How to Setup VPN on your DD-WRT Router in Italy [Update 2023]

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Using your VPN through a router can help you get more from your VPN connection in Italy. Moreover, it allows you to use your existing VPN connection on an array of devices (wired and/or wireless). IT authorities usually advocate the use of VPN router because they assist in keeping data safe from sniffers and back-door hackers.

VPN based routers usually come with a “Some Configuration Required” label on the box. Even though the best routers require minimal configuration, you will need to customize certain particulars. Here, you have a choice between two options.

To understand the true utility of routers, check out the best VPN for DD-WRT routers in Italy.

Option 1 – Purchase a Plug & Play VPN based Router in Italy

The best VPN service providers in the market team up with Router manufacturers to facilitate a smooth VPN experience all the way. For instance, South Carolina based Sabai Technology provides pre-configured routers with some of the best routers supporting the Best VPNs in the market. Setting up VPN-based routers like these is unimaginably easy!

ExpressVPN is our current No.1 pick as the best VPN for DD-WRT routers in Italy. You can also check out our ExpressVPN router guide to getting started. To read about ExpressVPN in detail, check out our complete ExpressVPN review in Italy.

You get an instruction manual with all the necessary details (user name, password, and relevant details), and round-the-clock tech support, and you can even ask support to remotely access your computer and setup your router for you.

Option 2 – Configure your Router in Italy

The best way to manually setup your router is to ask the VPN service provider for an illustrated tutorial. Ask your VPN service provider to give you a Router Support Package. This will contain all the necessary details required to setup your VPN based router.

The following instructions are for configuring a DD-WRT flashed router and can be used as a guideline for configuring a VPN on any other router. I always recommend the DD-WRT because it’s free, there is a lot of online-info on it (which makes it great for first-timers), and it supports routers by over 90 manufacturers.

Flashing the Router with DD-WRT Firmware in Italy

If your router does not have DD-WRT, make sure that you flash it with DD-WRT before you begin the process. Router flashing is a sensitive process and you need to be very careful because a slight bit of carelessness can turn your router from a high-tech data management device into a useless piece of plastic and wires in Italy.

There are three ways you can flash your router with DD-WRT firmware in Italy.

  • Flashing via web-based graphic user interface (The longest method)
  • Using Trivial File Transfer Protocol (The safest method)
  • Using Command Line (Ideal for wireless flashing)

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Setting-up & Configuring your DD-WRT Router in Italy


[howto_description]For the sake of convenience, I will assume that you are connecting your router to your PC. Here are the steps which will take you only 5 minutes to configure. [/howto_description]

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1) Plug your ADSL wire into your router’s WAN port, and your PC’s wire to one of the available LAN ports. At this point, your router will be the mediator between your PC to your ADSL.


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2) Ensure that your VPN connection is fully functional. If you are not using the best VPN based router in the market in Italy, communicate extensively with your VPN service provider while configuring your router.


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3) Access you router’s Control Panel from your PC and put all the details provided to you by your VPN service provider in front of you.


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4) At this point, the router Control Panel will display System Information. Make sure the WAN IP and LAN IP received by your VPN-based router are correct in Italy.


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5) Click on the Setup tab and then click on the Basic Setup sub-tab.


[howto_step_content id=”step_6″]

6) Your VPN service might need you to configure the Host Name, Domain Name, and Router IP details (Local IP Address and Subnet Mask).


[howto_step_content id=”step_7″]

7) Select your Connection Type (usually PPTP) and identify if the router will be using DHCP or not.


[howto_step_content id=”step_8″]

8) Enter the Gateway, User Name and Password. Hit Apply Settings and Save (in the same order).


[howto_step_content id=”step_9″]

9) Click on the Status tab on top and then click on the WAN sub-tab.


[howto_step_content id=”step_10″]

10) Look for the Login Status and hit Connect.


Troubleshooting your Routers VPN in Italy

Make sure you reboot your router after completing the setup process. Also, if you are setting up your DD-WRT routers on Mac OSX in Italy, make sure you enable ‘Force encryption’ from your router server settings. Use the Local Default Gateway if you feel that your internet connection is disconnecting every time you connect to the internet.  Double check to make sure that the network client address is not the same as the subnet server. This may also be responsible for unexpected continuous disconnects.

For more trouble-shooting tips, either go to the official DD-WRT PPTP server configuration page, or talk to your router’s customer support for technical assistance. For this purpose I recommend that you go for a Router VPN in Italy that offers 24/7 customer support so that you always have somebody ready to help you.


While most VPN users remain content with a standard VPN connection running on their systems and/or smart phones in Italy, an increasing number of VPN users now use the best router VPN combination to enjoy a truly secured internet across the home.

Why do I recommend the use of a VPN based Router in Italy? My router allows me to safely use my VPN Connection with my Android Smartphone, my tablet, my XBox 360 and both my laptops all at the same time in Italy. The added flexibility and convenience, along with the usual safety of a VPN justify the price you pay for a router, many times over!

Key Takeaways

  • A router allows you to simultaneously use your existing VPN connection on an array of devices in Italy
  • VPN based Routers usually come with a Some Configuration Required label on the box in Italy
  • South Carolina-based Sabai Technology provides routers pre-configured with some of the best router-supporting VPNs in the market in Italy
  • If you decide to setup manually, ask your VPN service provider to give you a Router Support Package in Italy
  • Ask the VPN service provider for an illustrated tutorial
  • DD-WRT is free in Italy, has lot of information online and supports routers by over 90 manufacturers
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