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Free VPN for TP Link Router - VR

Routers are pivotal for digital connectivity. They manage and maintain the transmission of information in our offices and homes. However, this gateway becomes a serious vulnerability threat without VPN protection. Therefore, you need a free VPN for TP-Link router in Italy.

With a reliable free VPN in Italy, you can prevent cyber threats, boost security, and ensure privacy on your network. Moreover, it encrypts your data and IP and lets you access online services remotely, safely, and anonymously. We tested various VPN options and found ExpressVPN to be the best free trial VPN for TP-Link router.

Therefore, in this article, we discuss the best free VPN for TP-Link router in Italy and present the testing methodology for selecting the right options.

Not sure which VPN works well with a TP Link router? We have got you! Here’s a quick overview of the best free VPN for TP-Link router in Italy:

  1. ExpressVPN – Best Free Trial VPN for TP Link Router in Italy. It offers the fastest global server network, a Smart DNS option, ultimate protection features, and a top-notch streaming facility backed by a 30-day money-refund guarantee.
  2. Windscribe – Privacy-focused Free VPN for TP Link Router in Italy. It brings privacy-oriented apps, advanced protection features, an open-source interface, unlimited device connections, flexible connectivity, and a lifetime free plan for users.
  3. Tunnel Bear – Beginner-Friendly Free VPN for TP Link Router in Italy. It provides a secure infrastructure with essential features, data confidentiality, unlimited device connections, a user-friendly interface, and an interactive app ideal for beginners.

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Detailed analysis of free VPN for TP-Link in Italy | FAQs

TP-Link routers safeguard all devices connected to the network. Even smart home users face privacy and security threats due to growing vulnerabilities. Fortunately, TP Link routers are equipped with HomeShield which ensures real-time protection.

Furthermore, adding a VPN to the TP-Link router masks your smart home devices on the internet to prevent risks and damage. It provides an extra protective layer to secure your devices and entire connection.

You need a free VPN for TP-Link router in Italy for the following reasons:

  • Improved Security: Your data traffic and activities require safety on the network. VPN for TP Link router encrypts your data making it hard to be intercepted by suspicious entities.
  • Bypass Geo-restrictions: Most of the popular gaming and streaming platforms block their services based on geographical location. A robust VPN for TP-Link router can lift the geo-barriers and enable access to restricted content worldwide.
  • Enhanced Anonymity: When you connect to a VPN, it conceals and changes your real IP address to assign you a dummy address in your selected location. This ensures complete privacy where your connection is not identifiable to even your ISP.
  • Protected Remote Accessibility: If you prefer remote access to your home network, you can use a VPN for your router. It would provide a secure access to your devices. Also, VPNs help you bypass ISP throttling to improve your connection quality.
  • Public WiFi Security: Public WiFi networks are common spots for hackers, snoopers, and intrusive advertisers. You can prevent DDoS attacks and all harmful entities using a VPN on a public WiFi network.

Here’s a detailed analysis of the best free VPN for TP-Link router in Italy:

1. ExpressVPN – Best Free Trial VPN for TP Link Router in Italy


Key Features

  • 3000 + servers in 105 countries (Servers in 25 U.S. locations)
  • 7-day free trial for mobile phone users
  • Lightning-fast speed
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • MediaStreamer

ExpressVPN is the best free trial VPN for TP Link router in Italy offering more than 3000 servers in 105 countries. It is directly compatible with TP Link routers and you can configure it manually. It can also work on Asus, Linksys, and Netgear routers.

ExpressVPN offers lightning-fast server connections to perform smooth activities on TP-Link routers. Its Lightway Protocol ensures high-speed connections with a wide server coverage. Moreover, you can automatically get the fastest server connection in your preferred region with its Smart Location feature.

We obtained an incredibly fast downloading speed of 89.42 Mbps and an uploading speed of 84.64 Mbps on testing its servers on a 100 Mbps connection. We have listed our results comprehensively in our ExpressVPN speed test in Italy.


ExpressVPN delivered exceptional speed while connected to the TP-link router.

In terms of bypassing capabilities, ExpressVPN provides powerful unblocking strengths to lift the geo-barriers. You can enjoy buffer-free streaming of your favorite videos without any restrictions. It can unblock Netflix, Hulu, HBO, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and more channels effortlessly.

ExpressVPN allows 8 device connections offering dedicated apps for Windows, iOS, Linux, Mac, Android, and various routers. To our relief, using ExpressVPN on a router in Italy secures the entire network of devices.

If you are worried about your iPhone’s safety on the network, having ExpressVPN on your iPhone in Italy can ward off all threats and ensure complete protection. Even using ExpressVPN with Firestick in Italy can elevate your experience to a whole different level.

To cover all your security concerns, ExpressVPN provides advanced features and uses military-grade AES-256 encryption. Moreover, ExpressVPN kill switch in Italy and split tunneling secure your connection. Its Threat Manager blocks snoopers and malware to protect your devices connected to the TP-Link router.

If we talk about its privacy protection, ExpressVPN follows a no-logs policy and offers a TrustedServer technology to use RAM-only servers.

If you experience ExpressVPN not working in Italy, you can immediately contact the super active customer support team available for help 24/7. Its live chat and email service is committed to helping users in need.

In terms of ExpressVPN cost in Italy, you can either get a free trial or an annual subscription at EUR 6.19/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) (Black Friday Deal: Grab 3 Free Months + 49% OFF 12-Month Plan). Although there is no ExpressVPN lifetime subscription in Italy, you can subscribe to long-term protection plans. This premium VPN guarantees world-class services to users.

ExpressVPN’s 7-day free trial in Italy is great for users who want to test the premium services temporarily before purchasing the long-term deal. For more in-depth information, check out our ExpressVPN review in Italy and explore more!

  • Compatible with routers
  • Dedicated apps for all major operating systems
  • 7-day free trial
  • Advanced security protection
  • Live chat service 24/7

  • Expensive subscription plan

2. Windscribe – Privacy-focused Free VPN for TP Link Router in Italy


Key Features

  • Free servers in 10 countries
  • Free plan for unlimited time
  • Fast speed connections
  • 10 GB/month data on the free plan (Unlimited data on premium plans)
  • Streaming options

Windscribe is a privacy-focused free VPN for TP Link router in Italy running servers in 69 countries and 112 cities. It supports routers like Asus, Tomato, and DD-WRT to protect your entire network. Its free plan offers servers in 10 countries.

You can automatically get the best location in your desired location with Windscribe’s Auto Pilot feature. Interestingly, you don’t have to worry about time zone differences as its Time Wrap feature changes your timings to match the virtual location you connect.

Windscribe enables you to watch your favorite streams on Netflix, Disney Plus, and Hulu online. You can seamlessly enjoy Netflix with Windscribe in Italy.

Windscribe has decent-speed server connections to enable online activities. We recorded a downloading speed of 65.21 Mbps and an uploading speed of 34.75 Mbps on testing its servers in Canada which indicates an average performance. We have added complete test details in our Windscribe speed test in Italy.


Windscribe delivered good speed while using TP-link router.

Windscribe allows unlimited device connections simultaneously to use as many devices as you want with the TP-Link router. It has apps for Android, iOS, and Linux. Additionally, you can get this free VPN for TP-Link Router for Windows or Mac.

Windscribe brings proxy browser extensions for Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. Windscribe works with Firestick in Italy and the installation process is super simple and easy. Moreover, you can’t directly install Windscribe on Roku in Italy but using a router VPN can let you access the Roku services.

Windscribe ensures enhanced privacy for TP-Link routers due to its strong privacy features. It captures zero personally identifiable information under its no-logs policy. Furthermore, you can avoid specific advertisements and block IP addresses of your choice with its R.O.B.E.R.T. system.

Windscribe’s Split Personality feature helps rotate your digital identity to reduce the chances of fingerprinting. Additionally, its Double Hop feature provides extra anonymity on the network by routing your traffic over two different servers.

Windscribe uses AES-256-bit encryption to conceal your network. It also offers split tunneling, Static IPs,  and port-forwarding along with a firewall. Moreover, you can block trackers with its ad-blocking system to ensure a safe TP link router experience.

Although there is no Windscribe free trial in Italy, you can enjoy a lifetime free plan that offers 10 GB of data, selective server locations, and basic features. You can avail of the free VPN services for TP link Router using Windscribe.

With the yearly plan, you get unlimited bandwidth, several server locations, and premium access to features. It costs you $5.75/mo along with a 3-day money-back policy. You can even cancel your Windscribe in Italy subscription if you are not satisfied.

If you face any technical issues or your Windscribe not working in Italy, you can contact the support team via chatbot or email service. Also, you can check setup guides, knowledge base, and FAQs for more information.

Check out complete VPN information in our latest Windscribe review in Italy.

  • Router support
  • Free plan for a lifetime
  • Feature-rich apps
  • Open source platform
  • Privacy protection

  • No live chat service
  • Short money-back period

3. Tunnel Bear – Beginner-friendly Free VPN for TP Link Router in Italy

Tunnel Bear

Key Features

  • 5000 servers in 47 locations
  • Free trial
  • Downloading speed: 55.27 Mbps and upload speed of 40.21 Mbps
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Media Streaming feature

TunnelBear is a beginner-friendly free VPN for TP Link router in Italy offering more than 5000 servers in 47 locations. With a TP-Link VPN router, you can access TunnelBear services on your devices. This free VPN for TP link router IP address can mask your connection.

TunnelBear supports torrenting in Italy and streaming. If we talk about streaming platforms, it can unblock some Netflix libraries, BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus, and Hulu. However, the quality might not be top-class due to the occasional server slowdowns.

In terms of speed, TunnelBear has average-speed servers. We tested the servers in Canada and got a downloading speed of 40.21 Mbps and uploading speed of 55.27 Mbps. You might experience buffering or distortion on long-distance connections. You can check the complete details in our TunnelBear Speed test in Italy guide.

tunnelbear-speed-test-for-gaming-768x174 (1)

TunnelBear delivered consistent fast connection while connected to the TP-Link router.

TunnelBear lets you connect unlimited devices simultaneously with your VPN for TP-Link router. We love its friendly bear-themed interface with easy-to-handle options. It is ideal for beginners with no prior experience. You can also use TunnelBear apps as a free VPN for TP link router Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS devices.

If you want to use TunnelBear on Kodi in Italy, you can simply download the VPN app on your device and verify the connection as discussed in our guide. In the case of using TunnelBear on Roku in Italy, it can’t be installed directly. However, you can get TunnelBear VPN on your TP Link router to unblock your favorite streams through Roku.

As for security, TunnelBear is safe overall. It uses military-grade AES-256-bit encryption and provides a VigilantBear (kill switch) to block all insecure traffic through the TP-Link router. TunnelBear Blocker keeps advertisements, ultrasonic tracking, email tracking, and Google Chrome fingerprinting at bay.

Additionally, its split tunneling or SplitBear mode manages and decides which websites and apps will pass through the encrypted connection to avoid accidental exposure.

In terms of privacy protection, TunnelBear follows a no-logs policy. Plus, its GhostBear is another powerful feature that obfuscates your traffic and prevents your VPN router connection from being monitored by the government or getting blocked by Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

TunnelBear offers a free and paid subscription plan for users. You get only 2 GB of data with the free plan with limited features. Its unlimited plan costs unlimited browsing and several premium features costing $3.33/mo. You can even cancel the TunnelBear subscription in Italy if you are not happy with the services.

Unfortunately, it has no money-back policy with the paid plan which is seriously disappointing and a big downside.

If your TunnelBear not working in Italy or you are experiencing other issues, you can contact the customer support team. It doesn’t offer live chat service but you can email the agents when needed.

Find more information in our latest TunnelBear review in Italy.

  • User-friendly apps
  • Wide server coverage
  • Robust protocol support
  • Unlimited device connections

  • Server slowdowns
  • No money-back guarantee
  • No live chat service

The VPNs we have mentioned in this guide have been chosen carefully for TP Link routers. We have assessed them based on some essential factors. If you want to select a free VPN for TP Link router and thinking what should I look for when choosing a VPN?

Here’s the list of factors to consider when choosing a free VPN for TP Link routers in Italy:

  • Connection speed: All VPNs affect your router speed due to encryption. However, the top-notch VPN service providers handle these drops without any noticeable differences.
  • Security and Privacy: A VPN must offer military-grade encryption, OpenVPN protocol, a no-logs policy, and a kill switch to protect your connection and enhance your privacy.
  • Device support: Choose a VPN that provides dedicated apps for all major operating systems and devices. Moreover, make sure it supports a reasonable number of device connections simultaneously.
  • Ease of use: Pick a VPN that offers a flexible and simple interface that is friendly for beginners. Over-complicated and over-crowded interfaces are not suitable for users with no prior knowledge and experience.
  • Global Server Network: VPNs with a large server network provide different server locations and wide options for connectivity. With large VPN networks, users don’t experience congested servers and performance issues.
  • Pricing Plans: All premium VPN subscriptions are priced differently based on the features and services packaged. You must ensure selecting a VPN that delivers high value for money and fits your pocket.
  • Trial Period and Money-back Guarantee: Many premium VPNs come with a free trial to test the services before purchasing the subscription plan. Plus, they offer a money-back guarantee to provide a refund if customers are not satisfied.
  • Customer Support: In case of VPN issues, customers often need assistance and guidance. Therefore, always choose highly responsive customer service with live chat and email service.
  • Additional Features: Make sure the VPN you select offers a variety of advanced features like split tunneling, multihop servers, obfuscation technology, strong VPN protocols, and more for enhanced experience.

We highly recommend ExpressVPN due to its top-notch performance, speed, security, privacy, and advanced functionalities. Also, its customer support service is our favorite with super responsive and helpful human agents ready to listen and resolve our concerns.

To set up a free VPN for your TP Link router, follow the given steps:

  1. Navigate to Then, log in to your account using your TP-Link router ID and password.
  2. Go to Advanced and select VPN Client
  3. Check ENABLE to turn on the VPN Client
  4. To add your preferred servers from the Server List:
  • Pick the description from the drop-down list
  • Select the VPN Type
  • Enable the servers you want from the server list
  1. Select and pick the devices that will need the VPN access
  2. Save the settings.

Users experience common issues using a free VPN with a TP-Link router in Italy.

Some of these common issues along with the recommended solutions are listed below:

Issue 1: Slow Connection Speeds

If your connection is slow, you cannot perform any activities smoothly. Almost all online activities require high-speed connections. Therefore, you should search and connect to a better connection.

Issue 2: Inability to Connect to the VPN Server

To work as a server, a router requires a public IP for remote connection. Therefore, you should ensure that you have a public WAN or Internet IP address and also set this address as a static IP.

Issue 3: Intermittent Connection Drops

Your VPN server speed may drop occasionally. Slow VPN servers affect your connection quality and performance online. Buffering and lagging are common on slow servers which can be frustrating. Try to switch to a server location that is less congested.

Here are the best practices for using a free VPN with TP Link router:

  1. Regularly Update Your Router Firmware

Outdated tools often become glitchy and hard to use. Regular updates are necessary to address the internal bugs and technical problems. Therefore, you must frequently update your router firmware to avoid inconvenience.

  1. Choose a Nearby Server

Long-distance servers can delay your speed and cause performance overhead. You may experience disruption and slowdowns. Therefore, always search and connect to nearby servers to experience fast speed and smooth connectivity.

  1. Monitor Your Data Usage

Some ISPs monitor user activities and throttle their connection if they detect high bandwidth consumption. Most premium VPNs offer unlimited bandwidth and make your activities untraceable by any entities online. However, you must monitor your data usage to avoid any issues.

  1. Enable Kill Switch Feature (if available)

If your VPN connection drops accidentally, your activities and real IP address can get exposed to your ISP. This can cause serious issues for you on the network. Therefore, always enable the kill switch feature in the VPN which blocks your internet access until your VPN connection gets restored.

  1. Consider Premium Options

VPNs with premium features enable advanced functionalities and enhance your experience. Multihop servers, Double VPN, Split tunneling, Obfuscated servers, Dedicated IPs, Static IPs, and antivirus protection are some advanced features that elevate your VPN experience.

Yes, you can use a VPN with your TP-Link router in Italy as it works with most third-party and TP-Link VPN servers. Here’s a list of different VPNs that you can use with TP-Link routers:

If your VPN is not working with your router in Italy, check your router’s internet connection. Make sure your router is connected to stable and good-quality internet. Test your connection by accessing a website without a VPN. If it doesn’t work, try to reboot your router as it can resolve any glitches in your connection. You can unplug your router and plug it back in 10 to 15 minutes to refresh the connection. We recommend using ExpressVPN to ensure the best services for your router with smooth connectivity.

Almost all popular VPN service providers are compatible with a TP-Link router in Italy. You can use ExpressVPN with a TP-Link router. We personally suggest ExpressVPN to experience world-class protection and services on TP-Link routers.

TP-Link routers support PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP Over IPSec for free VPNs in Italy. Almost all protocols top VPN service providers support at least one of these protocols. Therefore, any of these VPNs can be used with TP-Link routers.


TP-Link router protection is essential for a secure device network. Adding a VPN to the TP-Link routers guarantees network protection and seamless connection. Fortunately, every major VPN service provider is compatible with TP-Link routers.

If you are looking for the best free VPN for a TP-Link router in Italy, this guide can help you make the right choice. Our quick review presents a brief picture of the VPNs that can work with TP-Link routers. Moreover, our thorough analysis shows ExpressVPN to be the top choice for TP-Link routers to experience lightning-fast connectivity, end-to-end privacy, and advanced security.

Try ExpressVPN’s 7-day free trial on your phones to unlock premium-quality features or access long-term services with its annual subscription.