Why Does The VPN Icon Not Appear On My iOS Device in Japan?

  • Last updated May 31, 2023
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Why Does the VPN Icon Not Appear on my iOS Device

One valid reason for the VPN icon to disappear from the iOS device’s in Japan notch is that it happened due to less space on the device’s notch. iPhone X and other latest versions display only the essential icons on the device’s notch now.

With the broader space available on iPhone’s previous versions, a VPN icon always appeared on it. But the case is nowhere near the same anymore, and iPhone users aren’t too happy in Japan.

Why Has My VPN Icon Disappeared On My iPhone in Japan?

Less space on iPhone’s notch is the answer to this question. With the adverse reactions of iPhone users over this scenario in Japan, this problem was resolved by Apple in their 10.3.3 update. If a user is still facing the same issue, then you need to update your iOS software.

If it doesn’t work out, then there might be a bug. You need to follow the following instructions to check up on your WIFI/LTE icons to solve this issue:

1. Ensure that your Wifi is working by visiting any site. Also, make sure that the wifi icon is visible to you on the screen.

2. Visit the main Settings page and go to VPN.


3. Turn the VPN switch on and check if the wifi and VPN icons are present and visible to you.

4. Revisit any website to check if your wifi and VPN are working.

5. Turn on-demand to on again. If there’s a problem with your iOS, then your wifi icon will disappear while the VPN icon may try to connect or get replaced by the LTE icon.

6. Both the wifi and VPN icons may appear after a moment.

If this happens, then there’s a bug you’re facing that needs to be solved.

Also, if you have the VPN icon present on your iPhone in Japan but there’s a loading icon beside it, then don’t worry. The loading icon is only displayed when your device is processing something.

How Do I Get The VPN Icon To Appear On My iPhone in Japan?

Well, you can keep tabs on your VPN connection by accessing the Notifications Centre by dragging your finger from the top of the screen to the bottom, or use this guide:

1. Visit the VPN app (We recommend ExpressVPN for iPhone to all users)

2. You will find Connected displaying on your screen with your chosen server on your ExpressVPN app in Japan.


Once you’ve confirmed that your Best VPN For iPhone is working on your device in Japan, you can enjoy the VPN service again without any worries. Overall, ExpressVPN is the most feature-packed iPhone VPN in Japan, a top-rated VPN according to Detailed Review of ExpressVPN. Considering the fact that you could get a 15-month subscription of ExpressVPN,

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Wrapping up!

This article was written to inform you why your VPN icon is not displaying on your iPhone in Japan. Although solved, please update your software to get the latest software updates on your Apple device. If you haven’t purchased a VPN in Japan yet because you desire a free service, then just go for the best free VPN for iPhone in Japan but if you are an iPad user then you can also purchase the best VPN for iPad in Japan to keep your tablet secure at all time. Learn how to configure the VPN on your iPhone and you’re good to go.

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