How LG, KitKat, Top Brands and Twitter Reacted To Apple’s iPhone 6 Bendgate

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Apple never seems to disappoint the people with its unique features and innovations. As an Apple loyalist, I am very much impressed with the latest addition to iPhone’s unique features. Unsurprisingly, all hells broke loose when it revealed a feature that was never even thought of before – The Bend.

Apple’s revolutionary idea – The Bend of course, took the social media by storm. All of a sudden, there were trolls speculating about Apple being unable to compete with other smartphones anymore. Little did they know about the favor that was rendered to them by Apple, a phone that can bend over 6° to give them brilliant bendable display.

Such innovation. Much wow. #ThankYouApple


The Bend – allows you to exert all your force on it, so that you can feel relaxed while it bears all your stresses for you.
As expected this innovation was too hard to digest for the public with minimal or absolutely no brains at all. They cashed in the opportunity to mock poor Apple users and boy did they not make the most of it! Some even went to suggest….

Soon it was Apple’s competitors who jumped on the bandwagon and gave a pretty hard time to Apple and its users. Of course, they clearly lacked the innovative vision that is commonly found in Apple.

Poor Apple is misunderstood yet again. After the launch of iPhone 4, Apple was heavily criticized for AntennaGate, signals drop made headlines after which it reacted and taught the users the real way to hold a phone.

In the end sanity prevailed and the people accepted their mistake and eventually learned to hold a phone. This time Apple is being criticized for BendGate, little do they realize that it’s a latest addition to Apple’s unique features….

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