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If you are a political current affair enthusiast and like documentary movies, you’ve got to learn how to watch This Place Rules in Italy. This documentary film was released on 30th December 2022 on HBO Max.

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Watch This Place Rules in Italy – [Quick Steps]

To watch This Place Rules in Italy follow this quick guide:

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  2. Download and install the ExpressVPN app.
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Where to Watch This Place Rules in Italy?

To watch This Place Rules in Italy head over to HBO Max. The documentary will also premiere on the HBO channel.

But as mentioned before this film can not be directly accessed on HBO Max in Italy, so for watching the documentary in Italy, you need the services of ExpressVPN first so that geo-restriction error won’t come in your way.

What is the release date of This Place Rules?

The film was released on 30th December 2022 on HBO Max. This series is a documentary film directed by Andrew Callaghan.

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What is This Place Rules About?

This Place Rules is about governmental and political issues rising since 2020. Andrew Callaghan who is also the producer and co-founder of Channel 5, created and directed this film. The documentary depicts political instability which results in a rebellion wave among the public.

Andrew Callaghan perfectly captured the extreme political and social movements and presented them in front of the public through his camera. The main issue of this film was the rioting act among the public which arose due to unstable scenarios and HBO insurrection.

Callaghan steps into the streets to interview the mob and listen to their point of view. He has done an outstanding job in terms of exposing the storm resulting from the Capital attack.

The documentary covers Capital rioters who believe that their votes do not count in this country as the government and establishment decide all by themselves.

Who is in the cast of This Place Rules?

The main cast and crew of the film consist of the following people:

Cast Role
Andrew Callaghan Self, Director&creator
Alex Jones Self
Andrew Benator Producer
Jonah Hill Producer
Nic Mosher Cinematographer
Tim Heidecker Executive Producer
Eric Wareheim Executive Producer

Is This Place Rules Based on True Story?

Yes, This Place Rules is based on true events. The documentary is mainly based on the political instability which resulted in the 9 January 2021 rioting act by the American rebellions. Callaghan has reached millions of people because he presents an unedited version of opinions given by the citizens.

In this film, he will cover the protest of black people under the banner of Black Lives Matter and also he will showcase the protests against COVID-19 restrictions.

Is there any trailer for This Place Rules?

Yes, the trailer for This Place Rules can be watched on YouTube. The trailer is very thrilling as this broadcasts real-life events from the protests and insurrection movements.

The trailer has gotten immense popularity amongst the public as has already been viewed more than 1.2 million times just in two weeks. 

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Can I watch This Place Rules on Max in Italy?

Yes, you can watch This Place Rules on Max in Italy easily by using a premium VPN. Since HBO Max merged with Discovery+, the company has rebranded its service from HBO Max to Max. And by following the easy unblocking steps, you can unblock Max in Italy in no time.

FAQs – Watch This Place Rules in Italy

Yes, This Place Rules is worth watching in Italy for people who like to follow political affairs.

The director of This Place Rules is Andrew Callaghan.

The documentary is written and created by Andrew Callaghan.


That’s all folks! We hope now you know how to watch This Place Rules in Italy. Without any disruption subscribe to ExpressVPN beforehand so that any kind of geo-restriction errors and privacy licensing errors won’t appear.

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