Windows 10: Is Android Making its Way to Windows Phones?

Windows 10: Is Android Making its Way to Windows Phones?

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Microsoft Corp. looks all set to include the Android apps in Windows mobile phones when it officially releases the Windows 10 on Wednesday. The news first came at ZDNet that Microsoft might be taking this step to reduce the gulf between Windows devices and iOS/Android devices.

Tom Warren, Senior Editor at The Verge, tweeted last month that he believed Microsoft should do one thing on their consumer event on 21st January 2015.

According to the latest stats of September 2014, Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store have 382.35% more apps than Windows Phone Store that has currently 340,000 apps for Windows phones. The stats are shocking and yet they reveal that if Windows are to stay in the game, it has a long distance to cover.

While some might argue that Windows is taking desperate steps to revive its smartphone market, one can say that they have finally woken up. The recent stats suggest that Windows phones currently hold just 2.7% share of the smartphone market.

Microsoft wouldn’t be the first company to jump in the inclusion of Android apps bandwagon. BlackBerry Ltd. has done it in the past but their experiments did not bring them the success that they would have wanted. The inclusion might see people getting attracted towards Windows phones.

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Another reason why Microsoft would be willing to add Android apps to their Windows Phone Store is that there exists software “Bluestacks” that enables the Mac and Windows users to download all the Android apps easily. So it is very likely that Microsoft will be making the big announcement in their consumer event on 21st January 2015.

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