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Does Discovery Plus have Trixie Motel? Yes, it does. You can watch Trixie Motel in Japan on Discovery Plus with the help of a high-end VPN like ExpressVPN.

Due to licensing concerns and content limitations, you cannot watch the show if you live in Japan. That’s when a VPN can help you stream Discovery Plus in Japan and enjoy the plot of Trixie Motel without interruptions.

Trixie Mattel partners with her partner and co-owner, David to transform a run-down hotel in Palm Springs, California, into the ultimate drag paradise. The series premiered on June 3, 2022, and is currently trending.

Keep reading this article to enjoy the Trixie Motel streaming online!

How To Watch Trixie Motel in Japan on Discovery Plus – [5 Easy Steps]

You can watch Trixie Motel in Japan on Discovery Plus by following the simple steps highlighted below:

  • Install a good VPN for your streaming device, like ExpressVPN.
  • Select a subscription package that suits your needs.
  • Connect to a server in the United States, preferably the New York server.
  • Visit the Discovery Plus website and enter your login details.
  • Look for and watch Trixie Motel in Japan on Discovery Plus.

Where To Watch Trixie Motel?

What channel is Trixie’s motel on? You can watch Trixie Motel on Discovery Plus via the Discovery Channel. View the Discovery Plus prices to choose the Discovery Plus subscription most suited for you.

Apart from watching Trixie Motel on Discovery Plus, you can watch the life story of Keyshia Cole in Keshia Cole: This is my Story. All you have to do is connect to is connect to ExpressVPN.

Now that you know the answer to where can I watch Trixie Motel, scroll down to learn more about watching the show for free!

Can I Watch Trixie Motel Free on Discovery+?

Yes, you watch Trixie Motel free by using the Discovery Plus free trial.

The trial is valid for only first-time subscribers and it usually lasts for seven days. Before you can access the free trial, you would be required to choose a Discovery Plus subscription and enter your card details. With this, you can access Trixie Motel for free!

What is the Release Date of Trixie Motel on Discovery+?

The Trixie Motel release date was Friday, June 3, 2022. The show premiered on Discovery Plus and you can catch each of the episodes using your Discovery Plus subscription.

Due to the unique plot of Trixie Motel, it’s currently one of the most-watched seasons on Discovery Plus so make sure to check it out using ExpressVPN!

What is the Plot of Trixie Motel?

Here is the plot of Trixie Motel:

Drag superstar Trixie Mattel has set her sights on a grand expansion as she aims to solidify her empire and leave a legacy behind.

Assisted by her devoted partner and co-owner David, the duo embarks on an extraordinary endeavor that promises to capture the essence of their retro-kitschy aesthetic.

Together, they venture to Palm Springs, California, where a weathered and neglected motel awaits its transformative touch.

Trixie and David embark on a mission to breathe new life into this once-forgotten space as they infused it with the unmistakable magic of drag. As the project continues, they are assisted by some celebrity guests, each contributing their unique flair to elevate the project.

Who are the Cast Members of Trixie Motel?

Here is the Trixie Motel cast you’ll find when you watch Trixie Motel in Japan on Discovery Plus:

Trixie Mattel David Silver Dani Dazey
David Rios Brandon Lim Jaida Essence Hall
Jenson Titus LaVallee Nicholas Sheppard Belinda Carlisle
Zooey Deschanel Leslie Jordan Vania Nasution
Gigi Gorgeous JJuno Birch Katya Zamolodchikova
Jessica Stevens Emily Hampshire Lisa Vanderpump
Orville Peck Brittany Broski Nicole Byer

Is There Any Trailer Available For Trixie Motel on Discovery Plus?

Click the link below to watch the Trixie Motel trailer before you watch Trixie Motel in Japan on Discovery Plus:

How Many Episodes of Trixie Motel are Available?

Currently, there are eight episodes available for Trixie Motel streaming online. You can watch all eight episodes on Discovery Plus:

Episode Episode Name Release Date
Episode 1 Pink Flamingo June 3, 2022
Episode 2 Queen of Hearts June 3, 2022
Episode 3 Yeehaw Cowgirl June 10, 2022
Episode 4 Atomic Bombshell June 17, 2022
Episode 5 Flower Power June 24, 2022
Episode 6 Malibu Barbara July 1, 2022
Episode 7 Oh Honeymoon July 8, 2022
Episode 8 Pride Grand Opening July 15, 2022
  • Episode 1: Pink Flamingo

In Palm Springs, California, Trixie Mattel and her companion David invest their whole life savings in the renovation of a hotel. They take on the first of seven themed room makeovers with help from hotel tycoon Lisa Vanderpump.

  • Episode 2: Queen of Hearts

Trixie and David tackle the love-themed Queen of Hearts chamber after conquering one room. In order to take their love dream to the next level, they enlist the assistance of celebrity visitor Nicole Byer and drag star Mo Heart.

  • Episode 3: Yeehaw Cowgirl

Trixie travels to Pioneertown in search of ideas from fellow musician Orville Peck as she prepares for an upcoming global tour and has country music on the brain. Trixie then shows Texas native Brittany Broski the Yeehaw Cowgirl room to get her mark of approval.

  • Episode 4: Atomic Bombshell

Trixie returns to Milwaukee to see her family, her club, and Jaida Essence Hall, another drag performer. The Atomic Bombshell room at the hotel experiences interplanetary events, and Alien Drag Queen Juno Birch touches down to approve.

  • Episode 5: Flower Power

The gifted and vivacious Zooey Deschanel, recognized for her engaging performances, teams up with Jonathan Scott, to produce a spellbinding collaboration in refurbishing the motel.

  • Episode 6: Malibu Barbara

Trixie’s ambitious refurbishment project has the creative support of Belinda Carlisle and Leslie Jordan, two well-known comedy performers who are noted for their contagious charm.

  • Episode 7: Oh HoneyMoon

Gigi Gorgeous, a powerful force in the world of fashion and beauty, and Jonathan Bennett, team up to help Trixie with the development of the Oh Honeymoon suite.

  • Episode 8: Pride Grand Opening

Trixie Mattel, the creative force behind the venture, teams up with Emily Hampshire and Katya Zamolodchikova in the closing days before the motel’s much-anticipated grand launch to get everything ready.

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Trixie Motel

Discovery+ Some Other Famous Titles in 2023

If you are still wondering what to watch on Discovery Plus, here are some famous titles you can watch in 2023:


Katya is in episode 8, the final episode of the Trixie Motel. It was at the Pride grand opening that the final outlook of the project was revealed. You can watch this episode on Discovery Plus. If you are in Japan, you would need a VPN software like ExpressVPN.

The nightly rate at the Trixie Motel ranges from $550 to $750 (taxes and fees not included). You may reserve your accommodations online and treat yourself to the ideal break that lets you customize your experience.

You have to be at least 21 years old to stay at the Trixie Motel. It is an adult-only property. Rumors have it that Trixie is not fond of kids; therefore, leave the kids at home, and enjoy your relaxing time at Trixie Motel

As of when this article was written, Trixie Motel had a 7.7/10 rating on IMDb. It was reviewed by over 800 people. It’s one of the most-streamed shows on Discovery Plus right now so make sure to binge-watch it!

Yes, Trixie Motel is a success. Since its opening, Trixie Motel has proven to be the best sort of tease, generating consistent reservations. Connect to ExpressVPN now to enjoy uninterrupted streaming of the show! 

Wrap Up

In this guide, we have explained how to watch Trixie Motel in Japan on Discovery Plus using ExpressVPN.

Trixie Motel premiered on Discovery Plus on June 3, 2022, and all episodes can be streamed anytime. Drag superstar Trixie Mattel has set her sights on a grand expansion as she aims to solidify her empire and leave a legacy behind.

Happy Streaming!