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One of the most awaited documentary films A House Made Of Splinters will air on CBC. The film set to be released on 17th February 2023, reveals the sad reality of children’s exploitation and how their lives get affected. You may be a fan wondering how to watch A House Made Of Splinters in Italy on CBC.

CBC content licensing and A House Made Of Splinters are blocked in Italy. Viewers may use a VPN to unlock the geo-restrictions and watch CBC in Italy.

Keep reading as we take you through the steps, plot, and how you can use VPN to stream:

Watch A House Made Of Splinters in Italy on CBC – [Easy Steps]

Are you ready to watch A House Made Of Splinters in Italy on CBC? Follow the easy steps below to set up your VPN and enjoy.

  1. Get a reliable VPN and Download it to your device(We recommend ExpressVPN)
  2. Install the VPN and choose a subscription
  3. Add your credentials and log in
  4. Connect to a server located in Canada.
  5. Log into CBC and connect your VPN then enjoy your film

Where to Watch A House Made Of Splinters in Italy?

You can watch Watch A House Made Of Splinters in Italy on CBC. The network has the exclusive rights to broadcast the documentary on 17th February 2023.

Viewers in Italy can use a VPN like ExpressVPN to bypass the strict licensing laws and watch like those in Canada. Use the steps above and stream with ease.

Why do we need VPN to Watch A House Made Of Splinters in Italy?

You need a VPN to watch A House Made Of Splinters in Italy because the CBC network has content licensing laws that block you from accessing Canadian IP address in Italy and channels.

However, with a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN, you can choose a location in Canada and connect to it. A VPN will reroute you to your new location and you can enjoy the shows as they happen.

What is the A House Made Of Splinters release date?

A House Made Of Splinters release date is expected on 17th February 2023. Fans in Italy can watch the sad children documentary on CBC using a VPN. Make sure you have a subscription of choice and access content without interruptions.

What is the Storyline of A House Made Of Splinters?

A sad documentary shows a home in Ukraine where four vulnerable children are taken care of in the orphanage. When there is war, the children are left in the custody of new people. The documentary explains the intolerable cold, difficult truths, and the dreaded state orphanage.

While playing in the pathways, the children can be heard telling painful stories. We may assume they are being children but in reality, they are going through the results of a fractured society.

One of the best things is that the staff at the orphanage are doing their best to keep the children relaxed, safe, and supported.

Who’s in the Cast and Crew of A House Made Of Splinters?

The crew for A House Made Of Splinters is big. The children acting have no known names produced. Below are some of the participants in the documentary.

Name Role
Simon Lereng Wilmont Director
Darya Basse co-producer
Anders Bruus executive producer
Heidi Elise Christensen associate producer
Monica Hellstrøn producer
Sami Jahnukainen co-producer
Tobias Janson co-producer
Viktoria Khomenko co-producer
Philippa Kowarsky executive producer
Maria Kristensen associate producer
Anne Köhncke associate producer
Azad Safarov line producer
Signe Byrge Sørensen executive producer

Who is the Director of A House Made Of Splinters?

Simon Lereng Wilmont is the director of A House Made Of Splinter’s documentary. On his name, Simon has directed other notable works like The Distant Barking of Dogs (2017), A House Made of Splinters (2022), and Above the Ground, Beneath the Sky (2008).

What is the Genre of the A House Made Of Splinters movie?

A House Made Of Splinters movie is a documentary movie. It focuses on the life of children in the orphanage and what they go through before finding suitable foster parents. The aftermath of war is seen to affect the kids in the fractured society.

Is there an A House Made Of Splinters trailer in Italy?

Yes, there is A House Made Of Splinter’s trailer in Italy. You can catch it on YouTube. It gives a snippet of what you expect in the entire film with children playing around.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to watch A House Made Of Splinters in Italy on CBC?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for CBC in Italy to watch A House Made Of Splinters in Italy as it comes with reliable features that hide your IP while online and allow you access to content in the target country.

The VPN server is spread across the globe with many more locations added daily. The prices are affordable thanks to the packages offered.

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FAQs – A House Made of Splinters in Italy on CBC

A House Made of Splinters is a documentary examining children and staff in an orphanage. The documentary is touching and brutal bringing out the tribulations children go through after a war.

Yes, A House Made of Splinters documentary is worth watching in Italy. It reveals the painful brutality children go through and the amount of work staff put in to support and take care of the children. The process of finding foster parents for the kids is tasking and as they stay in the home, they go through tough times.

The IMDB rating of the A House Made Of Splinters is 7.3/10 in Italy. More ratings are streaming in as viewers watch the film.

Wrap Up

You can now watch A House Made Of Splinters in Italy on CBC with a VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN because it is fast, able to connect to many servers, and has the best security among other things.