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OVPN is a relatively lesser-known VPN, delivering its services through servers in 26 countries.

As per this OVPN review in Japan, the service does not provide many servers compared to other VPNs like ExpressVPN or Surfshark. However, there is a good reason behind the smaller server network discussed in detail below.

Moreover, it has some interesting capabilities, enabling users to access US Netflix and perform torrenting tasks from anywhere hassle-free.

That said, the service is a bit expensive as compared to other providers in the market. I recommend this VPN if you seek online privacy and if you can afford the slightly higher price.

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OVPN Review in Japan – Rating Criteria

I have conducted an OVPN Review in Japan , following my nine-step criteria to assess its performance and suitability:

  1. Jurisdiction – Where is this VPN located?
  2. Security – Is this VPN Secure?
  3. Leaks – IP, DNS, WebRTC & Virus Tests
  4. Servers – Are they P2P compatible?
  5. Speed – On the Lower Side
  6. Streaming – Does it work with Netflix?
  7. Compatibility – Apps and supported devices
  8. Pricing – What is the cost of OVPN?
  9. Trustworthiness – Trustpilot Ratings, Reddit & Customer Support

Jurisdiction – Where is this VPN located?

A team of people in Sweden operates OVPN. Sweden is a part of the 14 Eyes in Japan, which is a concern since the threat of domestic surveillance is always there for VPNs located here. However, even though the location is unsafe, there are no mandatory data retention laws. This is great for OVPN because it allows the provider to refrain from keeping logs of their customer’s personally identifiable information.

Security – Is this VPN Secure?

In terms of security, this VPN has taken all the required measures in the right way. Likewise, the service follows a no-logging policy in true letter and spirit. The provider does not keep logs of the following data:

  • Traffic
  • Timestamps
  • DNS requests
  • IP addresses
  • MAC addresses
  • Individual user bandwidth volumes


This makes for an extremely reliable logging policy that truly affords users a high level of online privacy. However, they have to store users’ minimal payment information to maintain their monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscriptions accordingly.

Above all, the provider publishes its own transparency report every month. By doing so, OVPN can claim itself as one of the most transparent VPNs in the industry. In fact, the company has a whole page dedicated to explaining in technical terms how they can deliver on their promise of being a “no-logs” VPN service. This is extremely commendable since many providers claim to follow a zero-logging policy without explaining their processes for guaranteeing this.

OVPN is now covered by legal insurance of €270,000 to make any demands for handing over user information to the court and fight the case to preserve the privacy of their users. This is a testament to the provider’s commitment to online privacy and care for customers.

As far as its encryption goes, OVPN offers 256-bit military-grade encryption to the users instantly. Furthermore, they use OpenVPN as the tunneling protocol, the most secure and stable VPN protocol currently available.

As such, OVPN is a competent service as far as user privacy and security go.

Leaks – IP, DNS, WebRTC & Virus Tests

OVPN does not expose your digital whereabouts, be its IP addresses, DNS, or WebRTC data online. Here are the screenshots:

IP Leak:


DNS Leak:


WebRTC Leak:


Virus Test:

I tested its Windows setup filed through VirusTotal and received no malware at all.


Servers – Are they P2P compatible?

At present, OVPN delivers servers in 29 countries worldwide. Although this server network seems small compared to some of the big names in the VPN industry, it bears mention that OVPN actually owns all these servers, so they have direct control over their performance and security aspects.


OVPN offers servers in 29 countries across the world in Japan.

The VPN industry’s common practice is that a given VPN provider rents servers from other server houses on a contract basis, and there are only a few servers that the provider actually owns. This limits the autonomy that the VPN provider can exercise over its network, restricting its ability to enforce its standards on those servers that belong to third parties.

Moreover, all these servers run on RAM rather than hard drives. This ensures that all user-related information, such as online activity, isn’t stored in any permanent memory format, which is in line with OVPN’s no-logging policy.

Therefore, despite the seemingly small server network, OVPN follows a path that few providers in the VPN industry can lay claim to. This is a path that prioritizes user privacy above all other considerations. Many big VPN brands expand their server network by renting their servers from third parties, which may not be considered user privacy even if the VPN provider sincerely cares for user privacy.

OVPN currently has servers in most major parts of Europe and the Americas, including the UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, the US, Canada, and Australia. Most of these servers allow P2P activities.

Speed – On the Lower Side

Unfortunately, the Swedish VPN provider delivers average connection speeds. To test the speed, I used my 30 Mbps connection.


After connecting to OVPN’s US server, I received the following speed:


As you can see, the download speed after connecting to a VPN is only 26.5% of the base connection speed. However, you should bear in mind that speed test results are a function of many factors, including your region, ISP, proximity to the connected server, etc. As such, the speed you receive may be significantly better than what I got on this particular test.

Streaming – Does it work with Netflix?

Interestingly, OVPN helps its users unblock the US Netflix media library from anywhere. This way, they can watch all their favorite media content be it TV shows or movies, anonymously.

Compatibility – Apps and supported devices

There is no denying, OVPN provides impressive compatibility features to the users. The subscribers may use setup guides and FAQs subsections to install the OVPN software and apps on their devices hassle-free.

Here is the list of operating systems and devices OVPN supports:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Routers
  • Raspberry Pi
  • pfSense

Pricing – What is the cost of OVPN?

OVPN offers one of the more expensive pricing plans to its users. They offer these pricing packages that include:


In terms of online payment methods, the provider only offers a few options such as:

  • BitCoin
  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • Cash

Likewise, the service offers 10 days money-back guarantee feature. According to this benefit, the new users may avail themselves of ten days money-back guarantee feature. However, the users will have to follow Swedish law to claim their refunds.

The users need to contact the service’s customer support through live chat or email within ten (10) days. If you have made a payment with BitCoin, your payment will be refunded anonymously.

If you have paid the subscription fee through cash, you should visit the service’s physical location. Although it is more expensive than some of the top-rated providers in the industry, the pricing makes sense considering that OVPN has to bear the costs of running its server network, which the provider exclusively owns.

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Trustworthiness – Trustpilot ratings, Reddit & Customer Support

On Trustpilot, the service has to improve its performance to another level. This is because not a single user has appreciated the performance of OVPN overall.


As far as its presence on Reddit goes, you will not find many users’ reviews about the service.


Hence, they have to increase their existence on a famous social media platform like Reddit drastically.

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Customer Support

On the support front, OVPN has not disappointed its users at all. At present, you can use the below-mentioned options:

  • Live Chat
  • Email
  • FAQs
  • Ticketing
  • Guides

This is how you can get solutions to all your queries promptly.

Comparison between ExpressVPN and OVPN

I have described the attributes of both these providers to help you decide about your privacy accordingly.

Features ExpressVPN OVPN
Price $6.67/mo $4.99/mo
Servers 3,000 in 94 Countries 26 Countries
Compatibility All Devices Windows, Mac, Linux, Android,
Jurisdiction Hong Kong Sweden
Logging Policy The British Virgin Islands No Logs
Customer Support Live Chat & Email Support FAQs, Live Chat & Email
Trust Pilot Score 4.7 3.3
Website ExpressVPN OVPN

Alternatives to OVPN

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Do I Recommend OVPN in Japan?

Yes, I recommend OVPN specifically for those users that are finicky about their privacy online. The provider has all the right mechanisms to deliver on its promise of keeping no logs used to identify any of its customers personally.

Although the server size is relatively small, OVPN owns its entire server itself giving the provider direct control over it, and allowing it to enforce its standards and policies without any outside interference.

On the other hand, it provides some amazing privacy features like transparency reports issuance, tunneling protocols, and encryption. It also allows users to access US Netflix from any country globally.

However, expensive pricing may be off-putting for some users. All in all, the OVPN review in Japan is a solid package of online privacy with reasonably strong unblocking capabilities at its disposal.