Google Spying – The Truth Revealed about Eavesdropping

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Is Google Spying on Me?

According to an article published in The Guardian earlier this year, Google Chrome’s open source browser “Chromium” was found to have been installing audio-snooping codes without the users’ consent. The privacy advocates brought to the attention of the readers that the code can be used to record the audio and private conversations of the users.

Google is spying on its users; that is a proven fact. But there are some things that should be taken into consideration while judging the stance of the world’s most renowned search engine. While the allegations of checking on your activities and recording your conversations were thrown at Google from the Pirate party founder, Rick Falkvinge; Google came up with a statement that said:

While we do download the hotword module on startup, we do not activate it unless you opt in to hotwording”

Does Google Really Want to Listen to Your Conversations?

The privacy advocates might argue that Google wants to but a Google spokeswoman has denied all such allegations against the giant search engine and has further clarified that they have never listened to the conversations of their users. She, in fact, went on to say that Google Chrome had introduced such a feature for the convenience of the users to make searches on Google without using the hands by simply uttering “OK Google” on Google’s homepage.

How to Put an End to Google Spying?

Since Google Chrome has been installing the eavesdropping code without bringing it to the knowledge of the users, it is recommended to change your settings from “Opt in” to “Opt out” to ensure the audio recording feature is turned off. Or if you are still unsure of the services of Google, you can get yourself a VPN and use it for online browsing and surfing on Google Chrome.

Though, we would recommend you to first “Opt out” of hotwording and then connect yourself through a VPN service to ensure nobody is spying on you; not even Google. We have reviewed a number of VPN services that are highly popular for providing maximum anonymity to the users and keep them safe from the unwanted eavesdropping by Google and other online spies.

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As soon as the news was published, people were quick to change their web browsers to Mozilla Firefox which is considered as comparatively a better web browser in terms of online security. The Google Chrome lovers, however, were perplexed with all the rumors of Google spying floating around. The allegations and counter-arguments by Google only confused the users even more.

We have tried to educate our readers about how they can turn of the hotwording code which is used to invade your online privacy. You can either “opt out” of hotwording, change your web browser or get yourself a new VPN altogether to ensure your online browsing remains impregnable.

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