and watch the fight. Many broadcasters such as BT Sports have a dedicated app for iOS and Android phones for the convenience of phone and tablet users.

The Wrap Up

As this would be the biggest fight in UFC history, you surely wouldn’t want to miss it. Both fighters are on their peak and has taken things personally so much so that each of them is claiming to end everything what they have. So, watch Khabib vs McGregor live online with the above guide and tune in to the biggest ever fight in UFC.

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