How To Watch Growing Belushi Season 3 in India on Discovery Plus?

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Is Growing Belushi season 3 on Discovery Plus? Yes, it is but in the US . However, you can watch Growing Belushi Season 3 in India on Discovery Plus by using a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN. Supernova, Growing Belushi, was released on 5th April 2023.

Because of geo-restriction and license issues, you may not be able to watch this show in India. You need VPN to mask your IP address and unblock US Discovery Plus in India.

The summary of the show’s storyline is the actor and comedian Jim Belushi as he runs his legal cannabis farm in Southern Oregon. In it, you will witness the problems and challenges he faces to grow his farm.

Read on to find more on how to Watch Growing Belushi season 3 in India on Discovery Plus online.

How To Watch Growing Belushi Season 3 in India on Discovery Plus– 5 Easy Steps

To watch Growing Belushi Season 3 in India on Discovery Plus Online, you can follow these steps:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN such as ExpressVPN.
  2. Install the VPN app on your device.
  3. Open the VPN app and connect to a US-based server like the New York server.
  4. Go to the Discovery+ website and log in or sign up for an account.
  5. Watch Growing Belushi Season 3 in India on Discovery Plus!

Note: Now you must be wondering about Discovery Plus price in India. We are glad to tell you that Discovery+ is the most pocket-friendly streaming platform, offering two different plans.

Where Can I Watch Growing Belushi Season 3 in India?

Growing Belushi” Season 3 is exclusively available for streaming on Discovery Channel. Discovery Channel is owned by the same parent company as Discovery+.

Growing Belushi Season 3 streaming online is only available in USA. Because the show is on Discovery Plus, which is a geo-restricted streaming platform, but with ExpressVPN, streaming Growing Belushi Season 3 in India is possible.

Where To Watch Growing Belushi Season 3 Online Free?

Wondering where to watch Growing Belushi Season 3 online free? You can watch Growing Belushi Season 3 (2023) free on Discovery Plus. You will get Discovery Plus free trial in India if are a new user, where you can watch Growing Belushi season 3 free online.

But Discovery Plus is a paid streaming platform, so to continue its streaming, you need to pay Discovery Plus subscription

Lastly, keep in mind to watch Growing Belushi: Season 3 on Discovery Plus in India, you need to get a smart VPN like ExpressVPN.

What is The Growing Belushi Season 3 Release Date on Discovery+?

“Growing Belushi” Season 3 premiered on April 5th, 2023, exclusively on Discovery+.

It is one of the best Discovery Plus shows that has 2 seasons, and now the third season released. Enjoy watching Belushi Farms!

What is the Storyline of Growing Belushi Season 3?

The plot of Growing Belushi Season 3 is expected to continue following actor and comedian Jim Belushi as he navigates his new career as a cannabis farmer and entrepreneur on his Oregon farm.

The show will likely explore the challenges and triumphs of the cannabis industry, as well as Belushi’s personal and professional growth in this new venture.

It may also feature some of the colorful characters who work alongside him on the farm.

Remember, If you want to watch episodes of Growing Belushi Season 3, you need a VPN. Because with VPN, you can access Growing Belushi Season 3 from anywhere.

How Many Episodes of Growing Belushi Season 3 have?

Here is the list of episodes with their summary:

Episode Number Name Release Date
Episode 1 Burning Down the House Apr 5, 2023
Episode 2 On the Road Again Apr 12, 2023
Episode 3 Big Sur Holy Weed Apr 19, 2023
Episode 4 Sweet Home Chicago Apr 26, 2023
Episode 5 Can’t Be Two Places at Once May 3, 2023
Episode 6 Coming to Albania! May 10, 2023

Ep 1: Burning Down the House

A fire on the farm made Jim Belushi and his staff worried about their safety and the future of the business. However, when they were offered tempting expansion opportunities, Jim made a risky decision that could harm the entire farm.

Ep 2:  On the Road Again

Jim Belushi’s decision causes trouble for his staff, despite their objections. Meanwhile, Larry tries to take control of the farm while Jim and Chris are away.

Ep 3: Big Sur Holy Weed

Dan Aykroyd proposes a wild idea to Jim and Chris that sends them on a mission to find a famous marijuana seed in Big Sur, California. At the same time, Larry looks into a murder on the farm.

Ep 4: Sweet Home Chicago

Chris talks Jim into purchasing a ready-made building in Illinois, but they don’t realize how much effort it will take to get the place in shape. Meanwhile, Larry stays in the lead.

Ep 5: Can’t Be Two Places at Once

Jim’s Oregon Farm, which he values greatly, is being neglected due to his focus on expansion. This has put $500,000 worth of marijuana at risk, and Jim must make a tough choice that could potentially ruin his overall plan.

Ep 6: Coming to Albania!

The leader of Albania offers Jim Belushi a big chance, but Chris isn’t too excited about it.

To watch Growing Belushi new season, All you need to do is to choose a good VPN service, preferably ExpressVPN, if you live in India.

Who are the Cast of Growing Belushi Season 3?

The Growing Belushi Season 3 cast includes the following:

Name Role
Jim Belushi Star of the show and owner of Belushi’s Farm
Jennifer Sloan Jim’s wife and involved in the cannabis business
Cameron Brown Jim’s apprentice learning about cannabis farming and business
Chris Nunez Assists with the farm and helps manage the business
Dan Aykroyd Friend and former “Saturday Night Live” co-star of Jim’s

Is there a Trailer Available for Growing Belushi Season 3  on Discovery+?

At the moment, the Growing Belushi trailer has not been released on Discovery+. However, we’ll keep you updated as soon as we find out the trailer. Stick around!

ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Growing Belushi Season 3 in India on Discovery Plus

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Additionally, you can also watch Discovery Plus on iPad, Firestick, Roku, Gaming Consoles, Smart TV, and other devices in India.

With a single ExpressVPN subscription, you can connect up to 8 devices simultaneously and can watch Growing Belushi Season 3 in India on Discovery Plus.

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Growing Belushi Season 3


No, up till now, Growing Belushi is not coming back for a fourth season. However, there will be some chances that the fourth season of the show will come in the future.

From the start, you can tell that everything in the show seems planned, and everyone tries to impress the camera. Despite that, I found it amusing. Jim is portrayed as a silly person trying to manage his marijuana business while expressing his love for the plant.

There are two seasons of Growing Belushi. The third season released on April 5th, 2023 on the Discovery Channel of Discovery Plus. Mark your calendars now to avoid missing out on the premiere!

The documentary series Growing Belushi was directed by R.J. Cutler. Apart from that, you’ll see various members casting the show, working alongside Jim Belushi to bring his dream business to life.


Can I watch Growing Belushi Season 3 on Discovery+? Yes, you can watch Growing Belushi Season 3 in India on Discovery Plus with the help of a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.

This docuseries is perfect for fans of business and farming documentaries, and the release date for Growing Belushi Season 3 was April 5th, 2023. Apart from that, there are other shows like Pride: A Seven Deadly Sins Story that you can watch using a VPN.

Connect to a US-based server now and have fun streaming!

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