ibVPN Upgrades its Server Network to IPv6 for User Security

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Behold IPv6

Attention ibVPN users! Considering the enhancement in the security threats faced by Netizens around the globe, ibVPN has launched IPv6. Yes! ibVPN has become a pioneer in replacing the IPv4 technology with IPv6 in order to ensure security of its users.


The officials at ibVPN said that IPv4 had reached its limit and was at the edge of technological obsolescence. Therefore, it was the time to introduce VPN users with this new technology.


IPv6 Described

As compared to its predecessor (IPv4), IPv6 is more secure and rigid internet protocol that will serve the safety needs of its users. For those who don’t know, Internet Protocol, when it comes to the use of a VPN, is a tool used for network-based communications.


This communication protocol is responsible for user, location and system identification for the devices connected to the network. Therefore, it can be said that Internet Protocol is the tool that routes all the requests, data and traffic on Internet.


When you connect a VPN, you wish for utmost privacy and invulnerable security. Nevertheless, these are the things hard to wish for today because of technological obsolescence influencing cybercriminals to evolve their tricks and tools.


The origin of IPv6 was backed by the problems and concerns encountered by IPv4. IPv6 was developed not only to resolve current concerns but also anticipated problems associated with the use of IPv4.


A VPN with IPv6 Server Network

Due to the increasing concerns and problems associated with IPv4, it was believed that the newer version will replace the predecessor completely by 2013. Nevertheless, nothing like this happened. IPv4 was a widely adopted protocol carrying massive Internet traffic.


Hence, nothing went as planned. In 2014, the newer version (IPv6) was adopted by a few users. This was the initiating point of evolution. In days, the popularity of the protocol started to grow. This called for its acceptance by not only a hand full of user but all along with the companies claiming to manufacture and distribute security related products or services.


When it comes to introduce or adopt a new technology, there’s always a ground-zero – a pioneer. This time, it is ibVPN. Yes! ibVPN has successfully replaced preceding version of Internet Protocol with IPv6. This version will have all strengths of IPv4 but no weaknesses.

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IPv4 vs. IPv6

IPv4 can’t be blamed for the security concerns we face today because hackers’ evolved tactics and tools take the credit here. The use of 128bit addresses along with 340 undecillion (3.4×1038) enables the updated version of Internet Protocol (IPv6) to provide more addresses as compared to the preceding version (IPv4).


In addition, IPv6 accompanies a rigid and sophisticated host identification and scanning procedure. This makes it difficult for the hackers and cyber-goons to breach the security level and cause any damage.


Those who use a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions and to cope with censorship concerns only might not find it exciting. As a matter of fact, they would prefer to stick with the old version even though they don’t know if they are able to track version update in the first place. However, this indeed is great news for those who use a VPN to serve their security needs.

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IPv6 Servers

As described earlier, ibVPN is the pioneer of introducing IPv6 in the VPN industry. Currently, the VPN service provider is engaged in installing new servers and testing them for performance efficiency.


At this moment, ibVPN has successfully installed 5 IPv6 upgraded servers to their network. In time, IPv6 upgraded server network is expected to grow if testing results and feedback was significant:

  •  fr2.ibvpn.com
  •  de2.ibvpn.com
  •  nl1.ibvpn.com
  •  nl2.ibvpn.com
  •  nl3.ibvpn.com


Wrapping Up

IPv6 is the upgraded version of IPv4 – more secure and more efficient when it comes to performance. Currently, there are a few ISPs that have upgraded to the newer version; however, its awareness in the VPN industry is new.

The popularity of the updated version is growing and it will replace its predecessor eventually. ibVPN is currently upgrading its servers to IPv6 which makes it a pioneer that introduced IPv6 in VPN industry.

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