Instagram Down – Another Reason to Hate Justin Bieber

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People got their hands on yet another reason to hate Justin Bieber. It had been reported that Instagram has been experiencing elongated load time since Bieber posted Selena Gomez’s picture at an Oscar party. This however is still a hypothesis; because, Instagram hasn’t officially confirmed the reason behind the excessive load time experienced.




Instagram is one of the most engaging apps with millions of signups. So, when Instagram went down, people started to talk and Bieber was the center of attention. Haters gonna hate – but Justin Bieber has an enormous fan following. Perhaps, this was the reason that caused Instagram outage.

Instagram Justin Bieber has around 14 million followers; his Ex’s picture posted on Instagram gave people a topic for never ending gossip. Just one post originated the frenzy of rumors about Bieber and Gomez’s patch-up. Some called Bieber desperate whereas others were excited for Bieber and Gomez to be together again – in a meaningless way. Instagram   In the midst of this mayhem, most of the unconcerned suffered the consequences. Officials confirmed that many users were affected by Instagram outage; however, they don’t see Bieber blameworthy. Without any clear enlightenment over the concern, the officials said that they don’t think Justin Bieber is responsible for this outage; hence, blaming him would be an act of public defamation. Where many were upset about the Instagram outage, some actually tried to troll the incident – making fun of self-obsessed selfie clickers, so-called photographers and completely unnecessary pictures uploaded on Instagram at frequent intervals.

People are saying that the storm has finally passed and the service has been restored. However, many users are still facing outage issues. Many of the users can’t view or upload pictures; in fact, the load time is still terrible. Where many were blaming Bieber and his followers, some pointed fingers at Instagram’s update. After patching the application with the new update, many complained that Instagram either loads excessively or crashes time and again.


Hence, it might be possible that Bieber’s fandom frenzy caused the outage or maybe it was just the patch. Some people just need an excuse to hate poor Justin.

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