Is Avast VPN Good for Torrenting in Japan 2023?

  • Last updated July 18, 2023
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Avast is a well-recognized name in the antivirus software industry in Japan. What is not as widely known about Avast is that it now offers a standalone VPN service “Avast SecureLine” in Japan as a separate package from its antivirus solutions.

However, this is a pretty basic VPN with hardly anything to offer out of the ordinary. This article will show exactly why Is Avast VPN not a good choice for torrenting in Japan. For more VPN choices for great streaming check the best-rated VPN listed by us.

Avast VPN’s P2P-Friendly Features in Japan

To start with, let’s focus on Avast’s p2p-friendly features first:

Kill switch in Japan:

Avast VPN in Japan offers a built-in kill switch that is off by default but can be easily toggled on. The kill switch is an important mechanism for users that download torrents because it ensures that your real IP isn’t leaked in the event of a disconnection from the VPN in Japan.


P2P servers in Japan:

The server network of Avast is relatively small, but it does offer eight servers primed for torrenting purposes in Japan. Users that want to perform p2p filesharing must be connected to one of these eight servers otherwise you won’t be able to access any torrents in Japan.

The server selection menu of Avast has a separate tab for p2p servers which makes it quite simple to find and connect to a suitable server in Japan.


These servers should allow you to access torrents uninterrupted and without any restrictions. If you’re experiencing problems with the VPN for any reason, try applying the tips mentioned in this Avast VPN troubleshootin in Japan guide.

Jurisdiction in Japan:

Avast is based in the Czech Republic. The country is fairly lenient when it comes to torrenting and law enforcement generally ignores people downloading torrents. There are no notable cases in the news of people being fined in the Czech Republic for P2P activities.

As such, Avast is located in a safe place as far as torrenting is concerned in Japan.

Cons of Avast VPN As Relates Torrenting in Japan

Unfortunately, the cons of Avast VPN in Japan outweigh the pros when it comes to torrenting:

Logging policy in Japan:

There is a lot of information that Avast VPN collects from its users in Japan. For instance, Avast will collect the timestamps of your connections, the subnet of your original IP address, the full IP address of the VPN server you’re connected to in Japan, and the amount of data transmitted.

This is a little more than what many VPN users will be comfortable with. On top of that, in Japan many other providers no longer collect the user’s originating IP address at all.

Therefore, for tasks like torrenting in Japan which require very high levels of privacy, Avast’s logging policy is far from ideal.

Speed in Japan:

Avast VPN is not known for delivering fast speeds in Japan. As our latest Avast VPN test results in Japan demonstrate, Avast only produced an average of 25 Mbps of download speed when connected to a 100 Mbps base connection.

This represents a significant drop from the original speed. However, 26.34 Mbps is still fast enough for streaming purposes. Since Avast VPN works for Netflix in Japan, you should get high-quality streams as long as your base Internet connection is similar to what we used when testing Avast (100 Mbps).

Pricing in Japan:

Despite the nature of Avast VPN in Japan as a very basic service, it still costs more than many of the more popular full-fledged VPNs. Currently, the two and three-year plans of Avast cost $3.99/month.

There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee in place, which makes users entitled to receive a refund if they cancel Avast within 30 days of purchase in Japan. Moreover, new users can also benefit from the Avast 7-day free trial in Japan that requires no credit cards, which is rare to see in the VPN industry.

Furthermore if you are low on budget, you can also explore the option of using a Free VPN for Kodi in Japan. By incorporating a Free VPN for Kodi alongside Avast VPN, you can enhance your streaming experience and ensure a secure connection while enjoying Kodi content and also configure Avast with Roku in Japan, and even on routers to take advantage of the 10 multi-login capacity.

These are good benefits, but nothing changes the fact that Avast VPN is a little expensive in Japan for its average quality of service and performance attributes.


Avast SecureLine is an average VPN service in Japan that is only suited for simple tasks. Due to its slow speeds and questionable logging policy, it is not a good choice for torrenting purposes. There are much better alternatives out there for torrenting in Japan. Therefore, you can also choose some of the free torrenting VPNs in Japan in this regard, so that you can perform your torrenting activities smoothly and anonymously.

For more information see this Avast SecureLine review in Japan.

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