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Watch Ed Stafford First Man Out in Japan on Max with the help of ExpressVPN, an adrenaline-fueled journey where survival instincts are pushed to the limit. This gripping series, now streaming on its primary channel, Discovery Plus, takes you on a global escapade like never before.

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How to Watch Ed Stafford First Man Out in Japan on Max [5 Easy Steps]

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NOTE: Please note that to pay for Max or HBO Max, you need a U.S.-issued card that supports automatic recurring payments.

Continue reading as the next heading unfolds where to watch Ed Stafford: First Man Out?

What channel can I watch Ed Stafford on?

You can catch Ed Stafford’s adventures primarily on Discovery Plus, which is part of Max. However, starting from September 22, 2023, it will also be available on Max. Known for its affordability, Max offers an excellent viewing experience.

Nevertheless, do keep in mind that due to geo-restrictions, accessing the content from certain regions may be limited. To bypass these restrictions, we recommend using the best VPN for HBO Max like ExpressVPN.


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Can I Watch Ed Stafford First Man Out Using Max Free Trial?

If you’re eager to dive into Marooned with Ed Stafford Season 1 watch online free. Max offers a 7-day free trial through Amazon Prime Channels. Amazon Prime members can take advantage of this limited-time offer.

With the Max free trial, you’ll also have a whole week to explore Ed Stafford Marooned full episodes free; after the trial period ends, you can continue by paying monthly or cancel Max or HBO Max.

For those seeking even more options, consider trying Max free trial through Hulu’s subscription. It’s a fantastic way to experience the thrill of Ed Stafford: first man out – watch online free before making a long-term commitment.

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What is the Release Date of Ed Stafford First Man Out on Max?

Ed Stafford’s adrenaline-pumping series, “First Man Out,” initially made its debut on January 31, 2019, exclusively on Discovery Plus. Now, marking an exciting development, fans can anticipate Ed Stafford First Man Out release date on Max starting from September 22, 2023.

This move brings Ed Stafford’s captivating adventures to a wider audience, promising even more heart-pounding action and thrilling challenges.

What is Ed Stafford First Man Out About?

Ed Stafford First Man Out” is a groundbreaking survival series that sets the stage for a fierce competition between the globe’s most skilled adventurers, seasoned survivalists, and bushcraft experts. Their ultimate challenge? Facing off against none other than Ed Stafford himself, renowned for being the pioneer to trek the entire length of the Amazon River.

This high-stakes series promises heart-stopping encounters and tests of wit, skill, and determination in some of the world’s most unforgiving environments. With ExpressVPN, you can experience this gripping storyline and watch Ed Stafford First Man Out in Japan on Max hasslefree.

Is There Any Trailer Available For Ed Stafford First Man Out?

Yes, there is an official Ed Stafford: First Man Out trailer released by Discovery Plus. You can watch it here:

For those facing geo-restrictions, using ExpressVPN can help bypass these limitations, ensuring you have access to the trailer from in Japan.

If you’re curious about how much is Max or HBO Max, simply visit the official Max website and select the bundle that suits you best to watch the First Man Out TV show.

How Many Seasons Does Ed Stafford First Man Out Have?

Ed Stafford: First Man Out” is an exhilarating fusion of action, adventure, and reality, boasting an impressive run of 22 episodes spread across three gripping seasons. Currently, the show is in active production, with no confirmed release date for upcoming episodes or seasons.

Notably, Ed Stafford’s IMDB enjoys a commendable audience rating of 8.1, based on 338 votes.

Season 1: This inaugural season witnessed Ed Stafford facing off against skilled ex-Marine and ropes expert Aldo Kane in the challenging terrain of Borneo’s mangrove swamps.

Season 2: Ed Stafford’s adventures continued as he navigated treacherous landscapes alongside formidable opponents like the `Kiwi bushman’ Josh James, showcasing the rugged beauty of China’s Yunnan Province.

Season 3: The third season brought intense matchups, including a grudge match with ultramarathon runner Matt Graham in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert and a wild race across the Amazon jungle with former US Marine intelligence officer Donny Dust.

Please note that while there are 4 seasons available on Discovery Plus, as of now, only 2 seasons are slated for release on Max.

Season 1:

Here’s the table summarizing Ed Stafford: First Man Out episode list:

Episode No Episode Name Episode Description Airing Date
S1.E1 Borneo Ed Stafford challenges ultra-fit ex-Marine and ropes expert Aldo Kane to race across the tangled wilds of Borneo’s mangrove swamps. Thu, Jan 31, 2019
S1.E2 Kazakhstan Ed Stafford finds himself marooned in a never-ending natural maze as he flies to Kazakhstan to take on ex-South Korean special forces soldier Khen Rhee. Thu, Feb 7, 2019
S1.E3 Mongolia Mongolia’s Gobi desert is the setting for the ultimate survival race as Ed Stafford is paired against survival supremo and famed endurance athlete Matt Graham. Thu, Feb 14, 2019
S1.E4 Thailand Ed Stafford risks life and limb as he races through the harsh Thai jungles against ex-military survival legend EJ Snyder. Thu, Feb 21, 2019
S1.E5 Palau Ed Stafford goes up against primitive skills expert Cat Bigney in a race across the stunning but deadly island paradise of Palau in the South Pacific. Thu, Feb 28, 2019
S1.E6 India Ed Stafford has bitten off more than he thinks he can chew by racing serving Royal Air Force survival instructor John Hudson across the top of the monster mountains of the Himalayas. Thu, Mar 7, 2019

Season 2:

Here’s the table for Ed Stafford: First Man Out Season 2:

Episode No Episode Name Episode Description Airing Date
S2.E1 Ed vs Will Lord Ed Stafford faces off against his old bushcraft teacher, Will Lord, in Bashan, central China. Both without a knife, they must navigate huge cliffs and Asia’s largest bamboo forest. Mon, Feb 3, 2020
S2.E2 Ed vs Josh James Ed takes on the ‘Kiwi bushman’, Josh James, in the Three Parallel Rivers plateau of Yunnan Province. Josh draws on his Maori heritage to make fire in the mountains. Fri, Apr 10, 2020
S2.E3 Ed vs Hakim Isler Ed takes on ex-PSYOPS marine and real-life ninja, Hakim Isler, in the Zoige Marshes of Sichuan Province. The unforgiving wetland tests their willpower to the max. Fri, Apr 10, 2020
S2.E4 Ed vs Matt Wright Ed challenges Matt ‘The Juggernaut’ Wright in the Wanshan Archipelago off the coast of southern China. They race to secure islands that can provide materials to build rafts capable of a 25km sea crossing. Storms come in and Ed has to face his fear. Mon, Apr 27, 2020
S2.E5 Ed vs Ky Furneaux Ed Stafford faces off against Ky Furneaux in the Zoige Marshes in the Chinese province of Sichuan. In the marshes, their determination is put to the test. Wed, Mar 4, 2020
S2.E6 Ed vs Xinlei Wu Ed faces former French Foreign Legion desert specialist, Xinlei Wu, in the Aksai Desert of north-west China. They encounter huge sand dunes and rock-valley mazes in a game of ‘cat-and-mouse’. Mon, Apr 27, 2020

Season 3:

Here’s the table for Ed Stafford: First Man Out Season 3:

Episode No Episode Name Episode Description Airing Date
S3.E1 Ed vs Matt Graham (Grudge Match) Ed invites ultramarathon runner Matt Graham back to see if Ed can reclaim his pride after Matt left him in his dust in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert. Thu, Dec 1, 2022
S3.E2 Ed vs Donny Dust Ed Stafford is joined by Donny Dust, a former US Marine intelligence officer and primitive skills expert, in a race across the wild Amazon jungle. Thu, Dec 1, 2022
S3.E3 Ed vs Max Djenohan Ed Stafford risks his life facing off Max Djenohan, a young elite fighter on a quest to test his own capabilities, in Northern Kenya’s volcanic barrier. Thu, Dec 1, 2022
S3.E4 Ed vs Sun Lingye Ed Stafford tests his body’s ultimate limits as he races against medic and ultra-marathon runner Sun Lingye across the arduous mountain terrains of Taiwan. Thu, Dec 1, 2022
S3.E5 Ed vs The Wild Twins Ed Stafford competes against two challengers, Amber and Serena Shine, in Kenya’s Rift Valley where they discover all sorts of wild animals blocking their path. Thu, Dec 1, 2022
S3.E6 Ed vs Ness Knight In the Jungle of Taiwan through rivers, Ed Stafford challenges for arriving to finish with a friend of his, Ness Knight. Thu, Dec 1, 2022
S3.E7 Behind the Scenes TBC Thu, Dec 1, 2022

Ed Stafford: First Man Out Contestants:

Here’s the table for the contestants in Season 1 of “Ed Stafford: First Man Out”:

Contestant Name Location
Aldo Kane Borneo (Episode One)
Khen Rhee Kazakhstan (Episode Two)
Matt Graham Mongolia (Episode Three)
EJ Snyder Thailand (Episode Four)
Cat Bigney Palau (Episode Five)
John Hudson India (Episode Six)

These were the six formidable competitors who faced off against Ed Stafford in the first season of “First Man Out.” Do not miss to watch Ed Stafford First Man Out in Japan on Max

Who is the Cast of Ed Stafford First Man Out?

The cast of “Ed Stafford: First Man Out” includes:

  • Ed Stafford
  • Andrew Wood
  • Gary Humphrey
  • E.J. Snyder
  • Matt Wright
  • Kylie Furneaux
  • Josh James
  • Will Lord
  • Matt Graham
  • Aldo Kane
  • Cat Bigney
  • John Hudson
  • Ken Rhee
  • Hakim Isler
  • Sam Brown
  • Rob Sixsmith
  • Joe French
  • Steven Hanton

These individuals, along with Ed Stafford: First Man Out camera crew, contributed to the dynamic and thrilling adventures on the show, including the amazing.

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Ed Stafford: First Man Out Award Winners:

2020 Winner Asian Academy Creative Award. Best Editing:

  • Dipin Verma Carol Eguaras (Carolyn Aquino Eguaras) is the 2020 Winner of the Best Editing

These individuals received the award for Best Editing at the 2020 Asian Academy Creative Awards.

Ed Stafford First Man Out

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Ed Stafford: First Man Out is filmed with two camera units in high-altitude, remote locations, requiring the transportation of over a ton of film equipment for this challenging production. Each episode features Ed Stafford facing off against equally qualified experts in hostile environments, competing to be The First Man Out.

Ed Stafford: First Man Out is completely scripted. While some planning is involved, the challenges and outcomes are real, adding authenticity to the show.

Currently, Ed Stafford is hosting programs on both the Discovery Channel and Channel Four.

Wrapping Up!

Embark on a world of adventure, watch Ed Stafford First Man Out in Japan on Max with ExpressVPN.

This dynamic duo opens doors to global streaming, bringing you closer to Ed’s exciting escapades. Plus, catch him hosting captivating shows on Max. Elevate your entertainment game with ExpressVPN!