How Do I Watch Drunk, Driving, and 17 on Discovery Plus in Italy?

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Is Drunk, Driving, and 17 on Discovery Plus? Yes, it is. However, in order to watch Drunk, Driving, and 17 on Discovery Plus in Italy, a VPN like ExpressVPN is required.

As Discovery+ is a geo-restricted streaming platform, you need a VPN to bypass these restrictions in your region and watch the show. A VPN can mask your IP address, enabling you to stream Discovery Plus in Italy.

“Drunk, Driving, and 17” is a made-for-TV film that follows the story of Kim, an exemplary 17-year-old honor student who is popular, responsible, and on the cusp of attending Stanford University. However, one fateful night changes everything as her actions lead to a disastrous outcome.

The movie will be released on 15th April 2023 – read on to find out how to watch Drunk, Driving, and 17 on Discovery+ in Italy.

How Can I  Watch Drunk, Driving, and 17 on Discovery Plus in Italy – [5 Prompt Steps]

Follow the steps below to watch Drunk, Driving, and 17 on Discovery Plus in Italy:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN (we recommend using ExpressVPN).
  2. Launch the application after it has been downloaded to your device.
  3. Connect to a server located in the US. Use the New York Server.
  4. Using your credentials, go to the Discovery Plus website and log in.
  5. Now, you can watch Drunk, Driving, and 17 on Discovery plus in Italy!

Where am I Able To Watch Drunk, Driving, and 17 (2023)?


You can watch Drunk, Driving, and 17 on Discovery Plus via the Lifetime Channel, which is accessible through Discovery Plus.

You’ll be delighted to know that you can watch Drunk, Driving, and 17 free using the Discovery Plus free trial in Italy. Once you create your account on the Discovery Plus website, you are entitled to a 7-day free trial which gives you unlimited access to the platform.

After seven days of a free trial, you must pay a Discovery Plus price in Italy to continue streaming and watch Drunk, Driving, and 17 new seasons on Discovery Plus.

Make sure to get the best VPN for Discovery Plus like ExpressVPN to access Drunk, Driving, and 17 on Discovery Plus from anywhere.

When is Drunk, Driving, and 17 Coming on Discovery+ in Italy?

The Drunk, Driving, and 17 release date is April 15, 2023. There will undoubtedly be many surprises, so be sure to add it to your watch list so that you don’t forget to view the premiere.

Make sure to connect to a VPN to watch the movie from in Italy. We recommend using ExpressVPN to get past geo-restrictions.

By using a VPN, you can not only watch Drunk, Driving, and 17, but other new and best shows on Discovery Plus like Growing Belushi and Dr. Pimple Popper as well.

What is the Storyline of Watch Drunk, Driving, and 17 on Discovery Plus?

The plot of Drunk, Driving, and 17 centers around Kim, portrayed by Savannah Lee Smith, a high-achieving honor student who is well-liked, dependable, and has her sights set on attending Stanford University.

She is the epitome of an ideal child that any parent would be proud of.

But after one disastrous night, everyone’s opinion of her changed. Kim witnesses her boyfriend Dan flirting with another girl at an unsupervised house party.

She flees for her car and makes the worst choice of her life. Kim destroys her life in an instant, having already totaled her vehicle and come dangerously close to killing a classmate.

Kim is being held accountable for her actions, and Tim and Martha, Dan’s parents, are under fire for providing alcohol to minors in their house.

Who is in the Cast of Drunk, Driving, and 17?

You undoubtedly have inquiries about Drunk, Driving, and 17 cast. Expect to see the following individuals:

Savannah Lee Smith Michael Michele
Xavier Pough Matt Riedy
David Shae Vonii Bristow
Cameron Bass Mai Lor
Camron Chapman Roy ‘King Roy’ Williams Jr.

Is there any Trailer Available For Drunk, Driving, and 17 on Discovery Plus?

No, Drunk, Driving, and 17 trailer is not available at the moment. However, we’re expecting the release of the trailer any time soon since the movie is just around the corner.

We’ll share the trailer on our blog as soon as we see it – stay tuned!

Why ExpressVPN is considered to be the Best VPN to Watch Drunk, Driving, and 17  on Discovery+ in Italy?

ExpressVPN has established a name as the finest VPN available thanks to its incredible speed of 97.73 Mbps.You can easily watch Drunk, Driving, and 17 on Discovery Plus in Italy without server disconnections.

The fact that ExpressVPN has more than 3000 servers in 105 countries, including the US, satisfies the requirement to Watch Drunk, Driving, and 17 on Discovery+ in Italy.


Using ExpressVPN, you can easily unblock Disocvery+ in Italy and watch the movie after its release!

Recommended Server: New York

After connecting to the New York server, you can not only watch Drunk, Driving, and 17, but other new movies and shows like Pride: A Seven Deadly Sins Story and Ghost Hunters as well.

This VPN securely encrypts and safeguards your data using the IKEv4 protocol and the most recent security standard, 256-bit AES encryption.

Additional features include a Kill Switch, a No-logs policy, VPN Split tunneling, the Light-Way protocol, and many more. The VPN’s MediaStreamer tool, which enables you to use the service on gadgets that are usually incompatible with VPNs, is its main point of differentiation.

As ExpressVPN works with so many devices, you can view Discovery Plus on the iPad, Linux, Windows, Smart TVs, Android, Roku, and Apple TV. 8 devices are supported by ExpressVPN per account.

ExpressVPN’s monthly fee is EUR 6.24/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free. Also included is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Drunk, Driving, and 17

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No, Drunk, Driving, and 17 is not a reality show. It is a movie about a 17-year-old honor student who gets into a drunken driving accident after her boyfriend’s parents allow alcohol to be served to minors in their home.

Yes, it is worth watching.  Numerous lessons can be learned from the plot, and there are several important themes that are conveyed. It would undoubtedly be amusing to see.

Russ Parr directed the movie “Drunk, Driving, and 17.” He is an American radio DJ, film director, writer, actor, and television personality known for such television shows as Rock ‘N’ America.

Wrap Up!

This piece provides thorough instructions on how to watch Drunk, Driving, and 17 on Discovery Plus in Italy. To view this show smoothly, you’ll need a VPN like ExpressVPN and a Discovery Plus membership.

The new movie “Drunk, Driving, and 17” will astound you! When it premieres on April 15, 2023, on Discovery Plus, you won’t want to miss the drama as we take a dive into the life of an honor student who changed everyone’s impression of her after a life-changing incident occurred in her life.

This article ought to be useful, we think. Feel free to share your opinions or pose any queries in the comments section below.

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