How to Watch Women’s Euro 2025 Qualifying in Italy [Stream Online]

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Embark on an electrifying odyssey beyond the ordinary, watch Women’s Euro 2025 qualifying in Italy and feel the passion for football like never before. The stage is set, the teams are ready, and history awaits—don’t let geography keep you from being part of this unforgettable journey. Get ExpressVPN and beat the geo-restrictions with ease!

Imagine the crisp sound of a well-struck ball, the roar of the crowds, and the electric atmosphere as Europe’s elite vie for a spot in one of the most prestigious tournaments in women’s football. Brace yourself to get ITVX in Italy to stream the intense rivalries from 5th April to 16th July 2024 as the Women’s Euro 2025 qualifiers ignite passions.

How to Watch Women’s Euro 2025 Qualifying in Italy? [5 Quick Steps]

Unlock the world of live sports with a breeze and watch Women’s Euro 2025 qualifying in Italy with these five quick steps!

  1. Consider using a VPN, with ExpressVPN being my choice for its remarkable speed.
  2. Start by signing up for ExpressVPN and installing its app on your device.
  3. Link up to a server in the UK, preferably the Docklands server for optimal performance.
  4. Then, access the ITVX website or through their app.
  5. Search for and watch Women’s Euro 2025 qualifying live.

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Where to Watch Women’s Euro 2025 Qualifying in Italy?

To watch Women’s Euro 2025 qualifying in Italy, your go-to destination is ITVX, the primary channel for live broadcasts of these thrilling matches. While STV Player also offers coverage, ITVX stands out as the main channel, providing free access to the games.

Get ready to watch live football in Italy on ITVX and dive into the heart-pounding action of the Women’s Euro 2025 qualifiers! With live coverage that captures every pass, goal, and victory celebration, you’ll feel the stadium’s roar and the electric atmosphere, all from the comfort of your own space.

ITVX opens up a world of diverse live events and premium entertainment, tailored to suit every taste. Gear up to discover an exciting array of programs and decide what to watch on ITVX in Italy, immersing yourself in a realm of boundless entertainment possibilities.

ExpressVPN makes it effortless to tap into ITVX from in Italy, ensuring you don’t miss a moment of the Euro 2025 qualifying fixtures action, no matter where you are in the world.

When is Women’s Euro 2025 Qualifying?

The Women’s Euro 2025 qualifying matches are set to captivate audiences from the 5th of April to the 16th of July 2024. This period marks a thrilling time for football fans, offering days and nights filled with top-tier women’s football action.

Save the UEFA Women’s Euro 2025 dates and enter ExpressVPN as your key to unlocking the world of ITVX. With ExpressVPN, those geographical barriers fade away, allowing you to stream your favorite shows and live sports events seamlessly in Italy.

Where is the Women’s Euro 2025?

The Women’s Euro 2025 location is Switzerland that will set the stage for an unforgettable tournament amidst its stunning mountains and vibrant cities.

The Women’s Euro 2025 Lights Up Switzerland: A Tournament Amidst Majesty

The beautiful nation of Switzerland will transform into a haven for women’s football as it plays host to the prestigious Women’s Euro 2025. Nestled amidst stunning mountains and vibrant cities, the tournament promises an unforgettable experience for players, fans, and the sport itself. Here’s what makes Switzerland a compelling backdrop for this exciting event:

  • A Country Steeped in Footballing Tradition: While Switzerland might be more renowned for its winter sports, football holds a significant place in the country’s sporting culture. The Swiss Football Association, founded in 1894, is one of the oldest in the world. This rich history provides a strong foundation for hosting a major women’s football tournament.
  • Modern Stadiums with Breathtaking Backdrops: Switzerland boasts several modern and well-equipped stadiums that will be perfect for hosting the Women’s Euro 2025 matches. Imagine the thrill of watching world-class football with the majestic Swiss Alps as a backdrop! This unique combination will add a touch of magic to the entire tournament.
  • A Celebration of Women’s Football: The Women’s Euro 2025 in Switzerland serves as a significant platform for showcasing the growth and talent within women’s football. With a global audience tuning in, the tournament will inspire a new generation of female footballers and push the sport towards even greater heights.
  • A Tourist Destination with Something for Everyone: Beyond the football, Switzerland offers a wealth of tourist attractions for fans visiting for the Women’s Euro 2025.From exploring picturesque towns and vibrant cities to indulging in outdoor activities amidst breathtaking scenery, there’s something for everyone. This combination of world-class football and a stunning travel destination makes Switzerland the ideal host for the Women’s Euro 2025.

A Tournament Steeped in Beauty and Importance

The Women’s Euro 2025 in Switzerland promises to be a landmark event, not just for the sport but also for the host nation. The combination of modern sporting infrastructure, stunning natural beauty, and a rich footballing tradition creates a truly unique stage for the best female footballers in Europe to compete.

This tournament is sure to capture the imagination of fans worldwide and leave a lasting legacy on the sport.

For those eager to catch the action live on TV or other devices, ITVX offers comprehensive coverage. If you’re in Italy with viewing restrictions, consider using ExpressVPN to ensure you don’t miss a moment of the excitement.

How to Watch Women’s Euro 2025 Qualifying in Italy on ITVX Without Ads?

You may watch Women’s Euro 2025 qualifying in Italy on ITVX without interruptions with their premium plan. This plan not only eliminates ads for a smoother viewing experience but also includes a free trial, giving you a sneak peek into their vast library at no initial cost.

Dive into the action with ITVX free trial in Italy, offering you a gateway to an array of premium content without dipping into your wallet. Seize this opportunity to enjoy the Switzerland Women’s Euros for free.

Should ITVX’s premium content meet your viewing needs and you decide to continue, upgrading is a breeze. If you opt out, cancel ITVX subscription in Italy through the user friendly interface.

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What is Women’s Euro 2025 Qualifying?

The UEFA Women’s Euro 2025 qualifying competition is the gateway for Europe’s women’s football teams to the final tournament. Out of all the contenders, 15 teams will emerge victorious through this competition to join Switzerland, who automatically qualifies as the host.

This process involves group stage matches within League A, where the top two teams from each group secure direct entry. The remaining slots are filled via play-offs, adding an intense battle for the Euro 2025 qualifying groups to get the final spots in the prestigious UEFA Women’s Euro 2025.

What Teams are in the Women’s Euro 2025 Qualifying?

Below are the team allocations for the UEFA Women’s Euro 2025 qualifying rounds, organized into Leagues A, B, and C, showcasing the diverse lineup of European nations vying for a spot in this prestigious tournament.

League A

Pot Team Rank
1 Spain 1
1 France 2
1 Germany 3
1 Netherlands 4
2 England 5
2 Denmark 6
2 Italy 7
2 Austria 8
3 Iceland 9
3 Belgium 10
3 Sweden 11
3 Norway 12
4 Republic of Ireland 17
4 Finland 18
4 Poland 19
4 Czech Republic 20

League B

Pot Team Rank
1 Portugal 13
1 Switzerland 14
1 Scotland 15
1 Wales 16
2 Bosnia and Herzegovina 21
2 Serbia 22
2 Croatia 23
2 Hungary 24
3 Slovakia 25
3 Northern Ireland 26
3 Ukraine 27
3 Turkey 33
4 Malta 34
4 Israel 35
4 Kosovo 36
4 Azerbaijan 37

League C

Pot Team Rank
1 Slovenia 28
1 Greece 29
1 Belarus 30
1 Romania 31
1 Albania 32
2 Latvia 38
2 Montenegro 39
2 Bulgaria 40
2 Estonia 41
2 Lithuania 42
3 Luxembourg 43
3 Kazakhstan 44
3 North Macedonia 45
3 Cyprus 46
3 Andorra 47
4 Georgia 48
4 Moldova 49
4 Faroe Islands 50
4 Armenia 51

What is the Schedule of Women’s Euro 2025 Qualifying?

Presented below are the meticulously organized schedules for the UEFA Women’s Euro 2025 qualifying rounds, spanning from League A to League C. These tables delineate the matchups within each group, detailing the dates when teams will go head-to-head in their quest for qualification:

Group A1 Match Schedule

Team vs Netherlands vs Italy vs Norway vs Finland
Netherlands 12 Jul 9 Apr 31 May
Italy 5 Apr 4 Jun 16 Jul
Norway 16 Jul 31 May 5 Apr
Finland 4 Jun 9 Apr 12 Jul

Group A2 Match Schedule

Team vs Spain vs Denmark vs Belgium vs Czech Republic
Spain 4 Jun 16 Jul 9 Apr
Denmark 31 May 9 Apr 16 Jul
Belgium 5 Apr 12 Jul 4 Jun
Czech Republic 12 Jul 5 Apr 31 May

Group A3 Match Schedule

Team vs France vs England vs Sweden vs Republic of Ireland
France 4 Jun 12 Jul 5 Apr
England 31 May 5 Apr 12 Jul
Sweden 9 Apr 16 Jul 4 Jun
Republic of Ireland 16 Jul 9 Apr 31 May

Group A4 Match Schedule

Team vs Germany vs Austria vs Iceland vs Poland
Germany 16 Jul 9 Apr 31 May
Austria 5 Apr 31 May 12 Jul
Iceland 12 Jul 4 Jun 5 Apr
Poland 4 Jun 9 Apr 16 Jul

Group B1 Match Schedule

Team vs Switzerland vs Hungary vs Turkey vs Azerbaijan
Switzerland (H) 31 May 5 Apr 16 Jul
Hungary 4 Jun 16 Jul 5 Apr
Turkey 12 Jul 9 Apr 31 May
Azerbaijan 9 Apr 12 Jul 4 Jun

Group B2 Match Schedule

Team vs Scotland vs Serbia vs Slovakia vs Israel
Scotland 16 Jul 9 Apr 31 May
Serbia 5 Apr 31 May 12 Jul
Slovakia 12 Jul 4 Jun 5 Apr
Israel 4 Jun 9 Apr 16 Jul

Group B3 Match Schedule

Team vs Portugal vs Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Northern Ireland vs Malta
Portugal 5 Apr 31 May 16 Jul
Bosnia and Herzegovina 12 Jul 9 Apr 4 Jun
Northern Ireland 4 Jun 16 Jul 5 Apr
Malta 9 Apr 31 May 12 Jul

Group B4 Match Schedule

Team vs Wales vs Croatia vs Ukraine vs Kosovo
Wales 5 Apr 31 May 16 Jul
Croatia 12 Jul 9 Apr 4 Jun
Ukraine 4 Jun 16 Jul 5 Apr
Kosovo 9 Apr 31 May 12 Jul

Group C1 Match Schedule

Team vs Belarus vs Lithuania vs Cyprus vs Georgia
Belarus 4 Jun 16 Jul 9 Apr
Lithuania 31 May 9 Apr 16 Jul
Cyprus 5 Apr 12 Jul 31 May
Georgia 12 Jul 5 Apr 4 Jun

Group C2 Match Schedule

Team vs Slovenia vs Latvia vs North Macedonia vs Moldova
Slovenia 31 May 16 Jul 5 Apr
Latvia 4 Jun 5 Apr 16 Jul
North Macedonia 9 Apr 12 Jul 31 May
Moldova 12 Jul 9 Apr 4 Jun

Group C3 Match Schedule

Team vs Greece vs Montenegro vs Andorra vs Faroe Islands
Greece 31 May 12 Jul 5 Apr
Montenegro 16 Jul 5 Apr 9 Apr
Andorra 9 Apr 4 Jun 16 Jul
Faroe Islands 4 Jun 12 Jul 31 May

Group C4 Match Schedule

Team vs Romania vs Bulgaria vs Kazakhstan vs Armenia
Romania 31 May 9 Apr 16 Jul
Bulgaria 4 Jun 16 Jul 9 Apr
Kazakhstan 12 Jul 5 Apr 4 Jun
Armenia 5 Apr 12 Jul 31 May

Group C5 Match Schedule

Team vs Albania vs Estonia vs Luxembourg
Albania 9 Apr 4 Jun
Estonia 31 May 16 Jul
Luxembourg 5 Apr 12 Jul

As you gear up to follow the gripping journey of the UEFA Women’s Euro 2025 qualifiers, spanning from the elite clashes in League A to the thrilling encounters in League C. The road to securing a spot in the prestigious Women’s Euro 2025 qualifiers table is paved with moments of skill, determination, and teamwork that you won’t want to miss.

Don’t let geo limitations dim your excitement in Italy and embrace ExpressVPN as your essential companion in this football saga.

Lionesses Roar on Social Media: Dissecting the Women’s Euro 2025 Qualifying Draw!

The Women’s Euro 2025 Qualifying draw has the Lionesses’ fans on social media buzzing, and we’re here to decipher the roars! Here’s a peek at what they’re saying:

  • Confidence is High: Many fans seem confident in the Lionesses’ chances, with comments like Easy group for the Lionesses and Should be a straightforward qualification process. Looks like they believe the team will claw their way to the main tournament!
  • A Touch of Caution: Not everyone is predicting a cakewalk. Some fans acknowledge Tricky tests and Interesting matchups for the Lionesses. This suggests they’re keeping a watchful eye on the competition.
  • Beyond the Lionesses: Fans are also mentioning teams and players to watch in the qualifying group, making it a broader discussion about the entire Women’s Euro 2025 Qualifying landscape.

So, whether you’re a die-hard Lionesses supporter or just a fan of phenomenal women’s football, the social media thread is a great place to dive into the excitement surrounding the Women’s Euro 2025 Qualifying draw. Get ready for some fierce competition and plenty of online roars as the road to Switzerland unfolds!

How to Get the Tickets for Women’s Euro 2025 Qualifying?

Securing your UEFA Euro 2025 tickets begins with a simple visit to the official UEFA website, the central hub for all ticket-related transactions.

If the thrill of the stadium isn’t within reach for the Women’s Euro qualifiers 2025, ITVX offers the next best seat in the house—yours. So, get ready to watch Women’s Euro 2025 qualifying in Italy on ITVX with the best services ever.

Also, don’t forget to grab ExpressVPN as your streaming partner. With ExpressVPN, geographical boundaries blur, allowing you to stream the matches live, as if you were there, feeling every cheer and witnessing every goal in real-time in Italy.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Women’s Euro 2025 Qualifying in Italy

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ExpressVPN offers broad device support, ranging from smartphones, tablets, and computers to gaming consoles and smart TVs, ensuring smooth streaming of ITVX on iPad in Italy. The MediaStreamer feature is a standout, designed specifically to enhance streaming experiences. This VPN allows users to secure 8 devices with a single subscription.

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Women's Euro 2025 Qualifying Matchups

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FAQs – Watch Women’s Euro 2025 Qualifying Outside UK

Yes, the Women’s Euro 2025 qualifying matches are indeed available on TV. For fans in Italy, live coverage is split between ITVX and BBC, offering comprehensive access to these exciting games. But I will recommend ITVX that is set to broadcast every Euro Women’s qualifier live for free, ensuring fans don’t miss a moment of the action.

You can catch all the excitement of the Women’s Euro 2025 qualifiers through STV Player and ITVX. For a seamless streaming experience, ITVX comes highly recommended. It’s a free-to-air platform, ensuring you won’t miss out on any of the action. Plus, if you’re tuning in from in Italy, ExpressVPN can help you access ITVX effortlessly.

Yes, you can indeed watch the Women’s Euro 2025 qualifying from in Italy on ITVX, by leveraging ExpressVPN. This powerful tool helps bypass geographical restrictions, ensuring you have access to live matches and highlights, no matter where you are in the world.

The Women’s Euro 2025 qualifying rounds mark an exciting phase in European women’s football, with 51 teams entering the fray. This expansive lineup sets the stage for a diverse and competitive tournament, reflecting the growing depth and talent across the continent’s football landscape.

To watch the Women’s Euro 2025 qualifying in Italy on ITVX, a VPN is essential due to geographical content restrictions imposed by the platform. ITVX, like many streaming services, limits access to its content based on the viewer’s location, primarily due to broadcasting rights agreements. This is where a VPN, such as ExpressVPN, becomes invaluable.

Wrapping Up

Dive into the heart of European football as you watch Women’s Euro 2025 qualifying in Italy and catch the pulse-pounding action from 5th April to 16th July 2024. Imagine the thrill of witnessing top-tier teams battle it out for glory, the cheers of the crowd ringing in your ears.

Uplift your streaming experience to champion levels with ExpressVPN, your ultimate teammate in the world of online sports viewing. Picture this: no buffering, no geographical barriers, just you and the unbridled excitement of the Women’s Euro 2025 qualifiers.

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