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With approximately 41.9 million regular users, the Internet in South Africa is entirely usable. However, the Secrecy Bill that controls all state data still blocks access to streaming services like American Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer.

Moreover, torrenting is illegal in this country. A free VPN for South Africa For Italy Users will help you get around these censorship measures. The VPN will trick the government into thinking you are accessing content from a licensed region.

For the benefit of our readers, we have evaluated the leading South African Free VPN service providers and compiled a ranked list of the most common VPN providers based on their performance in terms of speed, security, dependability, pricing, features, and drawbacks. To jump right into it, go to the detailed analysis For Italy Users.

Both free and open-source applications are included in our review.

Quick Overview: Free VPN for South Africa For Italy Users

If you are in a hurry, take a quick look here.

  • ExpressVPN – The Best South Africa VPN For Italy Users with a free trial that gives users access to high online defense, lightning-fast connectivity, safe torrenting activity, uninterrupted streaming, and limitless bandwidth.
  • TunnelBearFree 500 MB VPN for South Africa requires little setup and includes a VigilantBear kill switch.
  • ProtonVPNUnlimited Data VPN for South Africa boasts over 30 server locations worldwide for subscribers for its free and paid plans to connect to.

How we choose and evaluate these free VPNs For Italy Users? | FAQs

Can you use a free VPN for South Africa For Italy Users?

While a free VPN in South Africa For Italy Users choice may be easy to find, it may have serious drawbacks. Some may not provide a fast enough connection, have insecure servers, or even steal your information.

A free VPN may not work tomorrow, so keeping up with the latest developments in this space is essential.

Every free VPN for South Africa For Italy Users recommended here offers trustworthy features like limitless bandwidth and good server locations. Please review the entire article for all the details.

Get a Free Trial for ExpressVPN in Italy by creating an account to enjoy unlimited content streaming.

3 Free VPN for South Africa For Italy Users – Detail Analysis

Finding a reliable free VPN for South Africa For Italy Users has never been simpler. Many providers now allow users to access their services at no cost. Three of the providers we evaluated proved to be worth their salt.

1. ExpressVPN – The Best Free Trail VPN for South Africa For Italy Users


Key Features

  • A network of over 3000servers across 94 countries, 1 of which is located in South Africa
  • Offers risk-free trial for a month.
  • Peak speeds of 92.26 Mbps for video streaming and 89.45 Mbps for file sharing
  • The service provides unlimited bandwidth.
  • AES-256 data encoding
  • Connect up to five devices at once using one subscription

ExpressVPN is our top pick as the best free trial VPN for South Africa with a free trial due to its lightning-fast servers and extensive security features.


Peak speeds of 92.26 Mbps for video streaming and 89.45 Mbps for file sharing were achieved throughout our speed tests with ExpressVPN in Italy.


For most people, the monthly price of a VPN is a crucial factor when comparing different services. If you sign up for Express VPN’s service, you may use their worldwide network of servers for as little as EUR 6.22/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) (Get 49% Off + 3 Months FREE on its 12-Month Plan).

Smart DNS on the MediaStreamer enables Express VPN on Apple Television and other Apple devices, PS Vita, Android Smart Televisions, mobile devices, PS4, and PS5.

Express VPN is unparalleled in its speed and simplicity in evading restrictions. With limitless bandwidth, this service allows for seamless online video playback on Netflix with ExpressVPN in Italy and other streaming sites.

It has numerous beneficial security features, such as the light way protocol, split tunneling, trusted server technology, and an automated kill option. There is a blockade on WebRTC leakage, DNS leaks, and IPv6 leaks.

A high level of security provides you peace of mind when connecting to a public Wi-Fi network or emailing sensitive information online. You can use the service without worrying about your personal information being compromised, as no logs of your usage will be kept.

ExpressVPN’s customer service is second to none. The responsive support staff is reachable by live chat and email should the need arise.

Every time a question is asked, a thorough and instant response is given. A team member will help you if you can’t get through to a server or if you have any questions regarding the service.

When it comes to VPN providers, if you only need a VPN temporarily and are undecided about which provider to go with, the free trial offered by Express VPN in Italy is an excellent option. ExpressVPN’s unlimited bandwidth and download speeds make it possible to stream content from anywhere in the world.

If you decide within the first 30 days that ExpressVPN isn’t for you, you can cancel your subscription without penalty thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee. Learn more in a review of ExpressVPN Italy.

  • The VPN connection is quick.
  • DNS requests and browser history are not stored.
  • The final destination IP address and network traffic.
  • It has a wide range of server availability.
  • Numerous protocols are available to you from this well-regarded VPN service.
  • In South Africa, they provide excellent service.
  • Includes safeguards against DNS leaks.

  • As opposed to alternative VPN services, it is pretty pricey.
  • IPv6 is not compatible with ExpressVPN.

2. Tunnel Bear – Free 500 MB VPN for South Africa For Italy Users


Key Features

  • 20 servers located across Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban
  • Free for the first seven days
  • Data upload speeds reaching 73.3 MB/S and download speeds upto 67.2 MB/s
  • Bandwidth upto 500 MBs/Month
  • AES-256 data encryption technique
  • Unlimited device connection

You can trust TunnelBear because it is a reliable free VPN South Africa service provider that is easy to set up and use while still offering a wealth of advanced options. It’s an excellent tool for maintaining your privacy and anonymity online.


Our speed tests for Tunnel Bear in Italy gave 40.21 MB/s upload rates and 55.27 MB/s downloads.


When deciding on a VPN, safety should always come first. You need to make sure that your information and actions are protected from harm and that you aren’t putting yourself in danger.

When using TunnelBear, you don’t have to worry about your privacy being compromised. All data transfers are encrypted with AES 256-bit, and authentication is handled with SHA-256. This method locks down your data access so only approved individuals can view it. When using TunnelBear, you can rest assured that your online actions are not being recorded or watched because of the company’s zero-tolerance logging policy. If you use TunnelBear, you can be certain that your privacy and data are safe because of the above.

TunnelBear is a VPN service that allows users to conceal their online identities and protect sensitive information while they surf the web. TunnelBear’s dedication to user privacy is a significant selling point, and one of the ways it shows this is by providing a way to delete browsing history.

You can clear your computer’s cookies, cache, and browser history by accessing this option in the TunnelBear settings menu For Italy Users. In addition, the TunnelBear browser extension has a privacy mode that disables any possible tracking.

uTorrent, BitTorrent,, Vuze, Deluge, and qBittorrent are just some of the torrent clients compatible with TunnelBear’s VPN service. You can’t be easily tracked because the service encrypts your data and sends it through a server in another country.

On top of that, TunnelBear has a lot of extras that make torrenting easier. This service can automatically filter out things like advertisements and potentially harmful content. If for whatever reason, your VPN connection should ever fail, a kill switch will immediately and permanently swap your Internet Protocol address to a fake one.

One of the qualities that make it the best free VPN for South Africa For Italy Users is that it is compatible with peer-to-peer (P2P) applications like file sharing and torrenting. Netflix subscribers can use Windows, macOS, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, which are just some other devices and operating systems that are compatible with the service.

TunnelBear has quickly become one of the most trusted brands in the VPN industry. The service encrypts all of your data using either IKEv2 or OpenVPN to keep your online activities hidden when torrenting.

If your VPN connection drops, TunnelBear including VigilantBear will cut off your Internet access. This way, your privacy is always protected, even if the VPN connection drops. When you sign up for the service, your personal information is never shared with anyone. This will keep your identity hidden from prying eyes.

Further, you can contact the TunnelBear support team whenever you need them. If you do not enjoy the service, reach out to the team and get your back. You can also get a free trial with Tunnel Bear in Italy. Learn more in a review of Tunnel Bear Italy.

  • There is a free option.
  • uses its DNS servers, which it owns.
  • Bright, moving, and animated user interface.
  • It works with all the popular operating systems.
  • There is a “kill switch” if necessary.

  • Accelerations that are too high or too low.
  • Allows unencrypted data to escape.
  • Doesn’t work with some up-to-date systems.
  • There are no configuration options for other VPN software or routers.
  • Apple’s iOS has restricted features.

3. Proton VPN – Unlimited Data VPN for South Africa For Italy Users


Key Features

  • 12 servers all in Johannesburg
  • Seven days free trial
  • Upload speeds of 68.74 MB/S and download speeds of 86.15 MB/s
  • Bandwidth is unlimited
  • AES-256 information encoding technology
  • Connect up to ten devices at once

If you need unlimited data, Proton VPN is your best free android VPN for South Africa. You can download as much as possible from your preferred sites without worrying about being cut off during your free, unlimited monthly usage.


Speed test for ProtonVPN in Italy showed upload velocities reached 21 MB/s, and download rates of 43.27 MB/s.


The VPN is an excellent option for those who need to keep their online activity hidden because of robust AES 256-bit encryption, an automated kill switch, and safe surfing features.

With Proton VPN, your IP address is concealed from prying eyes. The company has a strict no-logging policy and gives encryption keys to prevent DNS or WebRTC leaks. This makes it the best free VPN for South Africa security-wise.

You can trust that your data is protected with Proton VPN because of its open-source software and zero-logging policy. For further peace of mind in the event of a breach, the company provides security audits on all of its apps.

Using a VPN like Proton to encrypt your internet traffic is a terrific method to avoid prying eyes no matter where you are. This service has offices in dozens of countries, and its Swiss headquarters is not a part of the Five/Nine/14 Eyes alliance; therefore, it is immune to government requests for customer information.

As compared to ExpressVPN, Proton VPN only allows one connection at a time. Nonetheless, you can always add extra ports to connect more gadgets!

By integrating Proton VPN into your router, all your devices will be routed over a secure connection. A unique feature in the free plan that is not available in the vast majority of free apps.

Custom DNS and split tunneling are two examples of Proton’s added security features; however, the company still lacks the most advanced functionality, such as VPN into Tor servers and Secure Core (Double VPN).

Its torrenting capabilities allow users to unlock content on Android, Windows, and iOS devices to enjoy Netflix and other streaming services.

If you cancel your subscription, a money refund guarantee ensures you do not lose your money. You can get a free trial with ProtonVPN in Italy. Learn more in a review of ProtonVPN Italy.

  • An excellent zero-cost option.
  • Allows access to Netflix and other geo-blocked services.
  • Accepts BitTorrent files.
  • User-friendly.
  • Features free, publicly-accessible software.
  • Risk-free for 30 days.
  • Enhanced capabilities for Mac users.

  • The highest quality at the most reasonable cost.
  • The speed at which customer service responds varies.

How We Choose and Evaluated These Free VPNs For Italy Users

We are aware of the difficulties you may encounter while using the internet in South Africa. To begin, there will be content restrictions based on your location. In addition, you might be worried about governmental spying. You’ll need a flexible VPN for South Africa in Italy that provides not just high performance but also full anonymity and security.

Methods for identifying top VPN services in South Africa are detailed below.

  • Encryption: Security threats can be found wherever in the world. In order to prevent unauthorized access, a virtual private network encrypts all of your data. The most reliable VPN services for South Africa are always strengthening their protections. Some providers even have “Double VPN” servers available, which provide two layers of security. There are further tools available, such as password managers.
  • Unblocking: Thanks to very lax censorship laws, South Africans have relatively easy access to forbidden content online. However, you will encounter region-locked websites, just like in other nations. This is why a VPN service with effective unblocking capabilities is crucial. This includes having access to streaming media websites like Netflix (many providers cannot do this).
  • Speed: It’s possible that your Internet service provider is restricting your connection speed. In this instance, you could discover that using a VPN enhances your connection. The greatest virtual private networks (VPNs) not only provide lightning-fast server connections but also unmetered data transfer, making it possible to download and upload files at will.
  • Price: There are so many Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) available today that a hefty investment is unnecessary. Other VPNs exist that meet some of the aforementioned criteria, but some are prohibitively pricey. We scoured the web for reasonably priced options. Plus, we’ve thrown in a VPN for South Africa in Italy free trial option to help you save even more money.

Free VPNs to Avoid for South Africa For Italy Users

Do not get enticed by the idea of using a free VPN for South Africa For Italy Users to access services at zero cost. Many intend to monitor your activity and sell your personal information. Premium users of the service will often use your bandwidth and IP address to create their own private VPN.

Instead of safeguarding your privacy, using some free options will damage it.

There are many free providers that you should refrain from using. Some of them are listed below.

FAQs – Free VPN for South Africa For Italy Users

Some VPN for South Africa free service providers often collect and resell users’ personal information in order to make ends meet, yet this fact is rarely discussed. Companies will need to pay for VPN service maintenance, thus the service itself cannot be gratis. Typically, a VPN provider will offer a free tier of service that is significantly less feature-rich than their paid tier.

To negate the purpose of using a VPN in the first place, several “free” services install tracking cookies on your computer and monitor your online movements. Even more disturbing is the fact that some free VPNs actually monetize your data transfer. This means that thousands of people can use your bandwidth to perform whatever they like, including potentially criminal activities.

Therefore, it is not always safe to use a free VPN.

If you’re using a premium VPN service, you won’t have to worry about DNS, IP, or WebRTC leaks. Additionally, it will be far safer against hackers, as even the worst breach of a commercial VPN provider only exposed the users’ IP addresses and not their actual activity on the sites they visited.

The security risks and data limitations users report when using a free VPN for South Africa prove that there are no such things as free lunches. We suggest you take advantage of risk-free VPN trials and money-back guarantees instead.

Wondering does VPN work in South Africa, worry no more. Many service providers have successfully unblocked content for South Africans.

The ExpressVPN 7-day trial is accessible on a wide variety of devices. Obtaining a free trial of ExpressVPN in South Africa is easy with our step-by-step guide.

  • Go to the app store on your mobile device. Download ExpressVPN by searching for it.
  • After installing the app, select “Start 7-Day Free Trial” to begin your free trial.
  • Choose your preferred subscription plan. Selecting a package is required, but don’t worry, you won’t be charged at this moment. If you decide to keep using ExpressVPN after your trial finishes, this is the subscription plan that will kick in.
  • Instruct ExpressVPN to manage your mobile device’s network settings.
  • Get a free week of ExpressVPN now! After installing the program, you can immediately test its speed, security, and streaming capabilities.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to the safety and reliability of the server network, every free VPN for South Africa For Italy Users recommended in this article is worth considering. They are compatible with a wide variety of devices and software.

The premium VPN we suggest has a free trial and a money-back guarantee, so you can give them a try without spending a dime.

There are a few decent, privacy-focused free VPNs out there, but even the most secure of these options are no match to even the most fairly priced premium VPNs. When using a free VPN, you will quickly run into data constraints and speed caps. Your privacy and speed will also be at risk.

A paid VPN is your only alternative for complete anonymity and fast download speeds, as well as a seamless online experience free of buffering and other disruptions.