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Apple TV helps you stream almost all the famous streaming services in Italy like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney Plus on the big screens. But, much of its content and apps only work within the US. So, if you’re located in Italy, you’ll only get half the value for the full price of Apple TV, which is pretty unfair. Nothing can be worse than missing your favorite show, right?

However, do not worry. This problem can be effectively resolved by using a VPN in Italy. After hours and hours of testing all the best VPNs available online, we have finally concluded that NordVPN on Apple TV in Italy is a reliable solution for streaming geo-restricted content.

With 5500+ servers in 60 countries and Avant-grade security features, it ensures its user’s privacy and offers meticulous speed and connection.

However, you cannot install it directly on Apple TV in Italy as it lacks built-in VPN support. To help you in this, we have listed 4 ways to make installing NordVPN on Apple TV in Italy a cinch.

How to Set Up and Use NordVPN on Apple TV In Italy – Different Methods

To get NordVPN on Apple TV in Italy, you’ll have to install it in a way that supports Apple TV. NordVPN works with multiple devices, but configuring it on Apple TV is a bit complex.

Since there is no Apple TV VPN app available in Italy due to the device’s incapability to support VPN connections, it takes a couple of more steps before you can have a seamless streaming experience using NordVPN in Italy.

There are four possible ways to safely use NordVPN for video streaming on Apple TV in Italy. These are:

Let’s discuss all these methods in detail, so you do not face difficulty setting up NordVPN for Apple TV in Italy at home.

Set Up NordVPN for Apple TV in Italy via Wi-Fi Router

Installing NordVPN manually on a Wi-Fi router is the most common way to use it for Apple TV in Italy. Moreover, it is the best way to have a secure and hassle-free connection, especially with multiple devices so you don’t have to install NordVPN on raspberry pi in Italy, firestick or Kodi separately.

NordVPN is compatible with most router models in Italy, but the provider recommends certain ASUS models because these work best with NordVPN.

As such, you can configure NordVPN to run on your router so that every device connected to the Wi-Fi will automatically establish a connection with the VPN.

NordVPN is compatible with a variety of router models. However, it recommends a few selected ASUS router models. For complete instructions for ASUS routers, you can consult NordVPN router setup in Italy.

Generally, you can follow these 3 steps to install NordVPN directly to your Wi-Fi router in Italy:

  1. First, find the actual IP address of your router.
  2. Then, log in to the router.
  3. Finally, configure the router to get the VPN connection.

If manual configuration feels too difficult or you’re not comfortable doing it for any reason, then you can also obtain pre-configured routers from These are a little expensive, but they save you the trouble of configuring NordVPN on the router yourself and also avoid the risk of bricking your router firmware if anything goes wrong during the manual setup.

There are certain pros and cons of installing NordVPN directly on the Wi-Fi router in Italy:


  • Enhances device coverage: Normally, you can connect up to 6 devices to NordVPN in Italy. However, installing NordVPN directly on the router helps you connect as many devices as you desire. Actually, all the devices connected to your NordVPN-enabled router will be counted as one. However, the connection speed and stability can lag if you connect too many.
  • Secures your Apple TV: Since Apple TV cannot install NordVPN on it in Italy, enabling it on the router seems to be the only way to secure your device. However, a VPN-enabled router will link all the other Wi-Fi devices with the VPN. This may include your smart refrigerators, lights, security cameras, etc.
  • Offers a secured connection all the time: The best thing about installing NordVPN on the router in Italy is that you do not have to enable VPN every time you switch on your device. As long as your router is working, so is the VPN.
  • Covers everyone: Any device in connection to your router, including those of guests and children, will now be secured under NordVPNs strict security protocol.


  • Slightly inconvenient to set up: Configuring NordVPN manually on Wi-Fi routers in Italy is not everyone’s cup of tea. Moreover, you must log in to the router whenever you want to change the server and location. So, at times it becomes pretty inconvenient.
  • Variable encryption power: Not every router can support all of the encryption options and features of NordVPN. You can only select less powerful tunneling protocols or encryption for low-capacity routers. Due to this lag, you will not be able to enjoy the best NordVPN for Apple TV in Italy. The solution is either using a separate weak router solely for Apple TV or changing to a  powerful router (Pro tip: Do not use the NordVPN application on the device if you have your router VPN-enabled. It can result in an unstable connection).
  • Blocks incoming access: If your devices are connected from outside the home Wi-Fi network, it will not work when you enable NordVPN on the router in Italy. However, that’s not a problem for Apple TV as you only need it to develop outgoing connections when streaming at home.
Note: When you configure NordVPN on a router in Italy, any device connected to the Wi-Fi will automatically connect to NordVPN. So, you’ll get the same privacy and security benefits across all devices courtesy of NordVPN.

Configure NordVPN on Apple TV in Italy Via Virtual Wi-Fi Hotspot

The second method involves creating a virtual hotspot using your laptop and sharing the connection with your Apple TV. Here’s how you can create a virtual hotspot on your laptop with NordVPN installed and connect Apple TV to it in Italy:

Step 1: Go to Settings on your Windows 10 computer > Network & Internet > Mobile hotspot.

Step 2: Next, select “Mobile hotspot” on the left panel and enable the first option that pops in the right window panel, “Share my Internet Connection with other devices,” as shown in the image below:


Step 3: Now, select “Status” from the left panel and click on “Change adapter options” from the right side.



Step 4: Find the TAP- NordVPN Window adapter, then right-click on it. After that, select “Properties” at the bottom.



Step 5: When you open NordVPN adapter properties, a new tab opens with two options, “Networking” and “Sharing.” Click on the Sharing tab and check the box that says, “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection.”

Step 6: Finally, from the dropdown menu, select the network connection that you just created, as shown in the image below:



Your virtual hotspot is now successfully created. Launch NordVPN and connect to any server of your choice, preferably one that can unblock the streaming content you want to access on your Apple TV. Then, connect your Apple TV to this virtual hotspot network and share NordVPN’s connection with the Apple TV.

Set up Smart DNS on Apple TV in Italy

NordVPN has a feature of Smart DNS that help you bypass all the geo-restrictions on Apple TV. However, not all streaming platforms are supported by Smart DNS. Still, if you are a Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney fan, using the Smart DNS feature is the best go-to option.

Following are eight simple steps you can take to configure your Apple TV for the Smart DNS features of NordVPN:

Step 1: Get the NordVPN subscription and sign up for your account.

Step 2: Now, you have to whitelist your IP address on your account. Since NordVPN cannot support IPv6, only go for an IPv4 IP address.

Step 3: Go to “General” and select the “Network” option.

Step 4: Click on “Wi-Fi” and select your home network.


Step 5: You have multiple options when you open your home network. From there, navigate to “Configure DNS” and click it. You can now select the option “Manual.”


Step 6: Add details of the Smart DNS server of NordVPN in the text box. In the Primary DNS, add, and in the Secondary DNS, add (never mind if you do not have a Secondary DNS option available).


Step 7: Click “Done.”

Step 8: Now, your Apple TV will start loading the Smart DNS-compatible geo-restricted sites once you restart it.

No doubt, this method is more straightforward than others; it overlooks the privacy and security protection offered by NordVPN. So, your Apple TV will not have all the security boosted by the VPN provider.

Moreover, Smart DNS only reroutes your internet activity using a proxy server. Therefore, you will not have the liberty to choose among different server locations of NordVPN.

So,  if you quickly want to bypass only the geo-restricted ban of the platforms mentioned above, Smart DNS is the perfect recommendation.

However, if you face any NordVPN Smart DNS not working with Apple TV issues, then you need to check out our NordVPN not working in Italy to solve them.

Screen-mirroring with AirPlay in Italy

For Mac and iPhone users, AirPlay is the best option to access geo-restricted sites on Apple TV in Italy. However, this method does not work for Android users since AirPlay can only be connected to Apple devices.

Using this method, you can cast the content of the Apple device you have on your Apple TV. The Apple device must have an active NordVPN subscription. Also, having a good Wi-Fi connection is necessary to ensure hassle-free streaming.

Follow these 6 steps to connect your Airplay with your Apple TV so you can unban geo-restricted sites:

Step 1: Connect your Apple device and your Apple TV to the same Wi-Fi router.

Step 2: Now, select your preferred server location on your Apple device.

Step 3: Open your target streaming platform and play the TV show you want to watch. You can launch the related app on your iPhone. While on the laptop, you have to move to the website.

Step 4: Go to Apple’s Control Center and click on the AirPlay icon.

Step 5: Select “Apple TV” from the list.

Step 6: Congratulations. Now, you can binge-watch your favorite programs without worrying about anything!

Why do you Need NordVPN for Apple TV In Italy?

NordVPN is one of the best VPNs for Apple TV in Italy. Its blazing-fast connection speeds, wide range of servers, and security on all Apple TV devices make it an excellent choice for Apple TV users.

Following are some of the best features of NordVPN in Italy that make it stand out among the wide variety of VPNs available online:

  1. Worry-free option: NordVPN, with its more than 5500 servers in 60+ countries, provide a super fast and stable connection. Even in high-traffic periods, it does not cap the bandwidth even in Ultra-HD mode, so that you can enjoy streaming like never before.
  2. Protect any Apple TV: Regardless of the generation of your Apple TV, NordVPN secures them all in Italy. So, whether it is the latest Apple TV 4K or the oldest Apple TV 1st generation, it works for all.
  3. Tight security and no-log privacy policy: NordVPN offers industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption, obfuscation feature, DNS/IP leak protection,  and above all, Double VPN. With these features, none of your private information can be accessed by any governing software or malicious third parties trying to hack your system. Moreover, all your internet searches will remain completely incognito with no log privacy policy.
  4. Lightning-fast connections: NordVPN employs a  NordLynx lightweight protocol that provides maximum possible speed with minimum data usage. Therefore, with this VPN, you can have a no-buffering streaming experience on your Apple TV.
  5. 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee: Not sure if NordVPN is the best pick for you? Do not worry. You can get a 30-day full money-back guarantee on a change of mind or any other problem. So, why not give it a shot?

If you want to explore other VPN options for your Apple TV, check ExpressVPN on Apple TV in Italy.

FAQs – NordVPN on Apple TV in Italy

Yes, NordVPN works excellently with all the generations of Apple TV in Italy, including Apple TV 4K and all four generations. You can use NordVPN with Apple TV if you want a top-quality VPN. NordVPN offers 5500 + servers worldwide, lightning-fast connectivity, and protection for Apple TV devices.

NordVPN on Apple TV is a great combo, as per Reddit as well!

Yes, you can use the AirPlay method to use NordVPN on Apple TV in Italy. But, for this method, you don’t need to use NordVPN on Apple TV at all. Instead, the iOS device you’ll use to screencast the content will need a VPN. You’ll also require a NordVPN subscription and a stable Wi-Fi connection.

Once you’re done, you can enjoy this Apple TV VPN on Netflix easily.

Yes, you can use your NordVPN subscription on other Apple devices in Italy. A single NordVPN account secures 6 devices simultaneously, so you get six times more security. It doesn’t matter whether you use an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, NordVPN will encrypt your online traffic and conceal your IP address.

No, Apple TV is not capable of running NordVPN by itself in Italy. Therefore, the best way is to install NordVPN directly on your Wi-Fi router. This means that the VPN-enabled router will also cover other home devices, including smart toasters and security cameras. This way, you’re always secure. As long as you’re connected to the router, your VPN is also working.

For using NordVPN on Apple TV in Italy, you will require to install it in a way that supports Apple TV. Here are a few methods to do so:

  1. Configure a VPN on your Wi-Fi router.
  2. Configure Smart DNS on Apple TV.
  3. Share the connection of your VPN with Apple TV.

First, go into the settings and select iTunes store. Hover to the location tab and select your preferred region. You can now restart your Apple TV and check new apps which appeared. This way, you will be able to watch geo-restricted content using NordVPN in Italy. The other option is using the SmartDNS feature, as mentioned earlier. However, it only allows you access to a limited amount of geo-restricted content.

Final Thoughts

Apple TV is the perfect device for streaming enthusiasts that want to access all TV entertainment, shows, and movies in Italy through a single platform. Unfortunately, geo-blocks limit the full potential of Apple TV, as many apps are hidden behind geo-restrictions.

NordVPN is one of the best services that work with Apple TV in Italy and allows users to bypass these geo-restrictions. It’s not so straightforward to configure the VPN on your Apple TV, but the good thing is you’ll only need to go through this troublesome process once.

After you’re done setting it up, you’ll be able to use NordVPN on Apple TV in Italy anytime you want by simply turning on your router.