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For those searching for ways to watch Peacock TV in Japan, ExpressVPN remains your ticket to a world of international football excitement. Australia vs Sweden FIFA Women’s WC 23 start Date is 19th August 2023, when Australia takes on Sweden in what promises to be a thrilling encounter.

Australia vs Sweden FIFA Women’s WC 23 Venue is decided to be Lang Park, Brisbane. Australia vs Sweden FIFA women’s WC 23 time is at 6 p.m. local time / 4 a.m. ET / 9 a.m. UK, witness the intense showdown.

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How to Watch Australia vs Sweden FIFA WC 23 in Japan On Peacock [Easy Steps]

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Where Can You Watch Australia vs Sweden FIFA WC 23 in Japan?

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Match Date of Australia vs Sweden FIFA WC 23

Get ready for the showdown! Australia vs Sweden in FIFA Women’s world cup 2023 scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 19. The match kicks off at 6 p.m. local time, 4 a.m. ET, and 9 a.m. UK time at Lang Park, Brisbane. Ensure seamless access with ExpressVPN for global viewing. Stay updated on the latest release details through the official website or social media accounts.

Journey of Australia Women’s in World Cup 23

Australia’s journey has been remarkable in the FIFA Women’s World Cup live streaming free 2023. They navigated through tough competition in the group stage to secure a strong standing.

Moving into the knockouts, their performance continues to captivate, showcasing their determination and skill on the field. Stay tuned for their inspiring journey through the tournament!

Australia’s Form in FIFA Women’s WC 23

Australia’s performance in FIFA Women’s WC 23 has been exceptional, showcasing their determination and skill on the field. They have demonstrated their prowess in the group stage, securing a solid position and carrying their form into the knockouts.

Position Player
Goalkeeper Arnold, Mackenzie
Right Back Carpenter, Ellie
Central Defender Hunt, Clare
Central Defender Kennedy, Alanna
Left Back Catley, Steph
Right Winger Raso, Hayley
Central Midfielder Cooney-Cross, Kyra
Central Midfielder Gorry, Katrina-Lee
Left Winger Foord, Caitlin
Forward Fowler, Mary
Forward Van Egmond, Emily

Manager: Tony Gustavsson

Formation: 4-2-3-1

Australia’s 2023 Women’s World Cup Squad List

Australia’s 2023 Women’s World Cup squad is filled with talented players ready to shine on the international stage. Here’s the roster:

Position Player Club
Goalkeeper Lydia Williams Brighton
Goalkeeper Teagan Micah Rosengard
Goalkeeper Mackenzie Arnold West Ham
Defender Courtney Nevin Leicester City
Defender Aivi Luik BK Häcken
Defender Claire Polkinghorne Vittsjö
Defender Ellie Carpenter Lyon
Defender Charlotte Grant Vittsjö
Defender Clare Hunt Western Sydney Wanderers
Defender Steph Catley Arsenal
Defender Alanna Kennedy Manchester City
Midfielder Tameka Yallop Brann
Midfielder Katrina Gorry Brisbane Roar
Midfielder Kyra Cooney-Cross Hammarby
Midfielder Clare Wheeler Everton
Midfielder Alex Chidiac Racing Louisville
Midfielder Emily van Egmond San Diego Wave
Forward Cortnee Vine Sydney FC
Forward Mary Fowler Manchester City
Forward Hayley Raso Manchester City
Forward Sam Kerr Chelsea
Forward Caitlin Foord Arsenal
Forward Kyah Simon Free agent

This diverse and skillful lineup promises an exciting tournament for Australia’s Women’s World Cup team.

Journey of Sweden’s Women’s World Cup

Sweden’s Women’s World Cup journey shines with a flawless performance during the group stage, winning all three matches. Their dominance secures a spot in the knockouts with a remarkable +8 goal difference.

Sweden’s Form in FIFA Women’s WC 23

Sweden’s performance in FIFA Women’s WC 23 has been notable, with a strong lineup of players contributing to their success. Here’s a simplified list of the positions and names of key players:

Position Player
Goalkeeper Cajsa Andersson
Goalkeeper Emma Lind
Goalkeeper Emma Holmgren
Defender Hanna Lundkvist
Defender Emma Kullberg
Defender Amanda Nildén
Defender Hanna Glas
Defender Hanna Wijk
Midfielder Freja Olofsson
Midfielder Filippa Curmark
Forward Julia Zigiotti Olme
Forward Matilda Vinberg

FORMATION: 3-5-2-2

Sweden’s 2023 Women’s World Cup Squad List

Sweden’s 2023 Women’s World Cup squad showcases a blend of talent from various clubs. Here’s the roster:

Position Player Club
Goalkeeper Zecira Musovic Chelsea
Goalkeeper Jennifer Falk BK Häcken
Goalkeeper Tove Enblom KIF Örebro
Defender Jonna Andersson Hammarby
Defender Linda Sembrant Juventus
Defender Hanna Lundkvist Atlético Madrid
Defender Magdalena Eriksson Chelsea
Defender Nathalie Björn Everton
Defender Anna Sandberg BK Häcken
Defender Amanda Ilestedt PSG
Midfielder Kosovare Asllani AC Milan
Midfielder Filippa Angeldahl Manchester City
Midfielder Caroline Seger Rosengard
Midfielder Johanna Rytting Kaneryd Chelsea
Midfielder Hanna Bennison Everton
Midfielder Elin Rubensson BK Häcken
Midfielder Olivia Schough Rosengard
Forward Madelen Janogy Hammarby
Forward Sofia Jakobsson San Diego Wave
Forward Stina Blackstenius Arsenal
Forward Rebecka Blomqvist Wolfsburg
Forward Fridolina Rolfö Barcelona
Forward Lina Hurtig Arsenal

This diverse lineup promises an exciting and competitive presence for Sweden in the tournament.

Predictions and Odds of Australia vs Sweden FIFA Women’s WC 23

Co-hosts Australia and Sweden will compete for third place in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. The match is set for 4 a.m. ET on Saturday at Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane. Australia holds a slight edge in odds at +155, with Sweden at +175.

SportsLine’s Jim Holliman offers Australia vs Sweden FIFA women’s WC 23 prediction, considering Sweden’s resilience and Australia’s home advantage.

How Much Prize Money Does the Third Place Team Wins?

Australia vs Sweden FIFA women’s wc 23 results of

The distribution of prize money during Australia vs Sweden FIFA women’s WC 23 will be as follows:

Champions: $10,500,000 (Association: $4,290,000, Player: $270,000)

Runners-up: $7,500,000 (Association: $3,015,000, Player: $195,000)

Third place: $6,750,000 (Association: $2,610,000, Player: $180,000)

Fourth place: $6,250,000 (Association: $2,455,000, Player: $165,000)

5th–8th place (quarter-finals): $17,000,000 (Association: $2,180,000, Player: $90,000)

9th–16th place (round of 16): $26,000,000 (Association: $1,870,000, Player: $60,000)

17th–32nd place (group stage): $36,000,000 (Association: $1,560,000, Player: $30,000)

The total prize pool for the tournament is $110 million, with FIFA distributing prize money to the national associations and directly to the players. This change aims to ensure fair compensation and address previous disparities in payment within the women’s game.

Experience the pinnacle of excitement in the Women’s World Cup semi-final 2023, where top teams battle for a spot in the ultimate showdown of skill and determination. Don’t miss the drama and intensity of this crucial stage!

How Much are Tickets for the Australia vs Sweden FIFA Women’s WC 23?

Tickets for Australia vs Sweden FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 match can be purchased via the FIFA ticketing portal. Prices range from $15 to $120, with resale options capped at 110% of original value. Australia vs Sweden 3rd Place and Final match tickets are already sold out.

Category Price Range
Obstructed View $15 (Adults), $8 (Children)
Category 1 $40 – $120 (Adults)

If you can’t make it to the stadium, you can always enjoy the match on Peacock TV. You can pay using one of the many Peacock payment methods, including credit cards and PayPal, and start streaming asap!

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Australia vs Sweden FIFA WC 23

FAQs – Watch Australia vs Sweden FIFA Women’s WC 23 in Japan On Peacock

The favorites to win the Women’s World Cup 2023 include strong teams like the United States, Germany, and England, based on their past performances and squad strength.

No, Australia has not won the Women’s FIFA World Cup ever. They have participated in several tournaments but have not claimed the title.

The 2023 Women’s World Cup final is set to be held at Stadium Australia in Sydney, Australia.

Australia is not in the finals of the 2023 Women’s World Cup. They are playing in the third-place match against Sweden.

The Bottom Line

To ensure uninterrupted access to watch Australia vs Sweden FIFA WC 23 in Japan on Peacock, consider using a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN offers fast speeds, robust security features, and a wide range of servers, allowing you to bypass geo-restrictions and enjoy the action in Japan.

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