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Rugby league fans are gearing up for the Betfred Super League entering its 6th week from March 28 to 31, 2024. However, fans who wish to watch Betfred Super League Week 6 Fixtures in Italy on Sky Sports, might face geo-blocks. Not to fret, as ExpressVPN provides a solution, enabling fans to secure a UK IP address.

Navigating international broadcasting restrictions can often feel more challenging than a rugby scrum. Thankfully, with ExpressVPN, fans can easily watch Sky Sports in Italy, guaranteeing they’re part of the global audience cheering on their favorite teams, no matter where they are.

For those eager to immerse themselves in every try, tackle, and triumph of the Betfred Super League’s 6th week, ExpressVPN is the best solution to watch Betfred Super League in Italy. Its robust server network promises a stable and fast connection, crucial for live sports streaming.

Watch Betfred Super League Week 6 Fixtures in Italy on Sky Sports [Quick Steps]

Here are the steps to watch Betfred Super League Week 6 Fixtures in Italy on Sky Sports:

  1. Sign Up for ExpressVPN. I recommend it for its fast and secure streaming.
  2. Download and Install the VPN on your device.
  3. Connect to a UK Server (Recommended server: London).
  4. Navigate to Sky Sports and stream the game live.
  5. Enjoy the Game and start watching it Live!

Where to Watch Betfred Super League Week 6 Fixtures in Italy?

For fans eager to catch the Betfred Super League Week 6 fixtures in Italy, Sky Sports is your destination for all the live action. However, international viewers might face geo-blocks. ExpressVPN is your solution, enabling seamless access so that you can also watch France Women vs Ireland Women in Italy on Sky Sports.

Before you settle in to watch the games, it’s worth exploring the Sky Sports price structure. Choosing the right subscription plan will ensure you have access to all the rugby league action, along with a wide array of other sports events.

While considering a free VPN for Sky Sports might seem like a budget-friendly option, remember that quality and reliability could affect your viewing experience. For uninterrupted, high-quality streaming of the Betfred Super League fixtures, a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN is recommended.

Why Do We Need a VPN to Watch Betfred Super League Week 6 Fixtures in Italy on Sky Sports?

To watch Betfred Super League Week 6 fixtures in Italy on Sky Sports, a VPN is crucial due to the geo-restrictions placed on the broadcaster’s content. ExpressVPN serves as a powerful tool, granting a UK IP address, which tricks the streaming service into thinking you’re accessing it within Italy, thus providing access to the games.

The flexibility to cancel Sky Sports subscription with ExpressVPN is a significant advantage for those who need temporary access to international sports events. This feature ensures that viewers can enjoy their favorite matches without committing to a long-term subscription, offering both convenience and control.

Furthermore, the ability of ExpressVPN to watch Sky Sports in Italy extends beyond just rugby league, unlocking a plethora of sports content. This versatility makes it an invaluable tool for sports enthusiasts worldwide, ensuring they can also watch West Tigers vs Sharks in Italy on Sky Sports.

What is Betfred Super League?

The Betfred Super League is the top professional rugby league competition in the Northern Hemisphere, primarily featuring teams from England and, occasionally, France. Established in 1996 to replace the Rugby Football League Championship’s First Division, the Super League was introduced with the aim of raising the sport’s profile and increasing its commercial viability.

How Does Betfred Super League Format Works?

The Betfred Super League format operates as follows:

  • Regular Season: It typically runs from February to September. Each of the twelve teams plays 27 matches, which include 11 home games, 11 away games, participation in the Magic Weekend, and four additional “loop fixtures” that are determined based on league positions.
  • Playoffs: After the regular season, the top six teams advance to the playoffs. This stage culminates in the Grand Final, which determines the champions of the league.
  • No Relegation: Notably, as of 2024, there is no relegation to the Championship, meaning teams do not face the threat of dropping to a lower division based on their performance in the league.

When Does 2024 Betfred Super League Week 6 Fixtures Start and Finish?

The eagerly awaited Week 6 fixtures of the 2024 Betfred Super League are scheduled from March 28 to 31, 2024. Fans in Italy keen to catch every match live on Sky Sports can rely on ExpressVPN to bypass any geo-restrictions, ensuring seamless access to all the action.

Betfred Super League Week 6 Fixtures Starting Time in Italy

Kick-off for the Betfred Super League Week 6 fixtures is set to start on 28th March 2024 at 21:00:00 (UTC+1). For international viewers wanting to tune in live, ExpressVPN offers a straightforward solution to watch these exciting matches on Sky Sports, overcoming any geographical barriers.

Where Betfred Super League Week 6 Fixtures is Happening?

The Betfred Super League Week 6 fixtures take place at various stadiums across Italy,as shown in the table below. Regardless of where you are in the world, ExpressVPN enables you to join in the excitement and watch the Betfred Super League Week 6 fixtures in Italy on Sky Sports without missing a beat.

Date Time Venue Match
Thu 28th March 20:00 The Jungle, Castleford Castleford Tigers vs. TBD
Fri 29th March 12:30 Sewell Group Craven Park Hull Kingston Rovers vs. Hull FC
Fri 29th March 15:00 Totally Wicked Stadium St Helens vs. TBD
Sat 30th March 15:00 Halliwell Jones Stadium Warrington Wolves vs. TBD
Sat 30th March 17:30 Salford Stadium Salford Red Devils vs. TBD
Sun 31st March 15:00 Cherry Red Records Stadium London Broncos vs. TBD

How Many Teams are Playing in Betfred Super League Week 6 Fixtures?

There are 12 teams playing in the fixtures you’ve listed for the Betfred Super League, as mentioned below:

  • Castleford Tigers
  • Leeds Rhinos
  • Hull KR
  • Hull FC
  • St Helens
  • Wigan Warriors
  • Warrington Wolves
  • Catalans Dragons
  • Salford Red Devils
  • Leigh Leopards
  • London Broncos
  • Huddersfield Giants

Where to Watch Betfred Super League Week 6 Fixtures Live Streaming?

Catch the live streaming of Betfred Super League Week 6 fixtures on Sky Sports. For those in Italy, utilizing ExpressVPN will help bypass geo-restrictions, ensuring you have access to all the thrilling rugby league action.

Can I Stream Betfred Super League Week 6 Fixtures for Free?

Streaming Betfred Super League Week 6 fixtures without a Sky Sports subscription is a possibility, as some sports events are occasionally available on free-to-air channels or through certain streaming platforms without a fee.

Yet, the accessibility of these free options can differ significantly based on your location, and overcoming geo-restrictions may require the aid of ExpressVPN for viewers in Italy. For a chance to enjoy the games at no cost, it’s wise to investigate local broadcast schedules and look for trial offers on streaming services that might provide temporary access to the matches.

What is the Ticket Price of Betfred Super League Week 6 Fixtures?

Here are the predicted ticket price of Betfred Super League Week 6 Fixtures:

  • Standard Seating:
    • Adults: $25 – $37.50
    • Concessions (Seniors, Students, and Juniors): $12.50 – $25
  • Premium Seating:
    • Adults: $43.75 – $62.50
    • Concessions: $25 – $43.75
  • VIP Packages:
    • Starting from $62.50 – $125+ depending on the package inclusions.

What are the Predictions for Betfred Super League Week 6 Fixtures?

The overall predictions for Betfred Super League are as follows:

  • Wigan Warriors are favored to win the Grand Final again, with odds of 9/4 at Betfred. Their strong performance last season and strategic off-season acquisitions make them a formidable team.
  • Jack Welsby from St Helens is a top contender for the Man of Steel award, with odds of 10/1 at bet365. His impressive playmaking and try-scoring abilities have made him a standout player.
  • Catalans Dragons are seen as potential winners of the League Leaders’ Shield, with odds of 12/1 at bet365. Their rise in the Super League, marked by previous Grand Final appearances and a League Leaders’ Shield win, positions them as strong competitors.

Betfred Super League 2024 Schedule

The Betfred Super League 2024 schedule is as follows:

Round/Week Date Match Time Result
Week 6 Thursday 28th March Castleford Tigers vs Leeds Rhinos 20:00 6-26
Friday 29th March Hull Kingston Rovers vs Hull FC 12:30 34-10
Friday 29th March St Helens vs Wigan Warriors 15:00 12-4
Saturday 30th March Warrington Wolves vs Catalans Dragons 15:00 24-32
Saturday 30th March Salford Red Devils vs Leigh Leopards 17:30 32-22
Sunday 31st March London Broncos vs Huddersfield Giants 15:00 6-26
Week 7 Thu 4th April Leopards vs Warriors 20:00 12-40
Fri 5th April Tigers vs Devils 20:00
Fri 5th April Rhinos vs Wolves 20:00
Fri 5th April Robins vs Broncos 20:00
Sat 6th April Hull FC vs Giants 15:00
Sat 6th April Dragons vs Saints 21:05
Week 8 Fri 19th April Rhinos vs Giants 20:00
Fri 19th April Saints vs Hull FC 20:00
Fri 19th April Warriors vs Tigers 20:00
Sat 20th April Wolves vs Leopards 15:00
Sat 20th April Broncos vs Devils 15:00
Sat 20th April Dragons vs Robins 18:30
Sun 21st April Warrington Wolves vs Rovers 12:00
Sun 21st April Valkyrie vs St Helens 12:00
Week 9 Thu 25th April Saints vs Giants 20:00
Fri 26th April Robins vs Warriors 20:00
Fri 26th April Tigers vs Broncos 20:00
Fri 26th April Leopards vs Dragons 20:00
Sat 27th April Devils vs Wolves 15:00
Sun 28th April Hull FC vs Rhinos 15:00

Is There Any Prize Money for Betfred Super League Week 6 Fixtures Winner?

The prize fund for the Betfred Super League Grand Final in 2024 amounts to approximately $180,000 USD.

The team that emerges victorious in the championship will be awarded approximately $120,000 USD, while the runner-up will receive approximately $60,000 USD.

What are the Betfred Super League Week 6 Fixtures Latest Odds?

The Betfred Super League Week 6 fixtures latest odds are as follows:

Super League Winner Odds:

  • Wigan Warriors: 13/10
  • St Helens: 5/2
  • Catalans Dragons: 10/1
  • Warrington Wolves: 10/1

Top 6 Finish Odds:

  • Wigan Warriors: 1/100
  • St Helens: 1/41
  • Catalans Dragons: 2/9
  • Warrington Wolves: 2/9

League Leaders Shield Odds:

  • Wigan Warriors: 5/6
  • St Helens: 11/4
  • Catalans Dragons: 15/2
  • Warrington Wolves: Not provided in the snipfpet but likely similar to Catalans Dragons given the pattern.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Betfred Super League Week 6 Fixtures in Italy on Sky Sports?

ExpressVPN stands out as the best VPN for Sky Sports, providing unmatched speed and reliability to watch Betfred Super League Week 6 fixtures in Italy. Its extensive server network and robust ability to bypass geo-restrictions ensure fans can enjoy uninterrupted live rugby action, wherever they are in the world.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Betfred Super League Week 6 Fixtures in Italy on Sky Sports

ExpressVPN is recognized as the best VPN for Sky Sports, making it the ideal choice for rugby league fans eager to watch Betfred Super League Week 6 fixtures in Italy on Sky Sports. Its superior service ensures you won’t miss a moment of the action, offering both security and speed.


Watch Betfred Super League Week 6 fixtures in Italy on Sky Sports

With an impressive network of servers across 105 countries, ExpressVPN provides extensive global coverage, including region-specific servers. This vast server presence ensures reliable and fast connections for streaming sports, particularly important for live events like the Betfred Super League.

ExpressVPN stands out with its advanced features such as split tunneling, TrustedServer technology, and Lightway protocol, enhancing both security and streaming speed. Additionally, its ability to unblock a wide array of streaming services means rugby fans can access not only Sky Sports but also other platforms.

The compatibility of ExpressVPN with various devices and operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux, is extensive. Its MediaStreamer feature further broadens device support, ensuring you can stream the Super League on devices that do not natively support VPNs, such as smart TVs and gaming consoles.

ExpressVPN enhances the streaming experience across platforms and is compatible with devices like Roku, Firestick, and Chromecast, ensuring you can also watch West Ham United Women vs Chelsea Women in Italy on Sky Sports on your preferred device.

With support for up to 8 simultaneous connections, ExpressVPN offers great value. Priced competitively at EUR 6.19/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free and backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer support, it’s the top choice for sports fans globally.

Betfred Super League Week 6 fixtures

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Leeds Rhinos have a longstanding rivalry with several teams due to geographical proximity and historical matches, but their fiercest rivals are the Bradford Bulls and the Castleford Tigers. These rivalries stem from intense and closely contested matches over the years, drawing significant attention whenever they clash.

The last trophy Hull KR won was in 2006, marking a successful period for the club. In 2005, they secured the Northern Rail Cup, and the following year, they achieved two significant honours: they were the Minor Premiership National League One winners and also claimed the National League One Champions title, underscoring their dominance in the competition during that time.

Leigh Leopards (formerly Leigh Centurions) have a notable rivalry with the Wigan Warriors, among others. This rivalry is rooted in regional proximity and a history of memorable encounters, making their matchups highly anticipated events.

The best VPN for watching Betfred Super League fixtures in Italy can vary based on current performance, but popular choices include ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and CyberGhost. These VPNs are known for their reliability, speed, and ability to bypass geo-restrictions.

Yes, you can watch Betfred Super League Week 6 fixtures in Italy using ExpressVPN. By connecting to a UK server, ExpressVPN enables you to overcome geo-restrictions, providing seamless access to Sky Sports’ live coverage of the games.

Wrapping Up

The Betfred Super League Week 6 fixtures, set to ignite the rugby league world from March 28 to 31, 2024, promise unparalleled excitement and competition. Fans around the globe are gearing up to witness these clashes, spread across various locations, each offering a unique atmosphere and challenge to the teams involved.

For international fans eager to watch Betfred Super League Week 6 fixtures in Italy on Sky Sports, ExpressVPN stands as the ultimate ally. It not only offers a seamless solution to bypass geo-restrictions on Sky Sports but also ensures that rugby enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the thrill of the Betfred Super League week 6.


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