Japanese Music Videos Blocked by Youtube in United States

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Youtube Strikes!

If you are a lover of Japanese music and located in the United States, we have got some bad news for you. Recently a post by an anonymous user revealed that some of the international fans of the Japanese music were unable to stream the music videos because they had been removed by Youtube, citing the ads-sponsorship issues.

While the issue itself was controversial, some users went on to lament Youtube for turning greedy for a few bucks. But as pointed out by some fans, Youtube took a strong step because the users were using ads-blocking software to skip the ads (Youtube’s primary source of income). The list of the channels has been uploaded which are currently blocked in the United States. This screenshot will help you know about the channels that have been barred from operating in United States.

Alternate Solution – Youtube ‘Red’ for $9.99/month

Since Youtube has figured out that the users do not want to see the ads, it is offering them an ads-free access on Youtube ‘Red’ for only $9.99/month. The Youtube ‘Red’ is currently available in the United States and has the copyrighted videos of Japanese music that are otherwise blocked on free Youtube.

Connect to Youtube UK with a VPN and Stream Japanese Music

There is another way with which you can stream the Japanese music without having to pay $9.99/month. You can opt for a VPN service of your choice and can connect to a server of different country. Connecting through it will open the gates of Japanese music videos for you even in the United States. We have a list of VPN services which can benefit you in many ways. Check them out.

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Youtube has blocked the access to all the Japanese music videos, even the songs that are covered by different singers. The copyrighted songs are not available on Youtube US library and you will have to either sign up with Youtube ‘Red’ for as low as $9.99/month or a Youtube VPN service for as low as $2.08/month with which you will be able to enjoy the Japanese music on Youtube even in the United States without having to think twice about the geo-restrictions.

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