How to Install Fantastic Kodi Add-on (Covenant Replacement)

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It may be too early to predict Fantastic Kodi add-on as the replacement for the famous Covenant Kodi add-on. But there is no denying the facts that its features can be an awesome addition to the Kodi world.

Although Covenant has managed to survive the Colossus shut down blow, we must find any alternative that could fit in the Covenant role. Fantastic Kodi add-on fits in well in the particular category. In this guide, we will discuss how to install Fantastic Kodi add-on (Covenant Replacement).

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Note: Fix Kodi Buffering issues and enjoy smooth streaming on Kodi.

How to Install Fantastic Addon on Kodi Krypton Version 17

Step 1: Once you open Kodi Home Screen and click on Settings


Step 2: Here you need to click on File Manager > Then double click on Add Source


Step 3: Once a box opens, select ‘None’ option


Step 4: Now copy and paste the URL > Click OK


Step 5: Name the repository ‘FSPM’ or any name you suggest > Select OK so that the box closes


Step 6: Go to Kodi Main Screen by pressing on ‘Esc’ key or ‘Backspace’ key on keypad


Step 7: Select Add-ons menu which is placed vertically on the left side > Then select Box icon


Step 8: Click on Install from Zip File > Now search and click on FSPM from the list > Repo > Then


Step 9: Once the repository is installed, select the option Install from Repository > Firestickplusman Addons


Step 10: Go to Video Addons > Then click on Fantastic > Hit Install


Step 11: To view Movies and TV Shows in Fantastic, go to Kodi Home > Add-ons Section > Video Add-ons > Fantastic


Step 12: Once you open the add-on, go to Movies > Most Popular > Select any movie and Enjoy!


How to Install Fantastic Addon on Kodi Jarvis Version 16

Step 1: Open Kodi Jarvis on your computer and go to System menu

Step 2: Select a sub-option File Manager

Step 3: Double click on Add Source option located at the end

Step 4: Upon opening of the box, click ‘None’

Step 5: Paste this URL > Select Done

Step 6: Name this repository as ‘FSPM’ > Select Done > Press OK

Step 7: To proceed further, go back to Kodi Home

Step 8: Here you need to click on System > Then Add-ons

Step 9: Choose Install from Zip File from the option

Step 10: Go on to select FSPM > Repo > Then click on

Step 11: It will take some time to install and offer a notification once completed

Step 12: Choose Install from Repository option

Step 13: Select Firestickplusman Addons repository from the list

Step 14: Click on Video Add-ons

Step 15: Then click on Fantastic from the list

Step 16: Go on to click Install

Step 17: Once completed, view the Fantastic Kodi add-on and enjoy watching Movies and TV Shows!

Fantastic Kodi Not Working/Errors/Issues

Failed to Install a Dependency Issue

Failed to install a dependency error may only occur when there is a problem with the repository. This can happen either the repository is preparing for an update, or the URL source is gone offline.


If the repository is being updated, then you can wait for a while until it gets updated. This may take an hour or two for the repository to update. If URL has gone offline, there is an alternative URL that you can use.

Could Not Connect to Repository

This error mostly occurs when Kodi users are typing the Repository URL incorrectly. It may happen that Kodi users are not inserting an end slash (/) at the end of the URL. This error may also occur due to internet connection.


Kodi users must insert an end slash (/) in the repository URL while also check for their internet connection.

Fantastic Kodi Repositories

Fantastic Kodi addon can be found in multiple other repositories other than its original repository i.e. FireStick Plus Man repository or FSPM. These repositories are listed below:

  • Kodil Repository
  • Super Repo

Fantastic Kodi Alternatives

Fantastic is a Movie and TV Show addon that features all the latest media content from the internet. It will bring you HD quality videos and as well as SD quality videos. Here are the alternatives for Fantastic Kodi add-on for more Movies and TV Shows:

The Wrap Up

Fantastic Kodi add-on may be the new induction, but it has a lot of potential to become the replacement of Covenant add-on. Its features appeal greatly to Kodi users due to its user-friendly interface just like Covenant and Exodus. Even though Covenant may not be gone, but Fantastic Kodi is an optimum choice to replace it in the future. In this guide, we provided a detailed insight on how to install Fantastic Kodi add-on.

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