ExpressVPN Hotstar : Does ExpressVPN Work With Hotstar Outside India In 2024?

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Hotstar, a geo-restricted platform accessible only through a VPN, prompts many users to ask does ExpressVPN work with Hotstar outside India. ExpressVPN is not only compatible with Hotstar but is also considered the best VPN for Hotstar outside India. It ensures that you can enjoy the vast library of content that Hotstar offers.

With geo-restrictions in place, accessing the full Hotstar catalog requires a reliable VPN. ExpressVPN offers a seamless streaming experience thanks to its high-speed servers and robust privacy features.

ExpressVPN remains the top recommendation for those outside India looking to indulge in Hotstar’s extensive selection of Disney+ Specials, Bollywood blockbusters, and Hollywood entertainment.

In this guide, I’ll explore why ExpressVPN is the preferred choice for streaming Disney+ Hotstar outside India. Let’s get started!

How Does ExpressVPN Work With Hotstar Outside India? [Easy Steps]

To efficiently solve your doubts on “Does ExpressVPN work with Hotstar,” follow these steps:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN website and select a subscription plan that suits your needs.
  2. Install the ExpressVPN app on your device, then log in using your credentials.
  3. Connect to an Indian server location, preferably via the UK or Singapore, for optimal performance.
  4. Navigate to Disney+ Hotstar’s website or app and log in to your account.
  5. Start streaming your desired shows and movies on Disney+ Hotstar with ExpressVPN.

Note: If you get a VPN error stating that Hotstar has detected your VPN, don’t panic. Simply change your server to get a new IP address, and you will no longer experience the ExpressVPN detected by Hotstar issue.

What Makes ExpressVPN the Best VPN for Disney+ Hotstar Outside India?

ExpressVPN is the best Hotstar VPN outside India, thanks to its unmatched unblocking features, lightning-fast speed, reliable connectivity, and industry-leading security features. It offers a huge network of 3000+ servers in 105 countries, including 2 virtual server locations, namely,  India via the UK and via Singapore.

Below are some of the reasons why ExpressVPN tops my list:

1. ExpressVPN Offers Upto Eight Simultaneous Connections

ExpressVPN is compatible with all major operating systems and streaming devices. This cross-platform compatibility means you can use the VPN on a variety of devices, which requires simultaneous connectivity.

Fortunately, ExpressVPN offers a maximum of eight simultaneous connections, allowing you to use a single account on eight devices at a time. You can use ExpressVPN to watch Hotstar on Kodi, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Smart TVs, and Gaming Consoles. If you wish to extend the simultaneous connection limit, you can configure ExpressVPN on a Wi-Fi router and let your entire network use VPN connectivity.

If you are looking for screen mirroring Disney Plus Hotstar on your TV screen, connect your streaming device and TV set to a common, ExpressVPN-enabled Wi-Fi router.

2. ExpressVPN offers Superfast Speed


ExpressVPN offered blazing-fast speed during the speed test.

With ExpressVPN, you will get the fastest speeds outside India. Its Lightway protocol is specially designed to boost the overall speed of the VPN connection while ensuring necessary encryption side-by-side.

If I put it into context, I performed an ExpressVPN speed test and got astounding numbers. On a 100 Mbps connection, this VPN offered a lightning-fast downloading speed of 89.38 Mbps and an equally impressive uploading speed of 84.66 Mbps.

Such fast speeds give you the liberty of streaming content in 4K, HD, and ultra-HD video quality.  It’s great for watching action-filled films and live sports.

3. ExpressVPN Offers a Limitless Amount of Bandwidth.

ExpressVPN is known for reliable and fast connections with unlimited bandwidth. Its widespread network of 3000+ global servers means you can always connect to a decent server that is less crowded.

ISPs are notoriously known for bandwidth throttling, which is deliberately used to slow down your internet connection. However, when you connect to ExpressVPN, your ISP has no longer any access to your online activities. Consequently, no ISP throttling takes place, and you get the maximum speed from your internet connection.

4. Top Notch Security

This VPN offers top-notch security features like AES-256-bit encryption that keep you secure against any potential cyberattack or ISP surveillance. Moreover, it ensures a no-logging policy and doesn’t record your browsing history and personal data. This makes it hard for geo-restricted streaming services like Hotstar to detect your location.

Why is ExpressVPN Not Working with Hotstar Outside India? [Quick Fixes]

Sometimes, even the best VPNs fail to unblock geo-restricted platforms, which is rarely true with ExpressVPN. Several reasons might make ExpressVPN Hotstar not working outside India a troublesome nuisance, but you don’t need to worry.

Here are some common tips that you can follow if you are having trouble using ExpressVPN to watch Hotstar outside India:

1. Delete Cookies

When using online resources, small files known as cookies are often stored to enhance users’ future experiences. While these files are generally benign, they may occasionally contain information about your location.

Consider starting by deleting the cookies stored on your streaming device. This action can help align the location information, potentially resolving conflicts between the VPN settings and the stored cookie data.

2. Switch to a Different Server

If deleting cookies did not work for you and the issue is still unresolved, try changing your server and connecting with another one. Changing to another server will provide you with a new IP location. If Hotstar hasn’t blocked the new IP yet, your Hotstar will start working with your ExpressVPN again outside India.

3. Disable GPS

Having location services enabled can potentially conflict with the VPN’s efforts to spoof or mask the user’s location. This issue arises because the device’s location services may override the virtual location provided by the VPN, leading to inaccurate or inconsistent location information.

To prevent such issues and maintain the desired VPN location, you should proactively disable GPS and turn off location services on your devices.

4. Check Your Internet Connection

A stable internet connection is crucial for VPN services to work correctly. If your internet is down or unstable, ExpressVPN won’t be able to connect to the servers needed to access Hotstar.

5. Update ExpressVPN

Using the latest version of ExpressVPN can solve many connectivity issues. Developers regularly update VPN apps to improve performance and compatibility, so ensure your app is up to date.

6. Contact Customer Support

If you’ve tried all the above steps and still have issues, contact ExpressVPN customer support. They’re available 24/7 and can provide you with technical assistance specific to your situation.

What are the Different Types of Hotstar Error Codes and Their Fixes Outside India?

When using ExpressVPN with Hotstar outside India, various error codes can disrupt your streaming experience on Disney+ Hotstar. Addressing these errors promptly ensures a seamless experience.

Hotstar Error Code Hotstar Error Fix
HP-4030 Clear your browser cache and cookies, or switch to a different browser.
DR-1100 Restart your device and ensure a stable internet connection to fix the DRM issue outside India.
HWEB-1006 Disable ad-blockers or VPN services that are not working and refresh the page.
01008T Clear your app cache and data, then restart the app.
PB-1415 Ensure that your device’s date and time settings are accurate and synchronized.
MN-1004 Check your internet connection and try restarting your device.
NM error 4000 Clear your browser cache and cookies or switch to a different browser.
711  Disable any VPN or proxy service not ExpressVPN and try reaccessing Hotstar.

By being aware of these error codes and their solutions, you can troubleshoot most problems while streaming Hotstar using ExpressVPN.


Yes, a VPN works with ExpressVPN outside India. Unfortunately, Hotstar is geo-restricted, and if you try to access it in a country where it’s not officially operating, your access will be blocked. Using a VPN will help you solve this problem and will let you enjoy Hostar content from anywhere.

If you are facing issues streaming Hotstar with a VPN outside India, the first thing you must try is to switch to a different server. It will allow you to get a new IP address, which, if not blocked by the streaming service, will give you access to Hotstar again.

Yes, it’s legal to watch Disney+ Hotstar with ExpressVPN outside India, as most countries allow the usage of VPN apps. However, to avoid getting into any legal scuffle, don’t forget to check the laws and regulations of your current country/region of residence before using a VPN.

Using a VPN might slightly affect your internet speed due to the encryption process. However, ExpressVPN ensures minimal speed loss thanks to its fast servers and advanced technology, allowing you to enjoy buffer-free streaming on Hotstar.

Wrap up!

Even though Hotstar is geo-restricted and only offers the complete content library in India, no hurdle can stop you from streaming your favorite Hotstar content outside India. Hopefully, this article has satisfied your valid question of ‘does ExpressVPN work with Hotstar outside India?

There is no better combination right now than ExpressVPN Hotstar outside India If you are traveling or currently living in a country where Hotstar is not available, the best way to access it is by using ExpressVPN.

So, get your ExpressVPN Disney+ Hotstar subscription now binge-watch any title you want.

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