How to Watch TV3 Player in India in 2023? [Complete Guide]

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Does Virgin Media Player (TV3) work in India? Is there a way to bypass geo-restriction on TV3 Player transmission in America? If the questions like these are also bothering you, do not worry. We are here with your solutions.

You can use a reliable VPN to stream TV3 Player in India. Virgin Media Player or TV3 is an online free On Demand media platform that houses your favorite TV shows from Virgin Media Television. This includes Virgin Media One, Virgin Media Two, and Virgin Media Three. All these programs are not only available on demand but also live.

However, TV3 is only available in Ireland and is geo-restricted for all the other regions outside it. So, to access it in India, you need a VPN. A VPN provides you with an Irish IP address in India and hides your actual one. This allows you to bypass the geo-ban and access TV3 in India. Now, the question is, what is the best VPN for TV3 in India? To get you the right answer, we have tried and tested more than 60 premium VPNs present online for their efficacy for this platform.

In this article, we will talk about our shortlisted best VPNs for TV3 Players in India. Also, we will answer your question, “how can you watch TV3 Player with a VPN without any hassle?”

How To Watch TV3 Player in India? [2023 Updated]

Here is how you can watch TV3 Player in India:

  1. Subscribe to the best VPN for TV3 Player. We recommend using ExpressVPN.
  2. Download the app and log in to your account.
  3. Now, on the app’s home screen, select any server from Ireland.
  4. Go to TV3 and log in there.
  5. Search for your favorite content and start streaming TV3 in India.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch TV3 Player in India?

TV3 Player is a geo-restricted platform and is only available to stream in Ireland. So, whenever you try to stream TV3 Player in India following geo-error message appears:

“Sorry. This video is not available to watch in your region.”


If you try to access TV3 Player in India, you’ll face a geo-restriction error.

Every media streaming platform has to take a legal license from the state in which it wants to stream its content. Since TV3 Player has not worked on any such thing other than Ireland, you cannot stream its content anywhere around the globe.

So, to prevent the users from going above the media restrictions, TV3 Player screens all the IP addresses reaching it. After careful scanning, the IP addresses from Ireland are allowed to reach the platforms, while others receive this geo-error message.

That’s where a VPN comes into action. A VPN spoofs your IP address perfectly and gives you a new one from Ireland. Now, when TV3 Player screens your IP address, it will mark your location as Ireland and allow you to stream its contents.

However, not all VPNs have equal efficacy for TV3 Player. Many of them fail in having Ireland servers, while others compromise on security and privacy characters. So, we recommend using only the best VPN for TV3 Players in India, such as ExpressVPN.

Best VPNs to Watch TV3 Player in India [In-Depth Analysis]

Now, let’s go into the detailed feature analysis of each of our best VPNs for TV3 Player in India.

1. ExpressVPN – The Best VPN For TV3 Player in India


Key Features:

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch TV3 Player in India. It encompasses 3000 servers in 105 countries worldwide, including 1 server location in Ireland. This extensive server diversity offers the greatest advantage to circumvent the TV3 Player geo-ban without any server congestion.

ExpressVPN boasts its sophisticated Mediastreamer feature, an innovative DNS technology that allows users to easily bypass any type of geo-restriction.

In our ExpressVPN review, we attempted to connect to TV3 Player and unblock it in India via its Ireland server. So, we downloaded its app on our device and connected it to the Ireland-Dublin server on the app’s homepage. It took us 4 to 5 seconds to develop a stable Internet connection. Soon after, all of the content on TV3 Player were accessible to stream in India.


Unblocking TV3 Player in India using ExpressVPN Irish servers was a piece of cake.

Not only can we use ExpressVPN to access TV3 Player in India, but it also gives access to other popular media streaming platforms. This includes using ExpressVPN with Netflix India, GalaVision, best VPN for One Piece in India, Vudu, Hulu, HBO Max, DStv, and BBC iPlayer in India.

We performed ExpressVPN’s speed test in India on the same Ireland server to determine its streaming efficacy. The results showed us upload and download speeds of 84.64 Mbps and 89.42 Mbps, respectively, over a 100 Mbps connection. This speed allowed us to have a buffering-free streaming experience with no internet connection drops and disruptions. Furthermore, EpxressVPN provides unlimited bandwidth, allowing us to watch TV3 Player streaming in ultra HD in India.


ExpressVPN is also compatible with the majority of your media streaming gadgets. The best part is that it has apps for the majority of these devices, including macOS, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Android. Furthermore, ExpressVPN allows you to watch TV3 Player in India on Roku, Kodi, Roku, Smart TV, and Firestick with ExpressVPN in India. If, unfortunately, your device does not support a VPN program, do not worry because you can also configure ExpressVPN directly on your Wifi router in India.

ExpressVPN features advanced 256-bit AES encryption. In fact, the military protects its data with the same level of encryption. This type of encryption makes your system virtually hack-proof. Furthermore, the ExpressVPN obfuscated servers ensure that you are never tracked while streaming your favorite content over the Internet. ExpressVPN also provides DNS leak protection and a no-logs privacy policy to protect its users’ privacy.

ExpressVPN is a premium VPN, and you must first sign up for one of its payment plans before proceeding. The most affordable plan is the yearly one, which costs around INR 557.32/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free per month. Every pricing plan also includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the features, you can cancel your ExpressVPN subscription at any time and receive a full refund. Furthermore, You can get a 7-day ExpressVPN free trial in India on the mobile app to allow you to test its features before making a final investment.

To get more information about Express VPN, read our complete ExpressVPN review India.


  • Unblocks TV3 Player in India
  • Wide server diversity
  • Ultra-fast streaming speed
  • Unlimited bandwidth for unlimited streaming
  • No logs privacy policy
  • 24/7 customer support with live chat support


  • Expensive than other premium VPNs.
  • Advanced configurations are missing.

2. Surfshark – The Budget-Friendly VPN For TV3 Player in India


Key Features:

  • Whitelister Feature
  • 3200 servers in 100 countries worldwide, including servers in Ireland
  • Fast streaming speed
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Unlimited bandwidth

Surfshark is a budget-friendly VPN to access TV3 Player in India. It houses 3200 servers in 100 countries worldwide, including one server location in Ireland- Dublin. Surfshark shows great TV3 Player unblocking capabilities in India and can easily compete with its expensive competitors in the market.

The best thing about Surfshark is the unlimited device connection feature. So, if you are tight on the pocket and need a VPN for the whole family, Surfshark can be your go-to option.

In our assessment, we tested its TV3 Player unblocking capability on its Ireland server. So, we proceeded by downloading the Surfshark app and then connected it to the Ireland-Dublin server from the list. It took us a few seconds to develop a successful connection. However, soon after that, we could access all the content on the platform without restriction.


Surfshark offered budget-friendly plans to unblock TV3 Player in India.

Besides TV3 Player, Surfshark can also unblock other streaming services such as French TV, Zattoo, Sky Sports, and BT Sport in India. 

We also ran a Surfshark speed test in India to know its efficacy for streaming. Over a 100 Mbps connection, we had an average upload speed of 76.12 Mbps and a download speed of 81.32 Mbps. This little difference in upload and download speed demonstrated the connection’s reliability. In addition, we experienced no connection drops during our 6 hours of the test session.


Surfshark is also compatible with the majority of media streaming devices. It is available for macOS, iOS, Linux, Windows, and Android with dedicated device applications. Also, you may use Surfshark with Roku in India, Kodi, smartTV, Chromecast, Firestick, and web browsers. Even if your device does not support VPN program installation, you can configure Surfshark VPN on your wireless router.

Surfshark stands out for its exceptional security and privacy features. It provides secure 256-bit AES encryption. Furthermore, many of its servers include a double VPN feature. This feature is an add-on encryption layer for maximum data security. Furthermore, Surfshark comes with a Whitelister feature to allow only your selected apps to use the Internet with a VPN connection.

Surfshark subscriptions in India are available in monthly, yearly, and 24 monthly plans. However, its 24-month payment plan is the most economical one, costing INR 208.06/mo (US$ 2.49/mo) - Save up to 77% with exclusive 2-year plan + 30-day money-back guarantee per month. There is also 24/7 customer support on live chat to assist you with any VPN-related issue.

If you are dissatisfied with the services, you can return them within 30 days for a full refund. You can also get a 7-day Surfshark free trial in India for iOS, macOS, and Android platforms.

If you are looking for more information on Surfshark VPN, check out our Surfshark review India.


  • Budget-friendly VPN for TV3 Player streaming in India
  • Unblocks TV3 Player in India consistently
  • Split Tunneling
  • Fast streaming speed
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • DNS leak protection


  • Infrequent fluctuations in speed
  • Customer support response is slightly slow

3. NordVPN – The Largest Server Diversity VPN For TV3 Player in India


Key Features:

  • SmartPlay feature
  • 6000 servers in 61 countries worldwide, including 50+ servers in Ireland
  • Fast speed
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Six simultaneous device connections
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

NordVPN is the wide server diversity VPN for TV3 Player in India. With over 6000 servers worldwide, including 50+ only in Ireland, NordVPN has become an excellent choice for TV3 Player streaming in India. NordVPN provides uncapped bandwidth, and its large server diversity helps avoid server congestion so that you can stream your favorite shows any time without facing buffering due to high Internet traffic.

Our NordVPN review began by testing its unblocking capability for TV3 Player in India. We downloaded the NordVPN app and connected it to the Ireland server from the home page map. It took us 10 to 12 seconds to develop a stable Internet connection. Then after getting the VPN connection, as soon as we tried to access TV3 Player titles, all of them were available to stream.


We had no issues unblocking TV3 Player in India using NordVPN’s Irish servers.

NordVPN is an effective geo-unblocking VPN service that can help you bypass bans on multiple international streaming websites around the world. It includes connecting to global libraries of Netflix with NordVPN in India, CBC Gem, Channel 9, Peacock TV, and other services.

After that, we ran a NordVPN speed test in India over the 100 Mbps connection. The download speed here was 83.82 Mbps, and the upload speed went around 44.64 Mbps. There was no connection drop or buffering during our whole test session. However, there were a few speed fluctuations that were not frequent enough to have a negative impact on our overall experience.


NordVPN is also compatible with most of your media streaming devices. So, use the dedicated apps to download it for your iOS, macOS, Linux, and Windows devices. Furthermore, NordVPN is compatible with Kodi, Roku, Fire TV Stick, and Smart TV. You can also configure it on your WiFi router to get a VPN connection on all your VPN-incompatible media devices.

NordVPN uses industrial-grade 256-bit AES encryption to ensure user data security. It is, in fact, the same level of encryption that the military employs for its sensitive data safety. Furthermore, a double VPN technology is also there on all of its servers to add an extra encryption layer to your system’s security.

NordVPN comes in multiple pricing plans with a lot of feature adjustments, so you can select one according to your preference. The most economical payment plan is the 24 monthly one, which comes at INR 333.39/mo (US$ 3.99/mo) - Save up to 63% with exclusive 2-year plan + 3 months free monthly. Also, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee allowing you to request a full refund if you feel the features are not good enough. In addition, a 7-day NordVPN free trial in India for Android devices is also available to allow you thoroughly examine the features.

NordVPN offers 24 hours of live chat customer support to assist you with any VPN-related issues.

To read more about its features, check our NordVPN review India.


  • Vast server diversity to avoid bandwidth capping and server congestion
  • Unblock TV3 Player successfully in India
  • Military-grade privacy and security
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No logs privacy policy
  • DNS leak protection
  • Fast streaming speed


  • Customer support lag
  • Not an economical option
  • The desktop app needs to be more user-friendly

How to subscribe to TV3 Player in India?

Here is how to subscribe to TV3 player online in India:

  1. Subscribe to the best VPN for TV3 Player. We recommend using ExpressVPN.
  2.  Download the app and log in to your account.
  3. On the home page of the app, you will find the Irish server. Connect to it and let the connection develop successfully.
  4.  Now, go to the TV3 website and click on the man symbol in the top right corner.
  5. Register here by entering your information.
  6.  Click Create Account.
  7. Go to the search bar and stream your favorite show on the channel.

How much is Virgin Media Player in India?

Virgin Media Player or TV3 is a completely free online on-Demand service, offering popular shows from Virgin Media Television (One, Two, and Three).

However, you need to subscribe to a VPN to access its streaming outside Ireland. We recommend using ExpressVPN as it is the best VPN for TV3 in India. Also, it offers state-of-the-art unblocking capacity and speed for a TV3 streaming experience like never before.

Virgin Media Player compatible devices in India:

Virgin Media Player is compatible with most of your media streaming devices. This includes:

  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • Android
  • Kodi
  • Web browser
  • macOS
  • Firestick
  • Chromecast

Here are the most trending shows you will love to watch on TV3 in India:

  • Love, Style, Repeat
  • Eating with the enemy
  • The masked singer UK- season 4
  • Spreadsheet
  • Bump
  • Six Nations 2023
  • John and Lisa’s Weekend Kitchen
  • Mum
  • Wild Things With Dominic Monaghan

FAQs – TV3 Player in India

No, Virgin Media Player does not work in India. So, if you want to stream its content in India, you must connect to a VPN. We recommend using only the best VPNs for TV3 in India, like ExpressVPN.

Here is how to watch TV3 Player in India:

  1. Subscribe to the best VPN for TV3 Player. We recommend using ExpressVPN.
  2. Download the app and log in to your account.
  3. Connect to Ireland server on the home page.
  4. Go to TV3 Player and Register here.
  5. Look for your favorite shows and stream.

Yes, you can get TV3 Player in India with a free VPN. However, it is difficult to find a reliable free VPN for TV3 Player in India. Most of the free VPNs compromise on data security and privacy features. Even some end up recording users’ data and selling it to third parties.

Therefore, we recommend using only the premium VPNs for TV3 Player in India, such as ExpressVPN. You can avail of it for free for a whole month with its 30 days money-back guarantee. Also, you get a 7-day free trial on the Android app for hassle-free TV3 Player streaming.


In conclusion, watching TV3 Player in India is now possible with the help of ExpressVPN. With its advanced encryption and high-speed servers, you can access TV3 Player’s premium content in India. With just a few clicks, you can enjoy your favorite Irish TV shows and movies, no matter where you are.

So, if you’re looking to watch TV3 Player in India, ExpressVPN is the solution you need. It offers excellent security features, a user-friendly interface, and reliable customer support, making it the perfect choice for streaming TV3 Player and other geo-restricted content. Don’t miss out on the latest Irish entertainment – sign up for ExpressVPN today!

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