Verizon FiOS Speed Boost: Is It The End of Verizon Throttling Netflix?

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Verizon and Speed Throttling

For quite some time Verizon has been facing severe allegations regarding speed throttling. Verizon and Comcast are two telecom giants who have been in speed throttling headlines for years. It has been stated that Verizon and Comcast deliberately throttle the speed. This means that they have been manipulating net neutrality and all those affected by it.


Verizon FiOS Speed Boost Questioned!

Currently, many are debating about Verizon increasing its upload speeds to match the download. Is it really something there to match? This question must have popped into your mind the moment you heard this so-called good news.

If a company is engaged in speed throttling, it means that it doesn’t care about online liberation and freedom. Its practices are governed by prejudice and probably it prefers monetary gains over ethical values. Can a company, that has been desperately manipulating net neutrality, be the one that boosts its upload speed to match its download?



Big Announcement!

Verizon announced on its official website that the company’s customers will soon feel drastic change in the upload speed. Verizon announced that the company has been taking suitable measures to match its upload speed with the download speed. In addition, they have also been working on the loopholes that disrupt the download speed – causing issues for the customers.

Verizon also announced that the difference in speed might not be acknowledged promptly as the company currently is liable to roll out the privileges to 6 million Internet users in a few months. So, sooner or later, you are going to witness astonishing Internet speed, Verizon assures.



Registration Please!

Verizon doesn’t confine this offer to a particular set of customers; but, it prioritizes the privileges as per the registration. Customers that are first to register shall be the first to get upgrade privileges.

Verizon’s new claim to match its upload and download speed will take use experience to a whole new level. You will be able to not only stream videos online but also upload your stuff promptly or share it over the Internet. This will improve your video calling experience along with your online gaming.

This can be just a hoax; a misleading notion to promote their signups. There have been several allegations proposed against Verizon; most of them linking the company with net neutrality and speed throttling. It might have affected their signup frequency. So, maybe it is all just a big fat sugar-coated lie.

Anyways, have a look at below mentioned chart to gauge the impact of Verizon’s decision over uploading tasks performance and time incorporated in the process.



Netflix Blames Verizon for Speed Degradation

Along with many other concerns faced by Verizon, Netflix adds a few more in the list of allegations faced by the company. Netflix stated that Verizon and Comcast has been throttling the Internet and are responsible for manipulating net neutrality.

Netflix also stated that Verizon clients may often encounter speed degradation while accessing Netflix. This has nothing to do with their service but Internet throttling maneuvered by Verizon is solely responsible for such concerns.



Does This End Netflix Speed Throttling

Verizon promised that their upload speed shall match their download speed. But, what’s the use of an upload speed to match a prejudiced download speed. Is this finally the time for Verizon to liberate the Internet?

Is this the time for us to witness unprejudiced speed allocation by Verizon? If Verizon keeps its promise and takes measures for the upload speed to meet the download then it might fix Netflix speed degradation issue.


How a VPN Helps

Currently, if you are facing any issues in accessing Netflix, you might be a victim of geo-restrictions. There are a few countries including the US that have privileges to access Netflix. If you don’t live in the US or other countries authorized to access Netflix, you won’t get through the geographic barriers.

A VPN can help you in this regard. By connecting a VPN on your device, you can mask your real IP and access Netflix with an ease. A VPN enables you to evade all barriers and unblock geo-restricted content. In addition, you can escape from your ISPs throttling the Internet and streaming speed. By connecting a VPN, you will be invisible to even your own ISP. In this way, you may save yourself from Internet throttling.


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